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  1. On the outside as well. Good job.
  2. But was that in Men's size 11 (Women's 13) or Women's size 11. Maybe next time at that hotel you can find out.😉
  3. Glad you found a pair that your ankles don't swim in. They look very similar to my Nine West Kimmy's. Enjoy them on the outside of your pants.
  4. I'm a 3.75+ inch guy. Here's one from last year. I'll look for more.
  5. I have a double-Oh-seven phone number and I frequently have to say Zero-Zero-Seven.
  6. I like to wear my knee high boots with faux leather pants. Ankle booties would work as well. BUT NO Crocs!
  7. I stopped ironing years ago.🙃
  8. I once got a Prince reference in San Francisco, about 2015.
  9. Another thing is looks over function. Purchasing heels even though they don't fit right, then they hurt. Duh. I remember a university graduation several years ago and watching women walk down the aisle in high heels and you could tell most hadn't worn heels in a long time.
  10. It's a double standard that most of us have to deal with. Example: my daughter does not like my finger or toes nails painted. But she like the polish I have so much that she went out and bought it for herself. She also does like my heels, so the other night I wore my booties with block heels and long jeans to hide them. First non-skinny jeans I've worn in 6 months.
  11. I had a Halloween pedi, black with orange dots.
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