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  1. Hello. I just received these beauties. Green leather, dark brown wood. Are they sandals? I'm thinking of giving it a darker tone, almost black, but still green and brown. Keep or go to the dark side? Or better, buy theese other too? Sandals or no?
  2. I just saw these ankle boots. Also in black. If the sole would be a little thicker, perfect for me. I'm not a big fan of zippers, but I wonder: one last dance? I shouldn't, I shouldn't...
  3. I don't deny it: I have to stop. I should buy mules or heeled sandals (for a wedding, at least I have the dress), but I just bought another pair of boots (brown, second life) and I am refinishing them. Despite not having a very high heel (7,7 cm), I love the shape and proportion. I leave you an image.
  4. Hello. It is no longer on the web. I bought them, new, but on an european second-hand site. They have a square toe, so I change the typical cowboy toe. They caught my attention.
  5. Hello! Two more for spring. 12 cm vs. 6.5 cm. And soon... clogs and mules!
  6. Hello. My boyfriend just told me that he bought me this pair of cowboy boots. I love how well I have taught him: he finally learned what to do.☺️ I really want to wear them with my bootcut jeans and leather blazer. They have a 10 cm high heel. Size 10 USA W, wide. Waiting for shipment!
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