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  1. Result !! Glad to hear that you only got nice comments - had a similar experience at our Halloween /birthday bash. People were very surprised that a man could handle heels for so long .. I claimed one back for equality sake. Anything girls can do, boys can do too !!
  2. Thanks Dr Shoe, In the end I was away on business and ended up walking through a mall to get to my meeting. Saw the perfect shoes in shop window as I passed - went in on my way back and though they didn't have my size, they did have them one smaller. Colour wasn't great but a bit of shoe stretcher and some glue and glitter - I think they turned out well. Thanks for advice everyone
  3. Thanks for the suggestions at9, I will go and look there. Point taken about the heading - unfortunately I don't seem to be able to change it now!? Perhaps a Mod can help ?? .. I like your suggestion of "shoes for rocky horror"
  4. My wifes best friend turns 40 this Halloween and there is the obligatory fancy dress party! Amazingly, my wife has suggested that I go as Frankenfurter (RHPS) and even arranged the costume for me. The only thing she (we) are struggling to find is the shoes. You will recall Tim curry wore ankle strap sandals with block heel in the original http://www.listal.com/viewimage/205020 Main problem is I am size 10UK or 12US Does anyone have any ideas as to where I may find these. I came very close to an identical pair on ebay (made by saint of fashion) but lost out due to flat battery on mifi device :-( Have not seen another pair that comes close since then, they all tend to be stiletto heel. Have tried ebya, and just about every other shop I can think of but to no avail. Any help greatly appreciated. Would hate to waste a good opportunity to heel with my wife .. they don't come along often
  5. Thank you for the kind message. I am seeing the surgeon on the 14 March and then we will see. I Will update

  6. WOW! Lots of us dream of having an open minded wife like yours. Glad that you are finding wearing heels such a pleasurable experience. Welcome to the forum,
  7. Hi, welcome from me too. You will find that there are quite a few folks on the boards from round your parts. Hope that you and your SO are able to resolve things - it takes time and a lot of talking. Think that you can be sure there are a lot of questions running in her head scaring the heck out of her. Whilst tryng to avoid sounding like an agony aunt, you need to take the time to listen to those and answer as much and as honestly as you can. She will be looking for reassurance that she is still very much part of your life and you remain you, nothing changes cos of the shoes Otherwise, good luck, look forward to hearing more from you
  8. HHMania - welcome from me too .. always nice to have another Saffer join the board. As Addicted said, join the group. Youre a lucky man to have such an understanding wife - look after her. Look forward to hearing more from you
  9. partyshoes

    I'm Back

    Welcome back - good to hear from you and glad that you have kept heeling thing going. What, if may ask, was the reaction you received in the lounge?
  10. Nice shoes but more importantly where can I find a cousin like yours?
  11. partyshoes


    At the risk of incurring the wrath of Dr Shoe - I agree with Chris. Genuine UGGS tend to get a bad name from the cheap knock offs where the soles collapse and the girls end up dragging their feet around - makes me want to tell them to pick their feet and walk properly!! They also seem to fall apart and look scruffy in no time. Doubt it happens with the real ones as they are properly built. With the right jeans and good legs, you can get away with UGGS in a social environment
  12. Hear hear, there is no correlation between men who heels and men who are gay!! She may have a lot of gay friends but that doesnt mean she'll automatically warm to her husband in heels .. and if she draws the gay comparison that will complicate things for you
  13. Too funny .. loved the older lady but the gent with the silly hat on cracked me up. Especially when asked his opinion .. he was about to offer one and then seemed to withdrawat the last moment. A great summation of how people react (inadvertantly) when they see something that does not fall within their definition of normal. Thanks for sharing
  14. I like them - thanks for sharing
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