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    Sport, Exercise, Cars, red wine, reading, watching British Comedies, 1970's music and, of course, wearing High Heel Boots...
  1. Great find Sydheels! I want a pair!!!
  2. Very nice!!!
  3. Great choice! Particularly the Oxfords!!!
  4. Hey Heelswearer, I confess I too can be mesmerised by the "Shoe Dangle"... And I suspect that goes for most men. Thanks for posting the clip. I haven't heard of Jeanine Pirro. (Apart from living nine time zones away, I'm more "NPR" person than a Fox News person... )
  5. “Rosalyn and I share our sympathies with the Castro family and the Cuban people on the death of Fidel Castro,” Carter said. “We remember fondly our visits with him in Cuba and his love of his country. We wish the Cuban citizens peace and prosperity in the years ahead.” - Fmr President Carter A very measured and dignified mesage from Jimmy Carter, the former President of a country with its own sad history of human rights abuses...
  6. Good choice, mlroseplant. As pull-on knee boots go, there almost perfect...
  7. Couldn't agree more, XtremeHeels. They certainly make the old Hunter wellies look pretty mundane. Can't believe they didn't catch on!! Looked everywhere for a pair, but to no avail. Another one that got away...
  8. The Commonwealth of America...?? Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States - The New Yorker
  9. Hey HeelsWearer, Sorry to read about your back and the nosey chiro... Hope you're well and back in your heels again real soon!!!!
  10. Congratulations to the Cubs. I support the Blue Jays, but have a soft spot for the Cubs, because of the Wrigley Field reference in the Blues Brothers... Nice boots, by the way...
  11. Hey luketheduke8, Is it possible to get them sent without the locks? Perhaps new locks could purchased locally? Just a thought. It would be a shame if you can't take possession of them...
  12. Hey HeelsWearer, I'm with Cl0setheels, Strumpher and RonC on this. It's clear that a majority of "active" members in this part of the forum appreciate and support your presence here, or are at worst, indifferent to it. For my part, I welcome your posts in the "for the guys" section. I enjoy reading them and hope you continue to post here. And I'm confident the vast majority support this view. So, please keep posting here! And if any of your female friends wish to post here, they're welcome too!!!
  13. Oh no! I slept through the ballot! It would've been 1 or 3 for me. So I can't argue with Cl0setheels choice... I like the idea of seamed stockings. Sounds über sexy! Now, I'm exposing my ignorance here... So help me out! And please be merciful... How will the stockings go with slides? Aren't slides for bare feet? (I confess I've never worn slides... Maybe I should give them a go... ) Cheers
  14. Stay!!!!!! Vote 1 for HeelsWearer!!!!
  15. Love them!! I always wanted a pair of those. Did yours have the zipper as well?