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  1. I think I get a lot from the feeling of just having heels on and sitting there rocking on the heel knowing what that feels like when I drool over so many women doing it.
  2. @RonC, that is my biggest fear is someone smart ass posting a hate photo on social media and people finding out. I am in a very public career and this is my fear. I go far away from home but sadly I always seem to run into someone that knows me. Out of town trips may be the solution.... hope to try more
  3. thanks @HappyinHeels, i really appreciate that! I hope to post more pix soon
  4. love the heel!! U like the masculine thing, i hope i have the courage to wear them out
  5. Found these the other day, LOVE them, cant wait to wear them somewhere What do you think
  6. @mlroseplant I appreciate that, I do need to shave my feet, I am going to do that today. I think they run pretty true to size. I wear an 11 in heels and have found them to fit really great. I have found cheaper off brand shoes that are too bid but these are amazing and feel great. Sadly my high heel wearing wife does not understand my want to feel what she feels in heels. She has not idea that I have any heels. Some day I hope to feel the joy of wearing a pair of "so Kates" if I can find them for a reasonable price.
  7. I wish i could, she basically told me she would leave me if she ever saw me in heels. Not a real good conversation sadly. I was hoping for something like that for sure but i will have to dind someone else that likes to play
  8. I have been wanting these for so long as they are what my wife wears so often, SEXY
  9. Here are some slightly worn heels for sale, they are all size 11 except the suede pumps they are a 12. Please make me an offer on a pair or all of them if you are interested.
  10. Sky High Mix 6 heels size 10 Great condition $35 Black Platform heels with zipper Size 10 Great condition as well $20 Some shipping will apply depending on where you live Email with questions
  11. Red and denim will b great those blk patent ones are big on me Sorry @Heelster the camo are pretty tight on me for an 11 might work. They are crazy high
  12. Hey there, yes they are still available That's good for you, they are tight on me, barely ever worn.
  13. Like new with ankle strap , kind of big for size 11 $20 + Shipping
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