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  1. Bumble bees and wasp are in different subgroups; their stingers are different. I'm the result of what happens when nobles and royals from around the world meet in a foreign land (continent) in the 16th and 17th century and inter-marry.
  2. FYI: Home Depot is so much more fun in stilettoes.
  3. To my now ex-wife, I was never right, not wrong, just never right. She has since told me that she NOW understands why I did many of the things I was "wrong" at (according to her). Her tune has changed, too bad it way too late.
  4. Great Halloween look...I might be tempted to copy it. I even have antennas that would work with it Now for a stinger.
  5. They are finding there is 2-3 less weeks of winter in Maine and that is causing the tick population to explode. Is there similar things happening in the Netherlands?
  6. I have time to wait for a cruise ship with a copter, or hop aboard a freighter. Or join a scientific expedition. Who knows. Never say never. Never.
  7. Zodiac landings? Helicopter landing no problem...LOL
  8. I almost took a 6 month assignment with NASA to Antarctica in the 70's. But maybe I'll take a cruise someday and wear heels on Antarctica then. Who knows?🙃
  9. You forgot about those men with a beer belly.
  10. I have stopped even considering half zipper boots for the same reason. It's full zipper only world for me.
  11. Cali


    Try walking the hills in San Francisco (Chinatown). I have side stepped down a steep driveway having to hold onto the arm of my friend....and she laughed at me all the way down.
  12. I have a few shoes that cost over $200 a pair. My open toe sandals, mostly gladiator type wedges are about 6 years old and need to be replaced. The manmade material is starting to deteriorate. I have checked the websites of brands that make shoes that fit my feet and the have all been too short (heel wise). My local boutique is still waiting on their August order to come in. And DSW has been a disappointment with their slide into becoming the running shoes (trainers) and crocs store. I have a large toe box, both tall and wide, with a high arch, so strappy shoes, single strap shoes, and similar styles usually don't fit, and pumps NEVER fit. (This is why men's shoes NEVER fitted my feet properly and lead to many reconstructive surgeries.) Since I have size 10 women's feet I am lucky to be able to walk into most stores and find heels, BUT lately I haven't found anything I wanted and needed. There comes a point where you have so many shoes and not enough days in the year to wear them more that once or twice.
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