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  1. I have used a knee scooter 5 times. For me, it was much better than crutches. I even have been out on a 5 mile runs while on a knee scooter. Look for them used.
  2. Cali

    Cali World

    It's been cold and rainy for the past week. One a brief moment of sunlight I tried out my new JS Therisa. I happy with these.
  3. JS Therisa. So I finally found my hole punch and added extra holes. All I needed to do was add only one more hole to each strap. I know I will have to use blister bandages on the small toes as I break them in.
  4. If you have a weak stomach you may want to skip this post. Here's two examples. My ex-wife had a bunion fixed about 15 to 20+ years ago. It worked, but was very painful and she decided not to do the other foot. After she retired she decided to get the other foot fixed. Too late, the surgeon retired and the new doctors didn't know how to do that specific operation. She wished she had done it back then. Too late. One night I kicked a 4 by 4 by 8 foot in the dark and my baby toe got bent upward. Wouldn't go back down. Couldn't get my foot into any closed toed shoes, including ski boots. I also had "hammer" toe that didn't help the situation. I had toe surgery. The doctor took my number 4 toe and removed the hammer toe joint, then move the tendon in the baby toe. Finally they put pins (metal wire) in each toe to hold them in the correct position for 3 weeks. I had a cast with the pins sticking out. Couldn't drive with the pins in my foot. One day I was on my knee scooter at a farmers market and a woman bumped into my pins and I screamed so loud that I scared many people at the market. When they took out the pins after 3 weeks, it was also very painful. Pain level in the 1 to 10 scale was a 12 and taking out the pins was a 15. But my scale goes to 36 (this is on the 1 to 10 scale). I reconmend you ask the surgeon if the operation would allow you wear heels, and if not having the surgery would result in the immobility and pain increasing. BTW, I wear heels because I have a bone spur in my hip between the hip and the femur. Heels makes it much less painful.
  5. I have many Jessica Simpson stilletoes and I find her heels a little tight, so I get most of hers in size 11. But these were to large for me is size 11. So I had to get them in size 10. I have a big toe box so I like adjustible toe boxes like these have. I will also have to add extra holes to both straps, but I have a leather hole puncher that makes this easy to do.
  6. @StilettoLuv, don't you garden in your stilettos? It the only way to pick the high fruit.
  7. I think there are less and less high heels being made. And with there being less opportunity to wear heels (ie working from home) less heels are being bought. I know I have spend months looking for sandals to replace some older sandals. The JS's I just got is one of the very few that are high enough. DSW use to be 20% sneakers, now they are 70%
  8. I think covid and staying at home dramatically reduced the number of interactions each of us have had with the "public." Also the selection of high heels has decreased as well.
  9. Cali

    Cali World

    Okay, I'll post a public interaction. Last week I went to Costco and used one of their electric carts to shop. I was followed out by a women so she could help me load my car and return the cart. She comment that she had seen me before in heels and wanted to know how I could walk in them, "don't they hurt?" I told her that I don't wear shoes that hurt and that wearing heels helps with my hip pain. She was speechless.
  10. Got them shipped from Macy's for under $50.
  11. Been waiting for these, Still need to add some extra holes so I can wear them. But I have been down for two weeks and at least one more week before I have to go back to work. New sandals for this summer: Jessica Simpson Therisa
  12. Careful @mlroseplant, you might become a high boot aficionado.
  13. Cali

    Cali World

    Too many bad side effects if I had let it go any longer. Luckly I was able to travel to one of the premire hospitals for this type of surgery in the US.
  14. Cali

    Cali World

    It was something I had known about for almost 20 years, I knew it would need to come out someday. During that time the operation changed from a 6 month recovery period (20 years ago) to just a 6 week recovery now.
  15. I just found some new clothes hiding in my loset that I had forgotten about. Still had their tags on.
  16. Cali

    Cali World

    Thanks, HinH. I haven't been to a game since either. Pandemic and life has interferred with going to a game. Currently recovering from major surgery, so laying low for a month or two. I hopefully have a new sandal on the way.
  17. I was hoping to post a picture of my new JS sandals, but they where too big. So back they went, and hope the lower size fits. I've been wearing knee high boots this year and the many "nice boots" I've gotten just isn't worth a post.
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