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  1. Hi everyone. The heeled sandals have arrived. The silver ones are almost 12 cm high, 4.75 inches. I bought them for a wedding in April, with spring already started in Spain. They are size 42 EU. These black have 12.5 cm heels (5 inches) and I can assure you that they are to make a difference in a high and clear way. A perfect size 42 EU. Waiting for the good weather to come, I will adapt them to my feet by doing the right training for each pair.
  2. Hi there! I'm waiting for two new pairs. They are presents. This is the begginning of both. The first one: The second: I'm so nervous.
  3. Hi eveerybody! These black cowboy boots are so comfy and pretty and I like both options. The snake skin boots are fabulous and much better (for me) with metal tips. What do you think about the possible change? Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone. I've tweaked my cowboy boots. Sometimes, changing some details, you can modify the result in an important way. I love them. What do you think? Greetings, MG
  5. Not at all. When I saw them I thought they would be, but it's very easy and comfy to walk in these shoes. MG
  6. These are "the chosen" for this Fall. 5 inches (12,5 cms) I love them. MG
  7. Hi, ladies. Finally I wear 5 inches heels and I do so comfy. Boots, sandals & pumps. I thought that it was the perfect height (I'm size 42 EU) but I was wrong. Maybe it will take a year again, but I know I'll walk in 6 inches heels as if nothing had happened. Regards, MG
  8. This looks great! Thank you, Amanda.
  9. Hi all! This successful story happened yesterday afternoon. I like dressing up for Halloween and I do (usually imitating glamorous ladies real or fiction). in high heels for 2 years. 2012: Angelica Huston (The Addams). I decided. My boyfriend knows this and doesn´t like (barefoot is 2 inches / 5 cm shorter than me) and I set a trap...for him. BF and I went to my work shop (until USA W 11- 42 EU) and I asked for leather pumps 5 inch black size 42. When my colleague returned, she told me if I wanted to put on them and I said: "It is better if he does it, because he´ll be wearing for hours..."
  10. MartaGanz


    Autumn, I know. And winter is coming. (In Spain) But I could not resist buying these comfy clogs. My foot is a little big. I am 42 EU, USA 11 W, and when I came in at shoes shop I didn't know if I would find the 41 EU (almost never). But yes! They were there waiting to me! "Do they fit me?" I was wearing thick socks with my cowboy boots and socks like these I'll wear this season with my clogs. I put on them and BINGOO!, Like a glove. Yesterday was a great day. This season will be even better! 13 cms - 3 cms
  11. I wear same size. Maybe to be a 42 EU is the reason.
  12. My BF has the same shoe size than me (42 EU -11 USw) I have several cowboy boots (8,7 cms - 3.5 inches) and he borrowed me them many times, but I always told him a rotund NO. With them, he is so tall than me (he doesn't like to be shorter) I have modeled all my shoes for my feet. We haven't the same feet, only the same size, and he can ruin them. If he wants to be a little tall, he can buy his own heeled boots. I hope in the end he will buy them as a token of his goodwill. And then, I'll wear mi 5 inches slingbacks... Always taller than my BF!!!
  13. I wear the trousers (in Spanish, "llevar los pantalones" is literal and it means the same)
  14. For these booties, cuban heel. MG
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