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  1. Of course, all the time. I drink coffee at work and work for hours. The click sound is louder on tile surfaces that most public restrooms have. Almost every heel I have make sound, my chunky heels, stilettos, block heels, and even my wedges. Just be careful about the spray back from the urinal, and be careful about any liquids on the floor because they can make you slip.
  2. Cali


    Walking is somewhat a function of the type of heel. I wear such a wide variety of heels. Some of my wedges I can almost run in, some like my Jessica Simpson stiletto I have to careful where I put my foot down. Don't want to get the heel caught in an expansion joint or the gap getting on and off an elevator. I have to be careful with my platforms and chunky heels I tend to walk slowly. A young woman was kidding me the other day that she could walk much faster than me. Going down stairs is the place I would like to use a video to improve my graceful descend (avoid falling). Going down flights of stairs in stilettos is nightmarish, and I have to do this when the elevator is not working.
  3. I like a variety of heel styles. Today work heels are Freebird Canti's purchase in 2017. I have two pairs, these brown ones and another one in black. I love these chunky style heels, and this sandal has an adjustable toe strap which is great because I have a large toe box. I had to add an extra hole though.
  4. I wear heels about 10-12 hours a day. At work I spend most of my time standing and walking for 5+ hours each day. I sit and "observe" less than a hour. 3.75 to 4.5 inch difference is comfortable, higher not so much.
  5. Cali


    Please don't laugh me off this site. This question came from a non-HHP member, a friend from a former site that some of you know. Does anyone know anything about Ballerine flats by Softstar? Thanks! Again, please don't laugh me off this site
  6. Uneven loading on the heel and torque from changing from gas pedal to brake pedal. I can feel and see this on some of my heels from driving. And 99%+ of the time I'm driving in heels. (Experimental based science.) What is unknown is the condition of the shank in the left heels. Do they show stress or not.
  7. Steve Madden Lure purchased in 2019. I don't wear them often. 1/2 inch platform, 5.5 inch heel.
  8. @mlroseplant it looks like you are on vacation in the Caribbean with those shorts. I like my wedges, they are some of the easiest heels to walk/ work in. But some days are stiletto days, especially with short shorts.
  9. Cali

    Cali World

    Since my comfortable ratty old wedges (that by all rights should be in the landfill) have been a subject in another thread, I thought I would really show off just how ratty they are. If i had kept track of the "mileage" on these it would be close (if not over) 200 miles. Glued the inside many times. But I can't get rid of them, they just toooooooo comfortable. I have another pair still in the box. Maybe I use these once in awhile.
  10. Today work uniform. I can't remember the last time I wore these wedges, 2-3 years ago?
  11. You need to get to know a few WNBA players and get their cast-offs.
  12. Lets answer these criticisms. The quality is low do to reducing to fit the size limitation here and the lighting. I have an old (tear-me-down) so limited lighting when I leave in the morning and I have only one place set up for pictures now. About the ratty old wedges - one word COMFORT. These wedges are like wearing sneakers to me now. Late for work, slip them on and off I go. Don't have to be concerned where I put my foot down when I walk in them. I have a new pair of these heels in a box. Maybe one day soon I will take them out, but until then...... These flair jeans have 33 inch inseam, so I guess I need to get a tall version of the jeans to make TikTok, but I don't look at TikTok anyway.
  13. Flair is the jean style for 2022, so as a fashion icon I had to get a pair. I still have a paisley shirt but no longer have the mid-back pony tail or the pork chop side burns.
  14. In "rocket science" we design the payload, engineers just arrange the transportation. In one of my past life's I have been on extraterrestrial payload teams. (You know I like messing with engineers.🙃)
  15. As a scientist, I like to mess with engineers. Sorry?
  16. Being the fashion diva I am (JK) I decided to get a pair of the new flair jeans that's the new style and see how they look. New jeans for under $20, couldn't resist.
  17. From my experience they are. And I get a lot of "I can't wear heels that tall."
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