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  1. What a great way to do it! Can you come round and aerate my lawn? Certainly a sexy way to do it!
  2. It was! I did take some pics but can not find them at the moment
  3. Anne has worn heeled boots on the beach before or even when we go for a walk. Sometimes she has an old pair that might be worn out and they are heading for the bin so why not have some fun before they go!
  4. Than you! Very appreciated! 

    1. Zzz


      Thank you for the pictures, very nice!

  5. crumbs! They are cool. They are not quite what I had in mind though! I don't think Anne would approve if I wanted to go out in those boots! Trouble is where do I get new cowboy boots with a 3 inch heel and if I could I bet they are expensive! Anyway I am always fixing/making things in my shed including fixing my boots or Anne's heels so it's just another job to make these boots a bit higher.
  6. Thanks for the advice! well as you say Steve you are quite right about getting it wrong and falling apart. I have not worked with leather much before but it's a shame it's not made from wood as I am good at working with wood, however the boots are old and a little tatty so if I do have a go and don't like the result or think they would fall off then at least I tried, not much to loose. I did also use cardboard and black tape to make a higher heel to see what they looked like and it's very surprising how much can be added to these boots and look good, so if I have a go and it works, great, if not it's one to learn from! None the less thanks for your advice! If I do decide to go against the good advice given here then I will post the before and after pics, it's the least I can do!
  7. Hello all, I have a pair of grinders maverick cowboy boots which require a new pair of stick on heels again. (I do wear them a lot!) I have decided that before i fit them they would look much better if I could make them an inch higher as well. At first I thought the heels where made of wood but after a search online it seems they are made from leather. Can anyone help advise me where I can get the leather from (in the UK), how to work with it, maybe the same as if it was wood? And what is best to stick to with? Many thanks for your help. John.
  8. Hey John, I can’t seem to message you any more? I hope everything is ok?! Speak soon M 

  9. It would be great if you can post a pic when you have managed to pull them on!
  10. Thrift or charity shop? Not too much money?
  11. Hi Anne and John, have added some high heel boot pics to my album, hope you like them x

  12. Hey, not spoken in ages. Drop me a message if you like? 

  13. Zzz

    Mens High Heel Boots

    Well here is an update on my new paolo vandini boots, and also why personally I think they could be loads better for some men than wearing woman's boots! Anne has always tolerated me wearing modest chunky heel woman's boots in public but never liked it and I have always worn long jeans to help cover the heel up , I do feel a bit uncomfortable with the heels on show. So after getting my new mens vandinis I was hoping that anne might prefer them a bit more than what I was wearing so I could go out in them occasionally with some long jeans to hide behind. Ok , so you are not going to break your neck falling over in them but they are only a 1/4 inch lower than my woman's boots I was wearing before. when I got them and showed them to anne she said I would need new jeans , straight tighter fitting ones but not so long, so we went out and got some new jeans. Then we went away for a few days break and I wore my new boots all the time, they are so comfortable , my jeans fit better , not covering the heel and I do not feel any need to have jeans over the heel anymore and best of all anne actually loves them and says they look smart! Not the boots for everyone I know but for me they are the best smartest pair I have ever owned and will soon be looking for another pair! Anyone with a partner who dosent like your heel wearing or anyone who wants to wear heels in public but is uncomfortable about it ought to consider a pair of mens heels like these! Worked wonders for me! John
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