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    Courage is exactly what I wanted to test today i decided to go shopping in a great supermarket. And after in smaller frozen food shop.Both 60 km from home for security reason The courage was to wear 15 cm heels.( could be equivalent to a 5”2 for an average woman size) I never worn such a heel height publicly. It’s ok at home,but I wondered if I would be able outside. It has been a 2 hours tour and surprisingly everything has been easier than expected A little shade : the heels were partially hidden by a long pant,not a flare jean,just straight fitting. See pic Honestly said,no one seemed to noticed . Lot of fun. To be done again pierre
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    It's been about 10 years since I've posted a picture to HHPlace. I've read and rarely made a comment, but for some reason I decided to shoot some photos. I found my old thread. But it's so old, it's been closed to comments. I don't any of those shoes anymore. I tend to change them out as fashion and my tastes progress. I bought some Jessica Simpson pumps at Nordstrom recently and wore them a number of places, including breakfast and lunch a couple fast casual restaurants and shopping at the mall between. Went into Dillards department store and checked out the shoe department. No comments from anybody this time and hardly any notice at all. I think that if your clothes are fashionably appropriate, you don't really look unnatural, despite the incongruity. I think that may account for the lack of notice and comments. As I was exciting the restaurant, I glanced at my reflection in the window as I strode to my car, much like the pose here.
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    Abundant budget shop where heels still seem to be in fashion. Perfect place to find fun summer shoes: https://www.chicme.com/category/Pumps-&-Heels/1H4f8-e9s5e4S-9n5R0-Q1B5X1M8r.html
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    I sell these Lace and Black Suede Platform Pumps from Zara size EUR41 (UK8) tough valid up to size EUR42 (UK9). Heel height is 6 in (15 cms) and platform 1 1/2 in (4 cms). Ankle strap Almost brand new. Price is 35 EUR/ 40 USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
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    Sky High Mix 6 heels size 10 Great condition $35 Black Platform heels with zipper Size 10 Great condition as well $20 Some shipping will apply depending on where you live Email with questions
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    It's been a while since we've heard from you! Sometimes the simple outfits are the best. Again, I think you have managed to create some interest where maybe there wasn't before. I rather like the look. I hope you are having a great holiday season!
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    Good morning HHP. I discovered yesterday that a co-worker has seen my Instagram page the documents my heeling. Surprisingly, she hasn't said anything to me, and I suspect she's known for at least a week now. How did it happen? A week ago yesterday, some of us at work were discussing Instagram and how a lot of people seem to be switching to that from Facebook. As well, they were talking about some of each others pictures they had seen on there. This made me realize that I haven't really looked at any of my co-worker's stuff on there, and thought I would give it a look-see. Now when you look up someone's account, if you 'click' on it, it appears to automatically play any story they have uploaded, which is usually a picture or video that lasts on the screen for about 5 seconds before going to the next 'post' in the person's story, or just ending and going back out of it. Now what I didn't fully realize until yesterday is that for the first 24 hours after that story is posted, the person who posted the story can see everyone who has viewed it. The co-worker who I was looking up was mentioned in my most recent post here under the 3) Boots at work - another co-worker paragraph. Sure enough, her most recent story had been posted for less than 24 hours, and I viewed it while logged in under my heeling profile, so then she had access. Now I did that over the past weekend, which again means she's known for roughly a week at this point. Even though she hasn't said anything to me, you might wonder how I figured this out? Well yesterday morning, I went into work wearing some new jeans I had posted about on Wednesday. I was wearing the new jeans with my Sorel wedge boots, and a darker green t-shirt. Her and her fiance were waiting for the barista we have on site to open up his coffee stuff, so I stopped to say hi as I was walking past. She immediately asked if I was wearing new jeans and that they looked nice. I thanked her and said I was impressed she noticed. She then said 'I'm very observant' and gave a look down at my boots as if that was her way of saying she knew? I assumed she had seen them at some point around the office and thought nothing more of it. Then on my drive home last night, I was thinking about the fact that I don't interact with this co-worker too much, so how would she have known? Then it hit me that I unintentionally revealed my heeling profile on Instagram when I viewed her story. I was extremely embarrassed when I first figured it out, but now I am not. I am more appreciative that she doesn't seem to have told anyone or made any derogatory statements regarding it. Part of me wants to test this further, but I'm not sure how. The picture added to this shows the post I made on Instagram about my new jeans. If you are curious to see my Instagram, it is @straight.in.heels
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    You might check out activskin.com. They have competitively priced items specifically for men. If you prefer women's hosiery, fine, but a lot of men prefer hosiery that's sized for men and designed for male anatomy. It's a lot more comfortable. Full disclosure: I own the company and have been operating it for 21 years. I don't normally promote my business on this web site, but you asked, and other readers might be interested in this optional resource. Steve
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    And then we wonder why it seems people have become so rude and inconsiderate of each other in public over the years. It may sound silly to many people now, but I believe that if people were more mindful of how they presented themselves in their attire in public, it would have a positive effect on the way people interacted with each other.
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    I've had the same issue with a purchase from China that had Minaloo stamped on the shoe. The heel and steep incline shown in the ad image is what I was seeking only to get something that was at least an inch shorter and not nearly as steep. It was a little disappointing, but I kept the shoes anyway, the price was good, and they were still very pretty shoes regardless. Those wouldn't normally be my taste, but after looking at them for a bit, they are actually really cute. Might have to find something similar for myself Enjoy!
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    Some weeks ago our local newspaper found out, that the designer of CROSS SWORD (https://cross-sword.com/) is located in Mainz (Rhineland-Palatine/ Frankfurt-Area) and issued a home story, including a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smFpiuCGJ3c. Some days later, another jounalist from the dpa (German Press Agency) contacted me via the forum ("Men-on-high-heels.de"), to arrange an interview. I agreed and had a nice discussion, they took some pics... and last Monday they issued the article. More than 30 newspapers and radio stations took over the issued article, including the pics. For an example: https://www.focus.de/kultur/mode/mode-maenner-auf-high-heels-brauchen-mut_id_11281697.html More links you will find here: https://www.men-on-high-heels.de/t4391f18-Maenner-auf-High-Heels-brauchen-Mut.html Meanwhile I had another two telephone interviews (RTL Letzeburg and SWR3).
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    Got these from the internet outlet Minaloo. These are my very tall at 5.2 inches. Well made and i really love them. Size is Chinese 265, US 10.5. Name inside is Maiernisi.
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    First, hello! Been a long time I've posted, and chilled in here. With the hot season gone, it's time for cocooning and web browsing has thus replaced working outdoors. That being said, I haven't stopped wearing heels, far from it. So, I wish to share with you my evolution, progression, gain of confidence, you get the point! I remember last year, having the urge to talk about my love of heels to my fellow coworkers. I work mostly with women, except for one guy who became a good friend. So, last year I told my friend and my boss about my love of heels, openly and without shame. I discovered then that what I believed a long time ago to be true was mostly false. I mean - and it seems like a century ago - that I let my fears be "the mindkiller". I did not feel judged, and telling my story to them made me more confident. So... this summer (I work outside 100% of the time), I decided that I'd on some occasions wear my heels in front of my friends, at the job (during lunch time or after work). I also shaved my legs starting in july, never to stop. (I have tattoos, they look great with my legs shaved, but let's be honest, big hairy legs with sexy sandals doesn't ring a bell for me ). My girlfriend and I had an evening with two of our collegues (and I passed the evening in my little high heels brown sandals). I have also started to wear my heels more frequently in public, like when going to the village, etc. Also, I frequently manicure now, (mostly dark colors). One of my biggest 'accomplishment' (am I spelling this right?) this summer was when I went shopping for heels, for my birthday. I wore my Steve Madden black booties, blue jeans and a black vest. I looked great and felt confident. I had looked thoroughly on Naturalizer's web site, and had my eyes on a few pairs. I had approx 140$ budget. So on this beautiful august morning, I park at the mall and see that it's really already buzzing with life. It was perhaps 10am at this time. A brief moment of panic comes through me, as I see all the people, but I take a slow, deep breath and kick myself. So i get out of the truck. First, I realise that even though I am quite agile in my heels, I am taking steps too long. I am walking too fast. So I slow my pace and walk towards one of the main doors. I open the door for a beautiful lady, who I am sure have noticed my boots. (They are not hidden by my jeans but they do not make the typical heel sound). I walk towards the center of the mall, I don't know where is the Naturalizer but I quickly find it. No customers, I go in. Not that it would have changed anything. I am there! So the lady comes out of the backstore, she's smily and welcomes me. I tell her that i'm looking for a new pair of high heels, I wear size 10 wide and would like to try a pair that I have seen in store. She asks me which, but alas there are not available in my size. We then look at the web site, and prepair the order for the heels I was craving, which they do not have in store also. Then, as we talk, she tells me she might have a pair in the backstore that a lady returned. So during the time she searches for it, I look at the beautiful shoes. I then saw beautiful sandals for my lady, and decided I would not be the only one to have a new pair of shoes. Marlene comes from the backstore with a box, with beautiful subtle sandals in them. I feel a little judged by another customer when I remove my soxes, thus revealing my blue nail polish. I try the sandals, and gosh! I feel like walking on clouds. I'm conviced. At this moment, there was a sale at Naturalizer : when you bought 3 pairs, you had 30% on all of them. So... I bought the sandals for my lover, and bought the other two pairs, the last one being shipping at my home. I had a wonderful shopping experience, and can't wait to return to this great place to buy new shoes or boots. This time with my lover, who was really happy with the gift I made to her. It felt great, it still does, I'm proud of all the steps that I've made. This forum was the starting point for all of this.
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    Just bought a pair of these monsters. Delivery pictures will follow; just putting this here upon the shoes being delivered.
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    Had a nice day out today at Meadowhall shopping centre, walked around for about 5 hours in my new look knee high boots over my skinny jeans and tried loads of gorgeous boots, had plenty of interaction with staff and all in all had a brilliant time these were tried on in Moda in Pella Dune Kurt Geiger
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    I'm a photographer. Creative fields do give one a bit more latitude in terms of self-expression - its almost expected
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    I agree, its like a 5 to 1 ratio of nails over heels compliments. I have been getting my nails done for over 2 years now, stayed with a standard french tip for months but got bored with it & said screw it & went with bold colors....glad I did because those get the most compliments!
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    I have painted fingernails as well and I get many more compliments on my nails than on my heels. Most will notice the nails and miss the heel altogether
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    All, Whilst I recognise the pitfalls of today's litigious society with cadres of folks waiting to be offended I also reiterate the need to not withdraw from enjoying living one's life. If one doesn't compliment then others may lose the joy which comes from interaction. DO not let the "politically correct" jerks of the world make living each moment a killjoy moment.The deli was a public place and NOT at the workplace. People know what they are doing, particularly women, when they get dressed each day. I have complimented many women over the years, and a few men, on their choice of sandals, heels, suits, vests, and ties without the slightest negative impact and will continue to do so. The public domain is one thing. The workplace and finding yourself in closed quarters with women is another. One can remain engaged without having worry about bogeymen, or bogeywomen, which will probably never appear. If I ever lose my ability to communicate effectively then my incentive for continued living is probably gone. Be polite and tolerant of others as long as they are not threatening others or doing illegal things and treat others as you would have them treat you. Following these rules should rarely lead to negative outcomes. I have never struck anyone first in my life but I have had to do it. Be alert to your surroundings and pay attention to detail. What one remembers and especially writes down immediately is very valuable later on. I have found one can live and enjoy life if one practices common sense, listens and watches intently, and engages with the world without having to dilute ones's principles. When I look back at past situations and actions the one thing which often carries the day is this; "What would a reasonable person have done?" This standard is so important it was actually the basis for a decision by U.S. Supreme Court in the early 1990's. You may be the one who makes someone else's day with a few words of praise and encouragement. You may be the one who stops a bully in his tracks. You may be the one who makes ALL the difference. HappyinHeels
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    These could go well with a halloween costume. I spotted them in a Primark store, but I couldnt find them on the primark website. They look a lot like Pleasers, but with a smaller heel - the heel height on a size Eur 41/UK 8 was 11cm. That was the largest size I could find, but it seemed large enough for me even though I normally take a Eur 42 or 43. And the best news - the price was 19 euro! Sorry the picture quality isnt great. H
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    I was caught this morning by the secretary at my office. On most Fridays, a good number of my peers work from home with the remaining staff starting around 8am. I typically get in at 6am so I can enjoy my cup of coffee and sift through all the weeks emails in peace. Over the few years that I've been at this firm, I've become more relaxed in my persona. We are a "progressive" company where most people are generally open and respectful of others peoples viewpoints and persuasions. Because of this atmosphere I started wearing my heels during this quiet period. I've always figured at some point I would get noticed, but I was also careful to change back to my male shoes when I heard someone enter the front door. Don't need to draw unnecessary attention to myself as a manager if I don't need too. So this morning, I was playing music on my phone while I got the coffee pot brewing and didn't hear the front door open. The kitchen is in the back of our office. As I'm getting the filter and coffee grinds out, she clears her throat and says "Interesting footwear". I "jumped" so much, more grinds went on the floor than in the filter. After we both stopped laughing about what happened, I told her that I've always enjoyed wearing heels and explained my typical Friday routine. For some reason I wasn't afraid she was going to report me or make a big deal about it. I think it was due to all the conversations we've had ever since I started. We're both about the same age and have some similar experiences. As we cleaned up the mess I made, she started asking me some of the typical questions such as, why, what's the highest heel I have, style preferences, and how many heels do I own. She confessed she is a heel lover too, but normally wears flats to work since she takes public transportation to the office. She also explained the reason why she was in so early is her husband dropped her off on his way to a construction site near by. We talked until the next employee came in. Thankfully we were in my office at this point and you can not see my feet when I'm sitting at my desk. As we wrapped up our conversation, she said she would wear a few of her heels for me to see and I told her I would do the same.
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    Now you are EXPECTED to wear high heels.
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    That outfit looks awesome, wish I had white pants like those...
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    Got these of eBay worn once, 7 inch pencil heel, not for long walks but feel so good to wear!
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    Here's the outfit I put together, inspired by a photo in another thread. I went both shopping for a new TV and also went to the mall, shopping for clothes and for lunch in the food court. I felt it looked good and was confident. No one seemed to take any notice, despite the obvious display.
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    I have a pair of ankle boots very, very similar to that - i’d say identical - from Shoes of Prey which I like very much.
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    I have a box of 3-4 pairs of boots/heels that I keep meaning to send in the post to my cousin-in-law? She’s the same size as me, and there are a few pair that I will likely never wear. She has seen them, and loves the ones I would be sending her. So it’d be nice to occasionally see them being worn and enjoyed by someone else.
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    Practice. These are the sort of ultra high heels that not many people (male or female) can walk in gracefully. There's a big difference between being able to walk in a particular heel and doing it gracefully. Yesterday I was at a party where one guy, probably in his 50s, was wearing approx 4.5" ankle strap stiletto pumps without platforms. His walking was utterly natural and effortless, even on grass. He must have put in a lot of practice to be able to do that.
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    Wore these ankle boots in the clubhouse after playing 18 holes yesterday. On the way out was stopped by a stranger who said " you must have a sexy unbrella too." I smiled and thanked him even i really didn't understand if it was a compliment or not. Sometimes older men equate umbrellas with sissyness. However i didn't care and thanking him may have thrown him off. Also stopped at the local grocery near our vacation spot to get beer and a couple gallons of water. Carried out 2 cases of beer and 2 gallons of water while working it in 5inch heels. So much fun.
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    Heels and shorts have long been a favorite combination of mine, since before I started heeling. Unfortunately, up until the last 10 years or so, such a combination has almost universally been thought of by the general public as being very trashy, with the one exception of Catherine Bach on the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard." For some reason, her outfits seemed to be accepted as just part of her character, but were certainly NOT emulated by girls in real life, at least not in my town. Short shorts, yes. Heels, yes. But never at the same time, ever, unless you were looking to be labelled. Then suddenly, about 10 years ago or so, it rather suddenly became acceptable, and I want to say the trend really came from Asia. In 2007, I remember being somewhat surprised (not to mention pleased) to see shorts with heels everywhere in Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea as everyday wear (i.e., not clubbing clothes). Asians seemed to be able to pull off this look when white girls couldn't. Over the next few years, the trend became somewhat mainstream here in the U.S. Don't get me wrong, it's not like you see girls wearing heels with shorts all the time, but when you do, it's not like sighting a unicorn. At a bar on Friday night, or even at a summer outdoor town event such as a farmers' market, you are almost sure to see several heels with shorts combos, whereas you wouldn't have 10 years ago. As for my personal taste, I have only tried pumps one time with shorts, just as an experiment. For clubbing, this seems to be the shoe of choice for younger women. I'm not crazy about it, I'd much rather wear. . . you guessed it. . . open toed mules with my shorts. I have to admit, most of my shorts are obviously in the feminine style, being extremely short and tight. I think my wife is relieved every year when cold weather comes back to Iowa. I do have one pair of longer shorts (maybe 6 or 7" inseams). Those are for practicing the organ. Do you know how painful it is when you legs stick to a wooden organ bench? Not to mention you can't really move properly to play. Here is a photo of my shorts with pumps experiment:
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    Sort of depends on why it's wobbly. If it's just because the heel has come loose, you should be able to fix it yourself. Peel up the insole of the shoe to expose the screws holding the heel on to the shoe. You may find that they are loose. If so, I would recommend replacing them with the next size larger screw, whatever it is. I might also epoxy the heel to the shoe when you replace the screws. That ought to hold things steady for quite a while. On the other hand, if the heel seems securely attached, but there is still wobbliness, it's probably a bent or broken shank, and then you're pretty much screwed. I've had this happen to me several times, and it's very frustrating. It all comes of walking in shoes that are not really meant to be walked in.
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    Thanks everyone. I'm doing great!
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    Heelers : There are a lot of great looking high heels on these four (4) pages. This is my contribution.
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    The bows really define girlie. You look great in these. Super sexy. You look great.
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    Let me introduce myself, again. My name is Patrick and I live in Poland.For those who want to check my "hello" post, please do so, where I posted my first touch with heels. I'm currently living in a house 5 kilometers out of the city center with my fiance, her daughter which I have rights to take care of her instead of her biological father. Unfortunately there is my mother in law in the same house as well. My fiance knows about my heels and she's encouraging me, at least sometimes, to wear them around house when we are alone. Few words about Poland for those who don't know this country. Very religious, intolerant, conservative. I know it's not nice to hate own country but I do. I hate it since I met a wonderful couple and together with fiance we spoke to them about their future plans here. Black male (I'm sorry if that word is offensive for someone) who spoke polish more fluently than half of population here and his lovely wife. She was from Poland. He had grandfather who was polish too. As we spoke for almost two hours about theirs "adventures" here I felt embarrassed how people can be rude, intolerant and racist in my country. I apologized for everything bad happened to them in Poland. That's how I started to hate my own country. How can You expect to wear heels as a Male here if we are still 100 years behind civilization ? I hope people will change in few years when more tolerant youngsters will grow up and old people (those are worst) will die. I'm not young anymore and not to old either. I'm 29 actually. People at my age are still old fashioned and not many of them are tolerant as much as I am. So back to myself I love heels and everything what's comes with them. I do like stockings and tights, matching skirt is good too. I usually pair my heels with pair of trousers either jeans or leggings. I'm just a man who likes wearing heels. I started to work as a security guard so no heels at work tho ;). In free time I like to take my heels to quiet places in public to enjoy walking in them. I like to push boundaries and have to set a challenges everytime I'm in heels. Either it's a new place to wear them or for longer period of time. Unfortunately I'm not wearing heels to public crowded places...YET :). Later I will post some of my adventures and stories I want to share with You. Also I will post some pictures of myself or heels as well. Have a nice day and feel free to check here for updates sometimes. Cheers, WenHH. Ps. One of pic I took when I was enjoying heels couple days ago
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    Welcome back. I found your old posts and merged them into your new account..
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    Looks good. Wish I had the confidence to do that!
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    Same place different boots, got these about 3 years ago from Dorothy Perkins, down to £15 in an end of season sale, uk size 5, 4” slim block heels, very comfy to wear theres a man sat opposite me who hasn’t took his eyes off them yet, wonder if he wants a pair, let’s see if i get a comment out of him
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    It's been an honor to make the acquaintance of Steve63130 and his lovely wife. It was a double honor to to see them at my wedding. My new wife wore a fabulous pair of red high heels sandals and looked absolutely stunning. Steve63130's wife sported a wonderful looking hat! I got more lucky Monday and found the Mossimo D'Orsay pumps at the Goodwill for just under $7 with tax included! All in all it was a great time and good to see two old, er, long time friends!
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    A revolving hole punch is often two big. Use a watch strap punch for a smaller hole.
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    It's been a while since I posted anything, but here goes. I have been going out but nothing really postworthy. Today I figured It was worth it! I was reading a recent post/outing from @JeffB and he inspired me to do an outing in pumps. I have worn them before on other outings. But thinking back on my outings, I don't thing I have worn pumps this openly and in plain view before. They were always covered. The pumps I chose were a pair I purchased quite a while a go. But they have been sitting with many of my other shoes unused! The are Nine West. The are greyish black and shiny suede like material. The have a 4" heel despite looking smaller than that. I put together my outfit and I was out the door. Laptop in tow, I headed to my usual internet coffee spot. Despite wearing the pumps I felt very at ease. No nerves whatsoever! Plus it helps that most of the staff is quite use to seeing me there regularly. And they are use to seeing me in such attire as I choose to wear. They treat me like any other paying customer. Usually when I go there I order a hot chocolate and proceed to surf the internet. I rarely have an issue, and tonight was no exception. The place is usually busy and is quite the meeting place. So there is no chance of not being seen or noticed! It is a cheap outing and all it ever costs me is a few dollars for the hot chocolate. One of my favorite staff members was working tonight. I mention this because of a noteworthy interaction I had with her on another recent outing. She is a younger female in her early 20's I would assume. She is not ugly and if I was a little younger......but I digress. I went to order my usual hot chocolate on this occasion and as she was ringing me up she said you know what, it's on me! I said are you sure? She said yes! I said thank you! And then she said something that really made my day, perhaps even my year! She said no, thank you for existing! That is probably the single best comment I have ever received! It really validated what I do. It made me want to do it even more! It really makes me want to push the envelope even further! I have been flying high ever since! But back to todays outing. After 2 hours or so and some oncoming rain, I headed home. I got home feeling great, I felt like this may have been one of my best outfits to date. I was more comfortable in it then I have ever been! And I felt like I truly nailed it! And now for the outfit and pics. The outfit 1) nine west greyish black 4" pumps 2) dark blue American Eagle jeggings 3) black and white horizontal striped shirt 4) black cropped motorcycle style jacket 5) black with gold accents Aldo Purse
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    These are my girliest heels
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    my legs in 7.5inch shoes
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    Nice looking steel shoes from new-ish chastity belt maker Fancy Steel I appreciate the thoughtful liners on the toe band and heel strap. https://fancysteel.com.au/collections/chastity-extras/products/locking-high-heel-shoes I would have liked to add them to the old thread, but it was locked for some reason:
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    I would love to find out who made these
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    Hi all, Finally got some proper pics taken of my handmade Italian super high boots. Wow do they feel amazing. Sliding your leg down a boot shaft of 36+ inches to finally reveal your foot from the small zipper, tucking your foot inside the sole then once zipped standing for the first time in such beautiful footwear, then the task of pulling that massive length all the way up so they hug your crotch...wow indeed! At first standing and walking was a little tough as I normally have a 4 inch difference, even in my other 7 inch heels as they have a 3 inch platform where as these have a 4.5 inch difference. Once you get used to them they feel like part of your leg and the very sturdy pencil heel is great. Welcome any comments, happy heeling!
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    Daniel, I have to be carefull. I work Construction and Safety is a concern. Whil in the office I wear heels. When walking the site I have to wear safety shoes and clothing. I'm in management so I can get away with heeling during the day; but only in the office.
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    Right, I think there is still a strong association with heels and dressing up, which is why people continue buying them and wearing them at weddings and Christmas dinner parties. The problem is that people have stopped dressing up for regular occasions like work and church so they stay hidden in the closet.

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