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  1. misterd73


    Yes it helped a lot! This site made me realize that I'm not a weirdo or something coming from another planet. I still go out heeling but on mostly deserted places. I'm divorcing so i'll have more time to "heel" and especially - to find a partner compatible with heeling. Today I bought a new pair of heels. Only 9.5 cm high (3.5 inch). I know that's little but I "cracked" for them! Here are a few pics of them: I just love them. They'd go great with a pair of slim jeans (which will be my next acquisition...).
  2. Yeah! I agree with you. i'm currently with these 5" "killer boots" on : Still practicing for the bet with my wife, as I'd really like to surprise her. yes, the feel is fantastic but I cannot walk for long on them yet. No more than five minutes or so.
  3. Yes, I do have kids. Yet it is worth the experience. I will explain to them later. I've already talked with my 11 year old daughter, suggesting her that wearing this or that is often a result of our social brainwash. I'm slowly preparing the "field" for a more regular heel usage, once I win the bet...
  4. Don't worry! You all will. It is all a matetr of time : the time needed to walk properly with 5" spiked heel boots. It's so rewarding and satisfying to wear them...
  5. I just hope you're right... I really do!
  6. Thank you Aussiheels! I love these boots too. I have smaller 4" heel boots: ... that I love wearing too. Yet these five inchers are really a challenge. It's my second fulld ay wearing them and I still look rediculous waliking on them. Yet it is only a matter of time and practice. I think I will really surprise my wife. I just hope that she will enjoy the experience herself as well...
  7. Yes, those 5" chers are "killing me". But they feel so good. Just have to get used to them. I just feel like I'm walking on my toes. Good avice for the extra trousers lenght. I'll think about it!
  8. Congratulations! I hope to be in your shoes soon enough.
  9. Again, thank you all for your support! I was given the boots by one of my neighbour girl friends (a strange story) but maybe it's something related to destiny. It's exactly my size... except that the heel is 5 inches high! I mean, they look and feel beautiful. They come from "Morgan". Judge by yourselves: As I am on sick leave for two weeks (due to a back problem...), i'll try wearing them as much as I can (strangely the posture seems to relieve my back...), doing the house chores, to get used wearing them as quickly as possible, as I am a man with an "agenda"! However, I find these 5" heels really high. That sort of stimulates me to wear them as well... Besides, I'm thinking on beating my wife using heels one inch higher than those she normally wears! Can you imagine my satisfaction if I win? Yes, I'm lucky to have such a wife and if we "stumble" upon known people, we'll just say that it's a bet!
  10. The force is not strong enough with me yet, for me to go out and try them on the shop. For the moment, I buy mostly online or use my wife's shoes.
  11. Hi Euchrid, The problem is that we live in a very small town, where everyboy knows everybody and all new news fly as quick as burning gunpowder. The big (small) town where we are doing the bet is just 20 km away, and everyboy knows everybody too. Yet, in a way it can only be a good thing as it is a progress towards my wife's acceptance of my love for heels and to wear them.
  12. Thank you for your support. The problem is that we live in a small palce where "veryboy knows everbody". At it's in the countryside, where people are less open minded. But, "que sera, sera"!
  13. Hmm, nice point there. I hope that you are right. I'll continuing working in the same direction that I've been doing this far. It seems to be giving some "good fruits"... if you see what I mean...
  14. I'll try to relax... already feeling a bit "anxious" about it (a lot really). I think I need to practice a bit more OUTSIDE THE HOUSE, and then wham! It's bet time!
  15. Thanks for your advice, Bubba!
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