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  1. Whereas I prefer the more fashionable high rise of the track pants vs. the low rise of the jeans
  2. These are 2 or 3 years old, another pair of Aldo, size 11, with track pants and an older photo in torn jeans. I prefer the track pants. The pink color is feminine as well as less attention-getting than dark colors. I've worn them many places, shopping at the mall, into Coach and H&M, at lunch and at a casino in Reno, Nevada, where I wore them to breakfast and checked out, dragging my luggage behind the clicking sounds. For some reason I've never had any comments on these heels.
  3. The piano is a Weber, a nice, but not particularly expensive brand. I'm a life-long, adept guitar player, but just tinker around on the piano, though I'd like to get better. My daughter plays it well.
  4. Loving those new boots!  What brand are they?  Would love to have a pair....Don

  5. I was anticipating responses about the footwear or clothes, but not that. Specifically. what peaks your interest in the piano?
  6. Here's my latest purchase. Aldo, size 11. I've worn these shopping for new glasses (where I got a "I like your boots" comment) to the class I teach at the university, to restaurants and just about everywhere. I think, despite their pattern, that they are not terribly unusual looking. They remind me of snake skin cowboy boots.
  7. I recall following Bryan Boy in other media, Forgot that he was posting here back in 2007. (I've been here since 2004).
  8. Love that sweater dress (not to mention what's inside). I'd like to see your outfit with it.
  9. One of the reasons I have a difficult time posting photos, is because I'm so discriminating about the photo itself. I just can't shoot an iPhone pic of myself in a mirror. I'm a creative director at an ad agency and I hire photographers all the time, which makes me too picky. I have to pull out my DSLR, a tripod and set up delayed shutter -- it's just a lot of work. However, I"m going to shoot some more photos of my collection nonetheless. "Watch this space", as they say.
  10. Can somebody here, who's more up on luxury fashion identification, confirm the make and model of his pumps? The red sole suggests CL, but are they really? Whatever they are, I like them as well.
  11. I've got a few flat knee high boots, but I've only got a couple with a heel. I like these a lot. I like that they are wide around the ankle. They are Vince (Camuto), size 10. I'm typically an 11, but occasionally a 10 will work. It''s a bold look with shorts, which I've only worn a few times. Once to a paint store, where a woman complimented me on the boots, in the midst of talking about house paint options. Another occasion walking through the parking lot to an office supply store a woman glanced down and gave me a broad smile without comment. I'm much more likely to wear with pants however, shown here with men's clothes all from Zara.
  12. I like the knee-high riding boots. I've got 4-5, if I could just get around to shooting photos.
  13. This is pretty bold fashion, with the white and black, but I did wear the boots to a dermatologist appointment with two interesting comments. First, as I was entering the Doctor's office through underground parking, I noted a woman looking my direction as she got into her car. Before I made it to the entrance, she had turned her car around to pull up along side me and said something through the car window. I didn't quite make out what she said and I swirled around on my heeled-white-booties to ask, "What's that?" She then repeated, "You look fabulous!" I thanked her profusely and headed into my appointment. In the dermatologist's office there were a few female helpers and interns all crowded around my chair during the simple treatment on my forehead. Just as we were finishing the dermatologist said "Your boots remind me of my new Tesla." I said, "In what way?" He replied, "All of the seating is in white leather" "Cool", I said. The boots are a size 11, inexpensive footwear from Charlotte Russe, paired with ankle pants and Keith Haring T-shirt from, both from Uniglo and blazer from H&M, all male attire.
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