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  1. From a comedian to a war-time leader of a nation of 44 million; I have nothing but respect for Mr. Zelensky! This guy's balls must be made out of titanium, especially now that Russia's on their doorstep and he still refuses to flee in order to defend Ukraine's integrity and democracy; other world leaders should look up to him. Слава Украини - Glory to Ukraine!!!
  2. Happy new year everyone!
  3. By default, I wear heels all the time while I'm completely alone. This means that I essentially wear them 20-21hrs a day on weekends and 9-10hrs on workdays on average (I only wear heels while in my room and while taking a shower but I also "cheat" a little because I've been sleeping in high heels for about 3 years now that's why those numbers are so high) But yeah, I don't stand too much during that time - maybe 4-5% of that time is actually spent standing / walking in the heels, which isn't too much. One of my dreams for the future is to spend a week with my crush where we both wear high heels for a full 168 hours non-stop!!
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