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  1. What are your thoughts on this article? https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/teacher-told-outfit-inappropriate-people-cant-figure-164709087.html I like her outfit and her boots. i just wouldn't wear them while teaching class. Maybe it would be okay to change into walking to and from her car, or an evening parent-teacher conference. But I might find her boots too distracting when teaching.
  2. Open in Public

    CAT, we will have to meet up again at that adult social club where we first met. You can show off your skirts and boots and fit right in. Hope to see you soon in your sexy boots.
  3. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    I would say yes, Thighbootguy. I have ventured out to a few shorter outings in my outfit. So far I went to get a sandwich at Subway late night and another night I went in for a drink at an empty and remote bar, late night as well. Tried out this look at an adult social club that I visit regularly. Early this morning I went off to Starbucks and gas station. Mostly I look for less crowded, safe and accepting places since this is my most daring look.
  4. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Channeling my fellow heeler CAT with my skirt, stockings and pirate boots.
  5. Creating your style

    Actually I'm short, let's just say I'm 5'9" in high heeled boots. But being small has it's advantage, I can fit into smaller sizes.
  6. Creating your style

    Thought I would chime in on this thread based on my similar style. I just had a great night in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. After a long day on my business trip, I changed into my favorite look. Tonight I wore my tight denim blue riding jeans along with my tall brown high heel boots in my avatar, bright red dress shirt, topped off with my slim fitting black leather jacket. Since I was away on business, I felt daring since nobody knows me. I started out my evening with some complimentary alcoholic beverages and appetizers at my hotel which offers an evening refresher or happy hour. No one paid too much attention to me. Afterwards I headed on out to a local pub for dinner. What really made my night was a waitress who was working another table came up to me and asked me where did I get my boots. I was happy to talk to her since she was sincerely complimenting my look. I told her that it was an Ebay purchase. She asked if these boots were zipper or pull on style, to which I mentioned that they were pull on style. Then she asked me what brand of boots they were, then I mentioned that they are Italian boots, no brand name specified. She thought these boots looked good on me, as she was filled with enthusiasm as she asked me about them. She went so far as to say that my overall look was quite chic and sexy. Here is a shot of tonight's outfit from my hotel room.
  7. Yesterday was Cubs victory parade and rally. I went to Wrigley Field to catch a glimpse of Cubs players and their championship trophy as they boarded double decker buses to go to Grant Park in Chicago. Continued celebrating later on that night wearing my brown boots in my avatar and going to an adult "social club". One of their female members gave me a sincere compliment, "I'm so jealous, I just love your boots." to which I thanked her for admiring my boots. But I digress. This is pretty big news as this was estimated at about 5 million people came out to this event, making it largest attended event in US history and 7th largest event in world history. Are there any other countries that have followed Cubs winning World Series? Anyone else like to talk about Cubs? Discuss.
  8. Chicago Shoe Store Reaches Out

    I'm interested. Just let me know and I'll go. (post #300)
  9. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    CAT, very nice pair of boots. You'll have to show off your outfit at a future heel meet / party in Chicago.
  10. Been away a while

    Welcome back. Society has taken its toll on heeling. With an emergence of cell phone cameras, my confidence to go out in heeled boots went down a peg. There seems to be fewer safe places to go out and about.
  11. Tell Us Something Good

    Back in 1980 I first received a Rubik's Cube for Christmas. Was not able to solve it. Bought another Rubik's Cube this past holiday season and was able to solve it using their online tutorial. http://rubiks.com/blog/how-to-solve-the-rubiks-cube
  12. Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    My desire to wear high heel boots was mostly learned. Movies, TV shows and music videos showed very sexy boots and it was my desire to dress like these stars, walk like they did, reenact those scenes. I thought that I would never wear a pair of high heel boots in my lifetime and I would just accept it. My first pair was purchased at a thrift store. Thanks to Internet sites, I was able to find my first pair of thigh high boots, which again I never thought I would wear. My desire to wear boots also came from my dreams. I had a dream a very long time ago, that I was walking in a parking lot wearing a short black leather jacket, tight blue jeans and sexy high heel black pirate boots. This was long before I had any boots. This past Sunday I wore my slim fitting black jacket, blue denim riding jeans and my recently acquired high heel black pirate boots. Then I drove to that parking lot near where I grew up and walked across that lot feeling confident that I lived my dreams.
  13. Do you ever feel feminine?

    Yes, every time I put my high heel boots I feel feminine. Everything from my facial expressions, my stride, my voice, my mannerisms all go into girl mode when I wear boots. Today I went to a local coffee shop and was called ma'am which didn't bother me. In fact I was excited that I was able to pass as a woman. If I carry myself as a woman, some may assume I am one and move on. Putting on high heel boots makes me feel good about myself. I feel that I have a certain look that not all males are able to pull off.
  14. High Heels N Arcade/video Games.

    Although it is not part of Spy Hunter, I like this arcade artwork. Sexy boots.
  15. High Heels N Arcade/video Games.

    There was an arcade game from 1994 called Killer Instinct. A character known as Orchid fights in high heel boots.