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    Fetish stiletto high heeled pumps and boots leder dress. I adore walk with 5,6,7,8 inch heeled pumps and boots.

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  1. zahi : I see you have a friendship avatar of "iloveboots" . Have you heard anything of him lately ? spikesmike

  2. Sorry for ''zahovec'' in YouTube The real name is ''orliata1''
  3. Hi,everyone.Personal For me, not problem to walk with normal high heels.Normal high heels for me are 13cm,14cm,15,16cm,17cm,18cm.no platform.
  4. Much comfortable for driving motobyke and walk!
  5. Here one PERFECT site for lot of boots & high heels. ''bootfetish.info/index.php''
  6. I like too oxford model of shoes. I have some pairs with 6''heels. Look my gallery.
  7. This platform pumps stay only to walk in home.I have 1 pairs in red of them. This model with 12''heels is not comfortable for walk outdor. I like too extrem heels,but not with platform Real high.
  8. Crazy model! This, antimodel of shoes stay only for pain games!
  9. I adore walk with High heels. In park , mountin,forest anywere can i do this!
  10. I adore walk in snow with high heeled boots and pumps.
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