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  1. Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed it! My collecetion in chronological order: - a white leather Ariane sandal, it has a 7cm high square-shaped heel (was perfect for learning how to properly walk in high heels) - a black leather Graceland pump, 8.5cm high spike heel (this is the one I wear the most, it's almost constantly on my feet when I'm in my room, even during sleep) - a white leather Granceland sandal, 7.5cm blocky heel - a clear PVC pump I ordered from Aliexpress, 10cm spike heel (still have a tough time wearing it for long) - a black over-the-knee boots, 10cm spike h
  2. Salut everyone! My name is Twilight and I'm a 24 year-old straight man from Hungary. It's been several months since I registered here, only now I'm introducing myself because originally when I registered, I just wanted to look around the website without engaging too much but it didn't feel right not talking about myself for so long. I've been wearing high heels since 2007 (I was 9 or 10) when I noticed that months earlier my mom purchased a very great-looking black leather pumps (it had a 5-6cm heel if I remember correctly) that she never used up to that point. When I was a little ki
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