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  1. Sorry @Pierre1961 but you wont even last half a block on many SF streets.
  2. That's the problem i have. My 4 to 5 year odd gladiator-style wedge sandals (8 pairs) are constructed with faux leather and the faux leather is separating.
  3. I have come close to falling down stairs. I learn a long time ago to hold the hand rail. I have caught a heel several times and would have rolled down the stairs, but because I was holding the hand rail I was able to save myself.
  4. I've had to walk sideways down a step driveway once. My friend gave me grief about it too. She kept teasing about having to hold her arm as well.
  5. Just be glad you don't have to walk to school in it, up hill both ways.
  6. What works for somebody doesn't work for others. @RonC you don't need a ruler, a small measuring tape works well too. I know how long some of my fingers are, so I can get a good idea how high the heels are. The associate at the boutique wants to see how close my estimate comes. (Length measurement is rooted in body parts, a fact that got a ticket dismissed.)
  7. LOL. One sales associate at a shoe boutique has a ruler just for me. If I interested in a heel out comes the ruler, she knows I want a 4 inch difference.
  8. Nice Looking wedges @maninpumps. I need to replace about 5-6 wedges that are 6 years old and worn out.
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