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  1. The court shoes gets my vote.
  2. Great pairs of boots. Mind the brown pair look better suited to being outdoors in slush and ice. Your black pair look a wee bit too delicate to be out and about in snow. Still a mighty fine pair nonetheless, I bet they feel great to wear they certainly look fab.
  3. Cheers Ron I am enjoying being here. Yes she wears heels although not as often as I do nor has she got anywhere near the number of heels I have. Like I say to her though “but darling you can never have enough pairs of heels.” To which I normally get the LOOK, which roughly translates to “don’t push it sunshine!”
  4. Your pins are sensational especially the heels. I may to have to invest in a pair of white heels. Can’t believe I don’t already have a pair. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Thanks I am definitely amongst like minded soles think I have finally found my heels home!
  6. Thanks, I’m enjoying being among like minded folk only regret is why didn’t I find you guys here years ago!? I best make up for lost time. Thanks for the welcome. Oh yes I know, she’s a diamond, but it took a long, long time, gentle persuasion and coaxing to win her round. I still take care not to rub it in her face after all not many husbands have more heels than their wives. Oh yes I realise I am truly lucky in that respect.
  7. I would love nothing more that to go out in my heels, wedges, flats, boots or whatever footwear I have chosen to wear today. Unfortunately I will not let my family be ridiculed because that is what happens where I live. "The times, they are a changing," slowly but surely. Hope to see the day when prejudices remain a footnote in history and we can leave them firmly behind us. Also a massive "big-up" to those of you who can and do venture out in whatever you wish to wear. Indeed many thanks you are most definitely trailblazers paving the way for the rest of us to follow in your heeled footsteps.
  8. You have some wonderful boots that look fab on you.

  9. Your boots look fab they really do.
  10. Fabulous boots they look great. The bad news is boot season is nearly over but the good news is boot sales are in full swing. It's a win win for me. Love the photo.
  11. I know what you mean although as I get older I tend to lean towards more stable heels as opposed to thin stilettos and leaning quite literally. Not that I don’t like spikey heels, they make a good percentage of my collection. Nice patents by the way.
  12. I go from kitten right upto abut 4” but anything higher then I’m like Bambi on ice. I don’t really look at the heel height initially more the shoe style that catches my eye.
  13. Thanks Barr. Yes it’s a weight lifted when you tell your nearest and dearest and they don’t flip out. Mind you we are lucky, not everyone has such understanding partners.
  14. Hello all, a dear friend of mine (current member) recommended and asked me to take a look at this website. So here I am a guy who enjoys shopping for and wearing female shoes and boots. I shop online and in store. I am discreet when in the shops and am very conscious of the stigma I could attract when shopping alone. This has been part of me throughout my adult life and I consider it a harmless, fun hobby. I am happily married, my wife is fully aware, as long as I don’t go public or draw attention to myself in anyway, then she is cool with me and my shoes. Indeed she proffers advice and opinions and has been known to join me shoe shopping. Why heels when I’m a man? The simple answer being I love women’s shoes in all their forms, shapes and designs. I have most definitely inherited the shoe gene! It is an escape for me from a sometimes macho world, once I am wearing shoes I feel totally relaxed and content. Male shoes are just so boring IMHO. Well thanks for having me, I look forward to exploring and contributing to this site.
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