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  1. Not a lot happening on this forum recently, so I thought I'd find an old photo and upload. These are Jessica Simpson, size 11. I like the block heel and apparently so do others, because I've gotten positive comments more than once. Twice at gas stations/convenience stores. Once last winter a woman also pumping gas, glanced at my shoes and said, "I don't wear my girl shoes much at this time of year." I should have said, "It doesn't't stop me," but I missed it and instead just made a general comment about the weather. On another occasion, I went into the convenience store to buy a drink and a woman told me outside how much she liked my shoes -- and then commented again inside, asking me where I got them.
  2. I've had the same issue figuring out my own eight-weeks-behind problem.
  3. There is validity to the point of coming from a position of power, a point I think @kneehighs has made. If you're in control, you are looked at differently. I teach at the University and I have run my own business. Employees and students have a respect for your fashion choices, that outside of those situations, may not exist.
  4. I agree regarding the need and importance of an overall tolerant attitude. There should be a wide level of acceptance of "unusual" behavior -- in society in general, put particularly in a forum such as this, which by its very nature is founded on the idea of "unusual" fashion.
  5. Despite the high heel, they look masculine, I like them. Those are different than the series you posted a couple days prior, correct?
  6. It definitely does look less feminine with longer pants and I have worn the boots that way. However shorter pants is definitely a fashion trend for both men and women and I own a lot of pants in that style.
  7. Though 4.5 niches high, I think it's just that these are chunky heels and not thin, which for her, are inappropriate.
  8. These Aldo boots are a couple years old, but I like them. Size 11. I can wear them around my wife, which is a plus. I've worn them often, to the University where I teach, shopping, lunch, etc. I've received an occasional positive comment on them, from women primarily.
  9. I wore the exact above outfit today to lunch and shopping for a new bag at Coach, where I have purchased leather bags previously -- and this time I got a comment. The Asian sales associate was profusely complimentary about my shoes, telling me multiple times how much she loved them. She asked if I had purchased them there, at Coach, because she had an identical pair from the store. I told her I did not, that these were from Aldo, but she said they were a great color particularly for Spring and go well with a lot things. I feel like Asian women are more enthsiatic about high heels than Caucasians.
  10. Appealing adventures. Appealing friends.
  11. Whereas I prefer the more fashionable high rise of the track pants vs. the low rise of the jeans
  12. These are 2 or 3 years old, another pair of Aldo, size 11, with track pants and an older photo in torn jeans. I prefer the track pants. The pink color is feminine as well as less attention-getting than dark colors. I've worn them many places, shopping at the mall, into Coach and H&M, at lunch and at a casino in Reno, Nevada, where I wore them to breakfast and checked out, dragging my luggage behind the clicking sounds. For some reason I've never had any comments on these heels.
  13. The piano is a Weber, a nice, but not particularly expensive brand. I'm a life-long, adept guitar player, but just tinker around on the piano, though I'd like to get better. My daughter plays it well.
  14. Loving those new boots!  What brand are they?  Would love to have a pair....Don

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