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  1. They have on the very rare times I have been barefooted (after a pedicure). This summer a VP asked what color my toe nails were while showing me hers.
  2. I used walking on my toes to rebuilt my ankle and calves after multiple reconstructive surgeries. My calves were the envy of several friends that run for year (I don't run) until I blew out a calf. They are still bigger than theirs and they are still envious.😄 All that work walking on toes helped me to transition into 4+ inch heels in minutes when I switched my shoes to heels to heal my calf.
  3. Almost none at all. I worn them to work four times in 6 weeks, and the only comment was from a student that he thought I was just a member of the "family". But I'm not. That day I also worn these knee highs to a end on semester celebration luncheon with hundreds of people. No comment at all. Either nobody cares or I have normalize I wear high heels or both.
  4. If you look near the end, you will see that he shows the agent that he is wearing "underwear" but it appears to be a g-string or thong style. It appears that the style of underwear is not sufficient to contain stuff. This is not about a man wearing a skirt, but about indecent exposure. And who hasn't flown in heels, in my cases 4 + inches. South West, American, Qantas, British Airways, Air Canada, ......
  5. Thanks. I really love these and wish I had seen these earlier and gotten another one, but they sold out fast. So easy to walk in during 12 hour days. "At work" photos are going to hard to come by since I only have 2 to 4 more days on site this year.
  6. It's really not that rare. I have seen another guy shopping at a Steve Madden store. I asked this question to a boutique shoe shop manager and she told me she has about half dozen "regular" male customers.
  7. A rare photo from work. Rare for several reasons. Rare that I am sitting (I'm torturing students with a Final), rare that I take a picture at work. But not rare that I wear my knee highs with shorts.
  8. Too bad, stiletto boots are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Of course, all the time. I drink coffee at work and work for hours. The click sound is louder on tile surfaces that most public restrooms have. Almost every heel I have make sound, my chunky heels, stilettos, block heels, and even my wedges. Just be careful about the spray back from the urinal, and be careful about any liquids on the floor because they can make you slip.
  10. Cali


    Walking is somewhat a function of the type of heel. I wear such a wide variety of heels. Some of my wedges I can almost run in, some like my Jessica Simpson stiletto I have to careful where I put my foot down. Don't want to get the heel caught in an expansion joint or the gap getting on and off an elevator. I have to be careful with my platforms and chunky heels I tend to walk slowly. A young woman was kidding me the other day that she could walk much faster than me. Going down stairs is the place I would like to use a video to improve my graceful descend (avoid falling). Going down flights of stairs in stilettos is nightmarish, and I have to do this when the elevator is not working.
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