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  1. I was hoping to post a picture of my new JS sandals, but they where too big. So back they went, and hope the lower size fits. I've been wearing knee high boots this year and the many "nice boots" I've gotten just isn't worth a post.
  2. Multiple Golden Handshakes are fine too.
  3. The more pensions the better. Bring them on.😀
  4. @Heelster, I got a Steve Madden emal-ad this morning about their new western boots (women;s) and look at FreeBird (pricey) but they have western boots too.
  5. Cali

    Cali World

    I had a wardrobe malfunction today when I got to work and had to change my pants. Luckly I had some other pants in the car, but they were shorts. Chilly wet windy day here with tempertures 47-50 F (8-10 C). You do what you have to do.
  6. Well I'm wearing my new black Jessica Simpson knee high with a platform today. Another rainy day and I waterproof them. I have and wear MANY heels with platforms. 💜 my platforms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I don't use hose. I wear my open toes without any covering (show off the pedi) and socks with everything else.
  8. I have close to 100 (or more) pairs and I am still looking for new heels. But I have about 10 pairs that I have worn out and need to find replacements for.
  9. Cali

    Cali World

    As promised elsewhere, heres my new Lexie boots. Wore them for 11.5 hours the first time out. Easy walking.
  10. They are man made, so I used the spray I bought at a DSW years ago. Sofsole water proofer. Seem to work in the heavy downpours yesterday. I got so many compliments on those boots too.
  11. I got a $15 discount email from DSW yesterday AFTER I bought the Jessica Simpsons. Since I had to return the Marc Fishers, I asked if they could apply the $15 discount to what I bought. Didn't get the $15 discount, instead got at $39 discount. They went on clearance and I got $15 off. Final price: somewhere around $55. A WIN WIN. I water proofed the new boots yesterday and wore them for over 11 hours today. Got lots of compliments on them too.
  12. Cali

    Cali World

    I have a thick toebox and the straps are too thight to get my toes in. I was hoping they would stretch more.
  13. Cali

    Cali World

    I ordeed the Marc Fisher sandals over 16 days ago and they just came. But they don't fit, so back they go.
  14. As I said in the tall-boots post, I went to DSW today. This large DSW store use to have about 15% sneakers. Now it's over 50%. Front of the store. Anyway, I found the tiny real estate for boots and found these Jessica Simpson Lexie boots. man-made material BUT it's rain so much here this year hat I haven't wore my suede or leather boots. We have had 7 "atmostpheric rivers" hit us this year. Water proof them so that I can wear them during the next river tomorrow. Picture in them tomorrow. They are sooooooo comfortable.
  15. And stilettos too. Going shopping/looking at DSW today in stiletto knee highs as well. I have little doubt they WILL BE noticed.
  16. This winter I have been wearing my tall boots into work. Since it isn't expected to rain tomorrow, it's my Jessica Simpson. The key is to normalize it. I know, easy to say, hard to do.
  17. Pension X 3. I rarely think about what people will think. I can't control that, so I stopped worring about what I can't control.
  18. Either you trap yourself into being worried all the time or you live free. I rather live free.
  19. My response to someone taking a longer look has been "don't you just love them". But as @mlroseplant puts it, it takes a certain amount of confidnce that comes from years of experience.
  20. I have had a pair last for 20 years. But it depends on how it is made and what materials its made from. My 6 year old sandals have deliminated.
  21. I have two different red Jessica Simpson stiletto booties. But yes are suede and yesterday was a servere weather day with heavey rain and winds gusts above 80 mph. I wore my blue faux suede boots, wanted to satisfy my inner Elvis. A colleague came by while I was talking with another colleague and told me "don't you know, you don't wear suede in the rain." I laughed and told her they were fake suede. I get so many comments in these, I also have the black, that I should have also bought the red. Besides they were cheap.
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