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  1. I changed to women's shaped shoes over a decade ago after my third ankle reconstruction. I was excited when the first runners fit. Then came my baby heels, 2-3 inch booties, shoes I wished I could wear for years, now I shopping for them and wearing them. Those first ten or so shoe purchases, in-store, were thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time. Here, I was a man shopping for a women's shoe. But I was finally finding shoes that fit. I use to hate shoe shopping for (men's) shoes. I have a thick toe box and thin heels. I would have to go up a full size just to get my toes in men's shoes and then my heels would just swim (hence ankle issues). With women's shoes I could find shoes that would fit with almost no issues, and now I had a large number of styles to chose from. And I was lucky, I fit a US women's 10, so I have choices upon choices to chose from. Shoe shopping was now enjoyable, yet still nerve-racking, especially the first several times I took a heel up to a sales associate and asked for it in my size. Then ordering on-line and hoping they fit. The anticipation of their arrival was strong at the beginning, the anticipation @NrthEastHeel is now experiencing. However, I have about a 60/40% luck with on-line. So I have a more temperate reaction now. I may wait a few days to open an on-line purchase. I have over 70 heels with over 3.75 inch heels and wear heels in public all the time, so it no big deal any more Pre-pandemic I would go shopping about once a month, mainly to see what the latest fashion was. Macy's, DSW, brand names with a store in a large mall, small boutiques, etc.. Sale's associates would come talk to me before other clients because they knew I was a customer who bought and wore heels. I really enjoyed those hours. I hope to start visiting shoe stores soon.
  2. Don, please don't tell me you get stopped by the "No Boomer" sign.😇
  3. I too prefer Almond shape heels. Pointed heels where the toes of the shoe's arrives before you get there just don't agree with my toe box. And I don' like the look of the squared off toe either. But women's shoes have such variety that I don't need to consider these styles.
  4. I have many, many open toe heels (no boots or booties) and I have colored pedicured nails, Hose would hide my nails.
  5. I was playing with you with the term W.C. I don't use it but I am looking at building plans, and W.C. is all over them.
  6. There seems to all sorts of opinions on this topic. Some say ALWAYS (even to color) while others are in the NEVER boat. Since pumps don't fit me (I've tried too many times and failed), I have not dogs in this race. But I'll leave the rest of you to discuss. Have fun.
  7. I see W.C. on building plans all the time.
  8. A toilet is not a facility, but a porcelain god one "prays" to after consuming inferno salsa. It is kept in a water closet which you might call a loo.
  9. I've been driving in heels so long that it fells strange when I drive without heels.
  10. It's those first times that causes the most butterflies. The more you do it the easier it becomes. Overcoming the fear of being seen is hard, but once to pass that wall (glass ceiling) you are free.
  11. @Histiletto what do you have against horses? 🤣🤣😂
  12. It happens in streaks. I only purchase new heels. I have had times where I had several on-line purchases in a row that I returned the heels because they didn't fit. Frustrating indeed!
  13. Two for 35 is not bad either.
  14. The gender of the person doesn't matter. If you buy heels for the LOOK and disregard the fit or breaking them in, what do you expect? One experience like this and you get turned off to heels. But do you buy "bedroom shoes" to walk in?
  15. SF, don't you know "rite" is spelled "right"????
  16. Cali

    Cali World

    I was in Los Angeles this weekend. This morning I got on an elevator with two middle-aged (or older) women. I notice this one woman was starring at my shoes, so I said, "yes they are heels" as I lift one foot to show her. "Oh, I was admiring the buckles." The other women then exclaimed "you got small feet" at which the first women put her foot against mine to compare. I said size 10 and her shoe was a size 7.... Then the elevator reach the lobby and we went separated directions. I had my black Freebird Blaze...one of my "conservative" heels.
  17. His "brain*" would exploded, incapable of contemplating such a concept. * That is if he has a functioning one and by his comment, the jury is still out on that.
  18. Cali

    Cali World

    Stopped by my local shoe boutique to see what was new. Nothing in the 4 + inch heel height. The manager knows what I like, so we always chat. She ordered a specific style of booties for me but when it comes in who knows. Their shipments are now coming in over two months late and the shoe suppliers are now saying it might get worst. They expect to get some wedge sandals with decent heels by the next time I visit. I need to replace some worn out sandals.
  19. Light is a linear spectrum, wave length, whereas gender is infinitely-dimensional. MtF and FtM don't pass each other on their journeys. And to some color blind (my half-brother) people, green and red are the same.
  20. Those aren't my style either (tooo short of a heel), but there is no reason you couldn't wear them. The only thing holding you back is yourself.
  21. Skinny Pants. I mostly wear my boots on the outside without problems ever since I switched to hyper-flex soft pants.
  22. Now the next question... Pants inside (the boot) or outside (hiding the boot) or ?????
  23. Apparently @p1ng74 doesn't have to remove his boots, but my doctor's assistants always ask me to remove my shoes to measure my height.
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