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  1. Contrast/color, etc. doesn't matter when you wear boots with shorts.
  2. I agree with @Pierre1961, it's style over fit for too many women. I certainly buy heels that fit first. I must like the look first to try them on, but if they don't fit I don't buy them. If they from an online source, I return them. Their mother's didn't teach them how to wear heels mainly because they themselves do understand fit.
  3. Like the silhouette but I couldn't take the bow, sorry
  4. Since I have an extremely high arches and a huge toe box, the height of the heel is not the determining factor. It's how my toes fit in. I have a few pairs I would call shortrange, my 4 inch Victoria's Secret stilettos are shortrange. Most of my heels need to be longrange. Pre-pandemic, I would zip on my heels at 7 am and wear them until 8 or later pm.
  5. I'm a size 41 so those are in my wheel house and might fit me 😍. I like a full zipper though. I have several with that heel style and they are really easy to walk in all day (14-16 hours), love them. I also have some with stiletto heels, still easy to walk in.
  6. I have had several "Cat's Eye" metallic polishes/gels over the years, but mostly with a brown or dark green base. Black nail polish (gel) is a great base for designs, but you need a white layer under the design to make it really pop. I also like black with a glitter ombre. I haven't had a manicure since the pandemic started, especially since my nail artist moved out of town. Miss it. There are several stores that the workers know me by name. There are very few people who wear heels to grocery shop. Rest assured you are part of the training sessions.
  7. As a NASA scientist (MARS landers) in the 70's, I know just how little computing power they had to calculate things. It's amazing that every thing worked as well as it did.
  8. Sorry, but I've worn Uggs since the 80's. The original Uggs were great after a day with your feet in cold water. Or while gambling after a day of skiing.
  9. I just can't find the tips that fit my boots. I have 3 pairs to fix but after many hours of looking at profiles I can find them.
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