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  1. Just collected my new Pleaser, devious scream 01 heels. they are size 10 with a 6 3/4" heel and 5mm dia heel tip. they are too high to walk in, standing is a challenge but awesome in bed
  2. new heels. 6 3/4" heel height. impossible to walk in but stil so awesome



    1. Pierre1961


      Not surprised you can't walk. But can you drive ? 


  3. finaly I have my devious scream 01 heels, they are so awesome, too high to walk in  but stil really beautiful shoes. 6 3/4" heel



  4. I collect later this month pleaser Scream 01 which a full 6" heel and yes the front of the foot is verticlal. https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-Scream-01-Womens-Pump/dp/B002HUJJL2 they also have tall boots with the scream heel height the boots in my avatar, are pleaser heat 2010 and are around 4.1/2" elevation. (4 3/4' heel and 1/4" platform)
  5. Hi Tina,So awesome to have a woman sharing the pleasure of wearing heels with men and enjoying seing men enjoy heels. very refreshing and thank you for all the kind comments you have been making 

  6. hi cat, love your pics and love seeing other men out enjoying heels. heels were made for walking


  7. The toe lifts quite high so doesn't imping waling or driving. I havedone a lot of driving in these boots with no difficulty
  8. Went out on the town wearing these new boots, Pleaser heat 2010. when the people are in the street and comming out of the clubs at 3 am, there were a lot of comments, many people very envious of the boots other were inquisitive.
  9. I looked at your pics and they are the best heels to suit male attire. Most people wont notice them as they are in keeping with everything else
  10. I was wearing my 5" helped boots. The other day, a car drove by, I could hear the driver yell something, however, he turned around about 200m down the road, then raced back and out the window, yelled " homo" and carried on. No other issues at all. Another interesting event was when I was wearing 4" heeled knee high boots, a convoy of about 10 police cars drove by,many almost broke their neck staring.
  11. There are some that would certainly suit men, but others are really the heel you wear when you aren't wearing heels. The price tag on some would put many off too. Good to see a shift in marketing though to make heels more mainstream for men
  12. here is one I taken last week, one of the first days to wear my knee highs out side my boots. i didnt quite like the over all look in so much as the trousers tend to bulk up above the knees The next pic was taken a week later, but i bought a pair of jeans which were a tighter fit, it was a nice spring day so better light. does the second pic look a bit like mutton dressed as lamb? at 60 yo one needs to be a wee bit careful
  13. The last pic was a nice spring day. One guy stopped and said 'nice boots' he later taken a pic in my direction, for what I am unsure. With the new jeans which are closer fitting, I tUrn up one fold to the top of the ankle bots, again , no comment and looks great, less bulk. I would have taken pics but the battery went flat on the camera
  14. Just uploaded one new pic to my gallery. I bought new jeans which are a closer fit to the leg, and when tucked in, they show less bulk material above the top of the boots. Let me know what your thoughts are
  15. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Certainly a different look but what ever you are comfortable in is whats important. I still like the pencil skirts that you wear so keep up with them as well as part of your wardrobe
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