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  1. I tried to try on some Jimmy choo's at the airport Sydney in the duty free area, but they only had up to size 7. Even the sales woman had never tried on a pair because her feet were larger than size 7
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    I'm in high heels almost every time I go out and even around my house. As a result I get comments about once or twice a week. Last week it was while waiting in line at the Post Office when a woman several people behind me told me she loved my wedges. Today I was pumping gas (petrol) when a car drove into the adjacent aisle. I could tell that the passenger was talking about my shoes to the driver. After the driver got out to pump their gas, the passenger lower her window and told me how much she just loves my heels. I smiled and thanked her.
  3. Walking on cobblestones like she is in heels is not "fun". Been there done that.
  4. You might have a few more than I have, but you do not too many. I live in short and wedges in the summer. I heard that shorts are getting shorter this year.
  5. The word "can" is easy. Certain you can. But should you? I have seen both, even between members on this site. I agree with @RonC, it use to always wear hose, but I never do. For one thing I hardly have any visible hair on my legs; its gone form dark black to clear.
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