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    Never say never. If the girls can do it, so can we.
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    I popped into a branch of McDonald's the other day wearing some black over the knee boots with 4" heels and gold buckles worn over grey sprayed on denim jeggins, after ordering food i sat down to tuck into my quarter pounder with cheese and large fries. As i was eating i noticed a woman about a similar age to me (mid 50's) sat the other side of the aisle, she couldn't take her eyes off me and whenever i looked back at her she kept giving me a big friendly smile. After about 20 minutes she walked to the dustbin behind me then still with a drink in her hand turned to me and said "i hope you don't think I'm cheeky but would you mind if I joined you" I told she was welcome and to take a seat, she complimented me on my boots and apologised for constantly staring at me, she also asked me about how I felt about wearing such boots on full show in public, i told her that i had been wearing heels and boots for so long now that i never really think twice about it. At this stage I was wondering who she actually was and why the interest in me. She apologised again and explained that she has a husband who also enjoys wearing heels, she said he only ever wears them at home and has never considered venturing out in them, they both considered it totally inconceivable that a man could even think about going out in heels whilst keeping their male identity, and here she was looking at me as bold as brass in otk boots without a care in the world. We chatted for about an hour and she was looking for advice on how she could get her husband to be a bit more adventurous with his heeling, i said maybe they could go out together both wearing heels to possibly take some of the attention off of him to which she thought that might be a good idea, eventually we had to say goodbye and regrettably i never thought to exchange numbers to keep in touch. I may never know how he progressed in heels but i will definitely keep popping into that particular branch of McDonald's in the hope of meeting her or even them together again
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    I just received my last purshase, boots from gianrico mori boots, in white. 16 cm off heels, size eu 44. they are the same i have in black; i am so happy
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    Hotbed some skinny jeans at a Levi outlet, thigh boots seem to go well with them
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    Ebay purchase Lk Bennett boots in tan leather. Vintage but still really good condition
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    Typical it's my day off and I've woken up earlier than normal. So I thought I may as well post about my first ever public outing from earlier this week. Wasn't sure if I should post this here or for everyone but thought here wouldn't break any forum rules. I had ordered two new pairs of ankle boots one with an 80mm stiletto heel the other with a lower 55mm cone heel. In hindsight probably the lower pair would have been the best choice but since I'd ordered them first the stilettos arrived first.I also figured maybe I should just go for it and not try to avoid the stilettos otherwise why had I bought them? I had got them to wear and so decided I would. I got off the train from work in the evening having decided today was the day, feeling confident and ready to go for it. It was early evening around six thirty pm and all the other commuters were like me heading up the well lit main road from the station to the parking in the town centre. I changed into the boots and took my first steps, initially waiting until the last crowd of commuters had gone. I figured if I found I hadn't mastered the heels around the house I didn't want to be unable to walk with confidence in public. As it was I was ok on them but immediately noticed how much smaller steps I had to take. I didn't feel too noticeable in the way I was walking but the noise sounded like gunshots, well at least to me. I walked to my car which took about twenty minutes calling at the cash machine on the way. Passed several people on the high street who took no notice, hardly surprising as I was dressed in my work clothes, so unless they noticed the heel noise they were hardly likely to think twice. By this time I'd also come to realise that the best approach was to be confident and treat this like any other evenings walk to the car. I passed the front of the Indian Restaurant in town where several people were looking at the menu outside, again no reaction. Driving home I was happy I'd taken my "first steps" and started to plan where my growing confidence was going to take me next, more on that later.
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    The other day my wife was checking out one of the sites that I order some of my shoes from. She then asks how come I did not order any for her. So I said to her that I was not sure what she would like but if she wanted to save some on my wishlist to go ahead. Yesterday she asks me if I ordered any of her shoes. When I checked out her list it contained well over 15 pairs! After some time she narrowed it down to one pair for now and a summer dress that she can wear on vacation. With this I saw the "green light" to order myself another pair. Hers are the teal colored ones and mine are the mary janes. Its great fun shoe shopping with my wife and a little extra cost is well worth it!
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    If it was me, the next time you go to meet her just wear a pair of heels, I'd only been seeing my girlfriend a couple of weeks and i just picked her up for a meal out wearing some black stiletto knee high boots, she did ask why I was wearing women's boots to which I replied I'm not, these are mine, i asked her if she liked them, and she said i didn't think i would but actually they look really nice, we've now been married 29 years and i still wear higher heels than her, if she loves you it won't matter what you wear
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    I know these aren't high heels, but I've wanted a narrow calf knee high riding boot for a long time now, just to wear either over tight pants, or under flares, and I found my BOOTS!!!
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    Me and my wife decided to have Valentine a day early on the 13th. Lucky number, I know but we both had to work late on the 14th We exchanged gifts. I gave her flowers and nice necklace with a matching bracelet. She told me my gift was laying on the bed in the guest room. There was a really nice new button down dress shirt, and a new pair of jeans. She had a put out a black waist cincher with 6 garter straps, matching panties, a pair of lace top stockings and my thigh high boots. She told me that was my outfit for the night. I could wear my jeans over my boots. Don't mind telling you that eased my mind a little. But I was excited cause she said there would be a twist later that night. She had the places for the date picked out. We would drive about an hour to the big city and have dinner and a movie there. We got ready to go and I don't mind saying it was very exciting getting dressed in what she had put out for me. When she came out, she was in a black dress that was to die for and was wearing 5" heels that I haven't seen her wear that high of a heel since we were dating some 30 years ago. And she could still strut her stuff in those heels. I complemented her on how great she looked. She then told me that she was wearing waist cincher, panties and stockings that matched what I was wearing. I said I couldn't believe that one and I wanted to see. She said not now but maybe later when we got home. I asked her if that was the twist she was talking about. She said that was half of it. We drove to dinner and made it to the movie. No one seemed to notice me in my heels cause I think their eyes were on my wife. She did look very hot. Once we got to our seats the show was starting to fill up. That's when she shocked me again. She told me to go to the restroom and when I came out I was to have my boots on the outside of my jeans. She also said she would like a coke from the concession stand. She said that was the other half of the twist she was talking about. And don't go to the concession stand till after you change your boots. I have got to where I don't care what people think when they see me heeling but I was caught by surprise and a little apprehensive. I started to argue but she said remember that I had wanted this heeling lifestyle and also if I wanted to see her under garments then go far it. So I went and changed my boots and headed to the concession stand. I was getting a few looks cause my thigh high boots are pretty obvious. One Lady in line behind me said I"I like your Boots" and asked "where did you get them". She asked if I was married ans I told her I was and she is waiting on me in the theater. Her reply was "So she approves of these". I said yes and she just smiled at me. Now walking back to our screen I passed a group of teenagers and I did get some finger pointing and giggles. And I'm pretty sure they took my picture. That kinda give me a little bit of a red face. But my wife seemed very happy when I showed back up dressed as she told me to. She said I'm very glad you had the nerve to do that and my reward would come later that night when we got home. I will just leave that to your imagination cause real gentlemen don't tell. It was a great Valentine. The best one I have ever had!
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    Guess what arrived today, less than three weeks from ordering. My new shoes from Italian Heels, and they are as terrific as I had hoped they would be. They are very high, but I shall persevere with them.
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    Loving that outfit Cat! I had a happy occurrence myself in a McD's a couple of months back. It was about 2am on a Friday night in Manchester. I was feeling brave that night, so I'd been out for a wander in my new Jeffrey Campbell black suede Lita ankle boots, which have a pretty high heel and platform, with skinny black boot cut jeans and a grey knitted sweater. I was a bit peckish so went into the restaurant and queued up to order. Almost immediately a group of 3 pound girls, maybe 18 or so, joined the queue behind me, and I could hear the muffled comments when they spotted the boots. I turned to see one of them angling for a picture with their phone, so I asked if they wanted me to pose for a better shot! This started us chatting, with all the usual questions about why I was wearing heels and was I gay. I replied happily, and explained that just because I wore heels didn't mean anything about my sexuality, and that, at the end of the day, people should wear what they like, its only clothes after all. At this, one of the girls gave me a big hug and said "Aww, I wish you were my Dad"! In 5 seconds I went from possible fashion icon to feeling very very old, and I'm only 45! Ah well, at least I made them smile...
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    Well my newest pair of boots came in the post today. I had found another pair of thicker, block heel boots that my wife really liked for me. They are Crown Vintage brand, style is called Pilot. I managed to snag them off of DSW website. They were on sale for $49.94, then DSW had an additional 25% off that. In conjunction with a code I had, it made my total just over $30. I'd say not too bad of a deal! Trying them on, I must say I like the fact they are a snug fit on my calf.
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    Just bought those beauties at ebay for €44. Giaro
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    I have the same pair also in size EU43 and I love the way they look Just keep practicing walking in them as it will get easier. I know the heel is really high but once you get the hang of walking in them you will love them that much more!!! Here are a few pics of me wearing mine
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    Was out at my fave store 'WITTNER outlet' and found a pair of high block heel ankle boots with a peep toe in a bone leather comfy, easy to walk in price $20 AUD
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    Got these sexy Lk Bennett boots , £300 off!
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    Just back from the Home Depot, early morning, so several employees were well aware of my heels as only a few customers present. The two female clerks were very out going. I can only guess it was the shoes, as normally its, hello and light pleasantries. Today both greeted me when I was still 50 feet way as I approached. State Trooper in the bathroom fixture aisle where I was was involved with a salesrep, not sure they noticed but I didn't act or do anything to draw attention. My pants did walk up the heel as in the picture.
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    Thank you tomham. Gave the grey oxies a test run at work today.
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    These heels are my Avatar also. They are not my "go to heels" for everyday because of the color and style. A little tricky to wear for long periods of time. But because they are an ankle strap with closed toe and the vibrant fushia color makes them my favorite pair.
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    Just about to go down town for lunch. My old WITTNER 'kicking' boots (style name, not usage !)
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    Been wearing my new boots with a 55mm cone heel each day on the way back from the train to the car. On Saturday I had to go for a haircut in my local town, this seemed a good chance to wear my boots. After the haircut I went to the local market and did some shopping. In the market square the paving is large natural stone slabs so the heel noise seemed pretty noticable. To be honest I can't say if anyone noticed. I just went about my day to day business calling in to my favourite coffee shop for coffee and a bit of relaxing time out. On the drive home I called into a Tesco Express which is anational chain of convinience store here in the UK to pick up a few thing. Basically an average Saturday morning but in heels.
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    Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.
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    I found a pair of new brown faux suede OTK boots with a flat heel and no zipper at an attractive price. The top has a fold down cuff and the shaft is tight enough to be work with leggings or hose (not jeans). Unfortunately they are a size 11 and I wear a 12-13. I took a chance that they would be large but alas they were true to size. I thought about altering the boots to accommodate my feet but tried a different approach. I have another pair of boots that look like they are too little for me but they fit because there is an internal wedge so I thought why not. I cut a wedge from 1 1/2" foam insulation, which is fairly strong stuff, and put it in the heel. I took a couple of tries to get the arch support right but, to my surprise, this worked fairly well. I will still have to make some adjustments to make the wedge fills the whole heel space and does not move around when I'm putting on the boots, but I'm now wearing a size 11 pull on boots. _______________________________________ @Peter1 - Nice boots. They look like an all terrain boot, but I think I'd try to keep them clean. _______________________________________ Two more pictures: The wedge is really comfortable. To hold on the additional piece at the heel and to make a smooth surface I used the Handyman's Secret Weapon (Red Green Show), Duct Tape. ____________________________________________________ Addendum: After wearing the boots for several hours with the wedges, the seem to have stretched enough for me to wear them without the wedge. The technique seems to be a good way to break in a tight fitting pair of boots.
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    Enjoying a slightly cooler day here in Sydney. At my desk, working away, still loving my new purchase. Have a great day James
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    The first I bought were a pair of black pumps with a 5.75 inch heel. I still have them and do wear them from time to time I will say, I have put many kilometers on them and loved every step
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    Smokin HOT I must say!!! I have 2 pairs very similar to those with the special arch and 6.5 inch heels, one all black and the second pair are black with a red heel!!!
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    Jaunt #355, 2/4/2017: Despite abundant sunshine yesterday, temps struggled to break the low 30's, so, I decided to go on my outing at a mall where I could be inside where it's warm. The mall in question was King of Prussia, the second time in three months I've been there on a jaunt, garbed in a black leather jacket over a dark gray mockneck, a denim button down skirt, black tights, the Walking Cradles "Elites" riding boots and a black satchel bag. The mall wasn't quite so crowded like it had been back in December what with scores of people doing their Christmas shopping, but, given how KOP is said to be the second largest mall in the country, the place was still plenty packed for a Saturday, and yet, when I entered the mall from the indoor parking lot, no one paid me any attention as I slowly strolled the place, after my first stop at the comic book shop, I went to the food court for lunch, and even though it was packed, no heads turned, no one giggled or gave me odd looks as I bought a couple slices of pepperoni pizza (something I haven't had for awhile) and a bottle of water and sat down to eat. Following lunch, I went about strolling through the mall, window shopping here and there, wandering in a store here and there, pausing to enjoy an Auntie Anne's pretzel with a cup of lemonade while checking my email for some thirty minutes or so. Walking into the Apple Store to check out the new MacBook laptops, one of the salespeople, a youngish, beefy black man told me he liked my boots, I smiled back and thanked him. I wound up leisurely wandering the mall for well over four hours, buying a few things along the way, but not much stuff, but the real treat was being able to blend in with my surroundings and be treated just like everyone else in the mall, heck, I could've easily stayed longer and had dinner there, but I wanted to get back home before dark, still, it had been a most enjoyable experience, demonstrating how a man can openly wear a skirt and other female accouterments, including a big handbag in public and not be seen as an oddity or a sideshow, but then, I had proved that claim a long time ago, only I had done so in a huge mall full of people, that was what made the outing all the more fun. More to come....
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    These are my newest addition to my heel collection. This is the first time I tried them on. Me and my wife want to plan a night out in them. what does everyone think of these. They are red and will stand out.
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    A pair of Clarks Carlitta Quinn Chelsea boots with 80mm heels. Bought via the Brantano website here in the UK for £30 in an a size 8 for £30 and arrived in two days. I'm pleased with both the boots and Brantano's speedy service
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    To high heel lovers These are the boots I ordered when I visited Spain In Sept. 2016. They are made by Pablo of extreme high heels = Estesmode. Love these boots. spikesmike
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    @Steve63130 offers good advice. Don't go to some dark secluded place that you probably wouldn't go to anyway. Go to places where there are lots of people (like the old union slogan: There is strength in numbers). But before you go anywhere, practice wearing your heels at home. Practice until you can walk comfortably without thinking about what you are doing. Go up and down stairs, sit and stand, walk and turn. The next step is to look at yourself in a full length mirror. Make sure you like what you see and more important, that you are comfortable being seen like the image in the mirror. That is a two step process; making sure you like the look you are presenting, and being comfortable enough with that look to present it to the public. If you fail either of these tests, start over again with a different look. You have to be able to present yourself in public with confidence! If you go out with a "Yep, these are my shoes and I think they look good" attitude folks will recognize that and accept your presentation, and you may even get a compliment. However, if you go out with an "I hope you don't look at my shoes" attitude folks will recognize that too and some folks are inclined to take advantage of it. I wear thigh and OTK boots all the time. I kind of feel undressed without them. Folks do notice and I often got compliments. Don't go out with the notion that "I can hide my heels or no one will see them." People will see your heels. Your attitude will determine how they react. Admittedly most folks are so bound up with what they are doing that they don't notice the rest of the world going by. I know for fact that some folks didn't notice that I was wearing thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels, but those that did also noticed my attitude and either smiled with an occasional "like your boots" or did nothing. Wearing heels at the cinema is Ok but wear them in and out of the theater rather than changing once your inside. Enjoy your heels.
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    100 and 120. Here is a pic of the 120s.
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    Shopping and Starbucks is always good. Here is what I have worn to the store and it's by far not what I wear on Friday or Saturday date night O
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    I have a thought on taking care when we speak. I try to be articulate and clear on my meanings but... In my last post I mention that I stopped at Home Depot for some paint stripper. I used the stripper today on a book shelf and the following phrases kept going through my mind: This is the best ten dollar stripper I ever saw. The stripper sure did take it off fast. Getting the stripper into a corner was tough. Working the stripper into the ogee was fun (without letting the slightest hint of an "r" get into ogee). I just spent three hours stripping. It was difficult stripping in a tight space. I have never liked the term "stripper boots" but these phrases become particularly "interesting" when you yourself are wearing tight fitting thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels.
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    They showed up today! Simply love these....Talk about "taking a walk on the wild side."
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    there hot heels & a good height to
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    I'm sure I just haven't found the correct pages that have already dealt with this topic, but I have decided to tell my girlfriend about my high heel collection today or tomorrow. I feel bad keeping it from her, especially since I seem to care so much about it. She sent me a picture yesterday of a new pair of stiletto boots she had just purchased, and it kind of hit a nerve in me. She's only a few inches shorter than me, and I'm sure it's been nice for her to only wear low heels for the past couple months, but it seems she wants to wear the high ones as well, which I totally understand of course. Any help, because I don't want to lose her, but my heel collection doesn't seem to be going anywhere...
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    That's a pretty cool meeting. Never thought that's where your story would go!! I too have ended up at McD late late at night !!! Here is one of my outfits
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    While perhaps not my absolute first pair of heels, but very close, and still wearing these bad boys today. With a full 6" heel and special arch shank still make these one of my favourite pairs. Purchased mail order in 1980 no less, these are a bit of a 'Triggers broom' (for the Brits') with numerous heel tips and outer soles over the years, still going strong but now treated with due care in respect of their (and my) advanced years.
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    I once went to our local 10 pin bowling centre and without really thinking about it i wore 4" stilletto knee high boots, naturally i had to take them off to swap them for the shoes provided, this didn't really cause any concern until i went to return the shoes, the young girl assistant took the shoes from me and went to replace them where they belonged only to find a pair of stiletto boots, she turned to me and said "I'm really sorry but I think your shoes have been put in the wrong place, what am I looking for?", I replied "no problem, it is actually those boots you are looking at, she apologised again and looked at me in disbelief, i reassured her that they really were mine as she passed them to me, i wish I had a camera to have captured the look on her face as i sat down to put them back on, unfortunately those particular boots didn't have a zip and i was having quite a struggle to get them on which drew a fair bit of attention, some chap did ask if i needed any help and a woman offered the inevitable advice of if you have to remove them make sure you wear something easy to get back on again, i finally got there and we all had a good laugh about it, i really do enjoy the attention though. Has anyone else experienced anything similar, would love to hear about it
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    Home Depot,,,, me too. Service is always better then when I'm in my daily work boots
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    Hi all, New to this, I am a straight male, however, I absolutely love the feeling of wearing high heels. I would wear them all day and night if i could. Never been brave enough to wear them out though! I would love to meet a woman who shares my passion and would go out shopping in high heels with me! I go on dates, I always compliment the womans heels, obviously because i love them, however, when they say their feet hurt, I always half jokingly say, i'll swap, half thinking please swap i'd love to wear them. The response is always an awkward laugh or "if i wanted a man in heels, i'd date a girl". Anyone else have this problem??
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    Well my polka dot heels that I ordered are not going to be available so with some time I finally got a refund. Took a weak moment when I saw these though and decided to try again.
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    Well buddy, I agree with you on both counts. Your love of heels is not going away, in spite of your best efforts to squash it. And, the truth is the only answer, and the sooner it is revealed in a relationship, the better. The variables here are just how you reveal things to her. I guess I would probably not just "drop it on her", by saying something like I like to wear heels and have a collection of them already. You care about this girl, and need to give her a chance to digest your revelation slowly. From what you have revealed, I'm thinking she is feeling a bit insecure about the relationship, and that is understandable. Put yourself in her shoes, you might feel a bit insecure as well. I guess I would start by openly admiring her new boots, and showing interest in them, to see how she reacts. I'm guessing her feet are much smaller than yours, so you can't ask to try them on. Tell her how much you love the way she looks in boots, perhaps ask her to wear them to bed, if that is something you would enjoy. Take her shoe/heel shopping, showing interest in her choices, again letting her know how much you love the way she looks in heels/boots. In other words, make sure she knows she is a big part of the equation, not just the heels/boots. I guess the next step might be letting her know you would like to try out some heels/boots and see how she reacts. In other words, your girl friend is going to need some time to digest all of this. Please don't get mad at her, even though your upset about the heel/sexual orientation is warranted. Again, put yourself in her shoes, so you can understand why she might be feeling insecure. Unfortunately, I know there is the possibility that she will not be accepting in spite of your best efforts to ensure her that she is the true object of your affection. And, if this is the case, then the relationship just isn't going to work out. Good luck buddy, please let us know how things progress... Don
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    The only info I can share is how I told my girlfriend and my wife of almost 20 years . I waited until I was serious about getting married . When there was 110% certainty I was ready to spend the rest of my life with her , I told her before we proceeded any further in our relationship I needed to share something with her , after I did , she just wanted to see all my high heels and see me walk in them . We spent the better part of the evening going through my heels and me doing a shoe show for her . The only thing she said , I need more heels ! We went shopping and I bought her many pair and a ring . She has lots of shoes and a purse collection Vera Bradly would be proud of . The best advice I could give you : Be honest and don't be afraid . People may just surprise you . Good luck and let us know how it goes .
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    I said in the "Wished you owned" thread that these get my juices flowing. They have proved too much to resist so I ordered and paid for them this morning. Just hoping they don't take too long to arrive now.
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    I have to be honest, shoes with high heels have always been my faves. Italian Heels have some real beauties, and currently have loads that I would love to own. Shoes like these get my juices flowing. They must be awesome to wear.