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  1. I was just force to buy some booties from Express, 50% off, free shipping and an extra $15 off. Total price $31. See I was forced.
  2. Happy Thursday to all those not in the United States.
  3. It also a number games. Company will buy/produce more shoes in the "middle" range and fewer on either end. Here in the US, that's 6 to 10 in women's. So a size 13 might sell out because there a limited quantity. But on the website I look at 9, 10, 11 are gone fast.
  4. I even feel more empowered wearing my stiletto booties, specially my blue and red suede ones. I like the pop of extra color, especially on a dreary winter day. So maybe its the extra that happens in these heels that I don't feel in my regular heels. But whatever it is, I enjoy it. You got deer in Texas, and deer have ticks, and ticks carry lime disease. Wear your boots on the outside.
  5. I don't wear heels just to be notice. But I'm smart enough to know that when I wear heels I get noticed, and I almost always wear heels. I started wearing women's shoes on a daily basis when after another ankle reconstruction, I tried to find out why. Frequent operations/reconstructions, 6-7 weeks in a cast and 3 - 4+ months of rehab gets old very fast. It turned out my foot shape did not fit men's shoes very well, but it did fit women's shoes pretty good. Then I discovered that 3.8 + inch heels relieved my hip pain and I have been wearing heels ever since. To me its pain relief, but at the same time why not enjoy my foot wear, have fun with it. I have many different kinds (NO pumps - don't fit) including 4 knee highs and several other calf high boots. At first, when I was still hiding I wore them under my pants. A few knee highs and shorts days too, oh what fun. It is a completely different feeling when I wear them outside my skinny jeans or leggings. I feel bolder, empowered. My leather ones on a wet day are great. However the number of double/triple takes more that quadruple.
  6. You might have gotten a completely different reaction if they where 4-5 inch stilettoes.
  7. Wearing knee high boots over your skinny jeans or leggings is empowering.
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