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  1. Mike: The heels are two short...looking for 4-4.75 inch difference and all I have seen is in the 3 inch range. I have in the neighborhood of 70 heels. I have 5-6 wedges that I need to replace but can't find anything I want. Since I've work from home since the pandemic started, I have been mostly wearing my Steve Madden Mules. Maybe put on some JS stilettoes. And I'm a size 10 in most shoes, 11 in Nine West.
  2. There's a difference? Why didn't someone tell me? I haven't bought heels in sometime because I haven't seen anything lately I need to have. They are all too short.
  3. Yesterday I had a woman in a parking lot ask me to help her find her cell phone by calling it. After she found it she asked me about my heels. First she said "I wish I could still wear heels." Followed by "I bet you doctors aren't happy about you wearing heels." I told her that I wear them because of a bone spur and my doctors want me in at least 2.5 inch heels because of the shape of my feet (extremely high arch). Then she gave me a response I've heard before; why don't I get "medical" heels. My response has always been the same (1) they are very expensive, (2) heavy, (3) cumbersome, and (4) extremely UGLY. If I have to wear heels (it's either heels or pain killers) I might as well enjoy it. That means knee high boots, stilettoes, ........ Today, in the parking lot of a farmers market I turned a corner and encounter two women leaving. The lead woman said "I love your heels" - "Thank you" and other woman said "beautiful." First time I had these old heels called beautiful.
  4. I don't wear heels for fetish reasons. I live with much less pain with a 3.75-4.75 inch heel, so I wear heels as much as possible. That means I wear in public, so I might as well have great shoes.
  5. No, the skirt or dress and coat is way too long.😇
  6. Helen - a very short skirt or shorts with knee high boots is a fun look. You can still wear nylon. I just can't find a photo with that combo or I would post it, I know I have at least one.
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