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  1. Well...what should I say? I am torn. I am torn between something positive along Jkrenzer's answer, basically reminding myself that this forum is about people who want to explore and extend boundaries when it comes to men's fashion. Then again, I do think that freestyle should not mean lack of style, but rather that you manage to cross a line but in a way that people see you and those with some (limited) fashion sense will go and say: cool! or even "wow!". However I can't see this in the outfit you have chosen. Why? First, because it was very sunny and warm in Frankfurt. Look around... and you will see lots and lots of women wearing sneakers or flats (unfortunately), or some of them wearing sandals. The pumps in your second picture fit much, much better to the current weather than those boots. Personally, I don't wear boots in summer time, and that's the first thing that's kind of "off" for me in your outfit. I also think that the beige boots would fit better with a long blue jeggings or skinny jeans instead of a black hose. Use Kuler to find colors that are complementary to each other. Second, the hose/shorts/t-shirt: I have a hard time putting this into diplomatic words, for me this just doesn't work. It does work if you are an anorexic fashion model with very slim legs and tuck the shirt into your shorts and have a shirt that clings to your body to emphasize a narrow midsection. Even if you are ok with the hose/shorts, the loose T-Shirt completely destroys the outfit, there is nothing holding it together. Having said this, I do think that - at least from what I can see - your second outfit is better. Pumps fit better in the current weather, flesh-colored (light) hose is better, pumps & top do match in color (black). If your top actually is a dress, I could imagine that this could work very well. I am sorry to be so harsh, but I am always quite blunt with my replies. If you do indeed visit a mall, find some female sales clerk and ask her what she would change in the outfit you wear to improve it. If she is totally negative upfront, find a different one. You have already made the step to go out as much freestyle as you can go out, and you are in a foreign city. I've had some of the best shopping trips when I was very open to the sales clerks. Again, kudos to you for embracing what you love - you shouldn't realize when you are 80 how many things you would have liked to do, so keep rockin' !
  2. Hi, you might want to stop by at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt city, one of the largest botanical gardens in that area. Take a look here. Just a coincidence, but there will be a "festival of lights" taking place on Saturday in the Palmengarten starting at around 7 pm and ending at around 10:45 pm with large fireworks. See translation here. Other than that, the MainTower, also located in Frankfurt, is the highest vantage point above Frankfurt and allows a magnificient view. Make sure to bring your camera. More info here. For going to a Zoo, you actually would have to travel slightly outside of Frankfurt, to the OpelZoo, which is located approx. 30 km outside of Frankfurt, about 30 minutes to drive by car. It's not soooo overwhelming, so if you aren't a big fan of animals, you might want to settle for the Palmengarten instead. That's as much as I know of Frankfurt. For safe zones, avoid anything that's close to the central train station, as there is the red light district close by and you might receive unpleasent treatment there, especially during evening hours. In general, I am not aware of any areas with a "laid back attitude". Neither Frankfurt nor Mainz are totally "laid back", but are also not totally conservative. Just use the usual caution just as with any larger city. When it comes to streets, there are some cobbled streets in Frankfurt, but more so in Mainz. Personally, I haven't been so often in Mainz, so I can't really say anything about any things to see there. I searched for auto museums, but couldn't find any around the Mainz/Frankfurt area - every auto museum is at least 1-2 hours away. Hope you still receive this information in time to use it :-) Enjoy!
  3. Go to pinterest, search for "dos donts jeggings" ... and you would find a gazillion of photos how to wear them. One very common theme that applies both for jeggings and leggings: Wear a top that is long enough to cover the front of the jeggings/leggings, e.g. a very long turtleneck. This way, you don't have to think about tucking. Why do women prefer to wear a longer top with leggings/jeggings? -- as much as the front might look smooth, there is also no space for imagination left when looking at the booty. For slim women, that might be a nice look, but 90% of what I've seen literally asks for a longer top. Very visible when standing in line at a fast food restaurant...
  4. I would also go with the most comfy ones. If both are "comfy", I would also add another point of view: style. The wider block heel is very "in" at the moment, while the narrow heel is a more classic form. If you want to go for something that will be still totally ok fashion-wise in 2 years from now, go for the narrower heel. If you are like me, go for the block heel. I know that I probably would want to have block-type heeled boots in 2 years from now... and then I won't be able to find such a pair, as fashion has moved on
  5. freestyle75

    On Jan. 9, 2013 ,You showed a pair of black patent leather ankle boots. They were from " Ballin "

    The page was # 59. ( For Everyone ) Who has bought some new Boots. They have a Wing Tip design

    on the boot with a 5" high heel. I have no idea who Ballin is, or how to get in touch with them. It is not

    fare that you should be the only one with shoes that beautiful. I may not be able to get a pair of them

    after this length of time. However, I would like to give it a shot.  Much thanks in advance.


    1. freestyle75



      I know which one you mean - this one:


      It was made by Ballin from Italy (website), but this type of shoe is no longer made by them. Ballin doesn't seem to have "basic" types of shoes that they keep producing, but they produce totally different styles, very much dependent on what is currently "in". Sorry, I can't help you with finding another one of these - it would have been easier back in 2012/13... :-?


  6. I don't want to derail this topic (playing in high-heels), but Thighbootguy: You are totally right when you say that "some peoples mind handle that kind of syncopation so effortlessly". I did play piano when I grew up, but once I started studying, I didn't have access to a piano anymore, and since then, my abilities faded. Nonetheless, I was never very good at these kinds of pieces that require your left hand to play something that is basically "separate" from your right hand, as it is often the case in Jazz. My favorite piece (I tried and failed miserably) is this one - it picks up speed at 0:31 and basically becomes totally unplayable for me at 1:14... enjoy...
  7. I've got the Bianca Botta boots (knee high) in size 41.5 (EUR), with a heel height that states 140 mm on the box. Just measured it: 140 mm heel. So both the box label and the heel height are identical. The other pair of Louboutins is currently stored away in the basement... but these are boots too. You are probably looking for pumps, right? In general, I find Louboutins to be on the narrow side. They are only topped by YSL. If you have wide feet, don't buy Louboutins, and definitely don't buy YSL
  8. First of all, only you know whether everyone would be fine with you appearing there in high heels. Even with friends who know that I wear heels, I would ask them first whether they would be ok with me appearing with heels on their wedding party - it's a special event for them, so I want to honor their wishes. Not every guest might be ok with our choice of footwear. But let's assume really everyone is fine with you wearing heels. You mentioned that it is a large lawn/field that this party is taking place. You really want to wear stiletto heels to a party that's taking place on a lawn? Seriously?! -- I would rather recommend wedges, which are much more comfortable if you are walking on grass. Read this if you don't believe me. So... apart from the shoes yes, but the heels are a no-go for me, simply for practical reasons.
  9. @mlroseplant Michael Kors shoes are made in... guess? Right... China. What I am writing now is an educated guess: China uses the metric system. So when you measure any heels, you would have to do that in centimeters when they come from China. My assumption is that the heels they make are not exactly proportional to the size of the foot, but do have "jumps" to the next higher heel height that is being produced. So... they are jumping from 5.125 inches (approx. 13 cm) to 5.5 inches (14 cm). My assumption is that the maker chose to go to the next available height for the larger pair, so he/she took a 14 cm heel. The smaller the heel is, the more likely you will find finer variations in heel height, e.g. 6 cm, 6.5 cm, 7 cm. Would be interesting to talk to someone who actually works in one of MK's factories to confirm what I just wrote BTW... I do think that you are among the 0.000000000000001% worldwide who looks at his heels from that point of an "engineering" angle
  10. @robbiehhw: I agree on all that you said, and trust me, if my parents hadn't done what they did, I would have transitioned (had sent a CT scan of my skull to Dr Ousterhout's office who was quite famous in the TS community, had booked my flights to San Francisco). I felt great on HRT, and I felt numb once I discontinued. There is a large spectrum of people with GD - for some, transition is the only way out, some can live without transitioning and do cope with it somehow. What I wanted to remind FantasiArt of was that it is a decision not taken lightly, and that there are many ways to cope with GD. If today's society would accept more non-binary people, some might not even feel the need to transition fully. For me, being able to dress how I like and recognizing that I can do this even while still staying a (maybe not so regular) guy was a major pressure relief. Regarding "very little that is not reversible": After 4 months of HRT, everything that I got to that point stayed - and the growth was kind of amazing for the short period of time (dosage was administered by a physician, and I guess he didn't start "low"). I cannot go topless. Narrow-fit shirts at work only with a compression vest underneath; no swimming pool during vacations (it's a love/hate relationship that I have with what HRT caused). I would have wished that the result of my 80+ hours of painful facial electrolysis had stayed with me, but the beard came back to a certain extent. As they say: Your miles may vary.
  11. You might wanna check out the tsroadmap website, which I found quite helpful. I was around your age when I felt the need to transition - I managed not to (went to therapy for over a year, was diagnosed officially as being TS and started hormone therapy - when I told my parents, things went downhill for my transition. Today, I am glad that I didn't transition, as I managed to incorporate lots of traditionally female things to my daily life). But also be sure, and with "sure" I mean freakingly absolutely sure that you need to transition. If you long to wear women's clothing, it might feel uncomfortable at first for you and your parents, but it is something you can live with. This article is worthwhile reading, here's an excerpt: << Don't do it! That's my advice. This is the most awful, most expensive, most painful, most disruptive thing you could ever do. Don't do it unless there is no other alternative. You may think your life is tough but unless it's a choice between suicide and a sex-change it will only get worse. And the costs keep coming. You lose control over most aspects of your life, become a second class citizen and all so you can wear women's clothes and feel cuter than you do now. Don't do it is all I've got to say. That's advice I wish someone had given me. [...] nobody stopped me and said "Are you honest to God absolutely sure this is the ONLY path for you?!" To the contrary, the voices were all cheerfully supportive of my decision. I was fortunate that the web didn't exist then - there are too damn many cheerleaders ready to reassure themselves of their own decision by parading their "successful" surgeries and encouraging others. >> You are 27 now - you are past the time where you can stop certain things from happening (deeper voice, beard growth, bone structure, etc.), so PLEASE take enough time to figure out whether you really need to go all the way. Just imagine you would live in a society where you could style and dress yourself however you would like (makeup, long hair, dresses, heels, etc.) - would you still feel the need to transition? If not, it's better and safer to continue crossdressing and not undergo risky surgeries.
  12. Hmm... looked at the different styles... most of them look way too much "Jeffrey Campbell" to me - the platform simply is too high, the shoes look out of proportion. Maybe as a 15 year old, yes, but at age 30 or 40... no, thank you. The wedges looked similar to the Rick Owens ones at first, but then again... platform too high. I don't like shoes that are too pointed, so "George" is also out. That leaves "Chad" is the only remainder, which also leaves me torn. On the one hand, I've seen a similar style by certain designers (reminds me a little of YSL Tribtoo), but then again, this style is probably more geared towards the fetish oriented. Not saying that it cannot look great, but I just imagine someone starting to wear heels, and then starting out with such a pair. This will probably look like this . Also from a structural/technical point of view: The heel of "Chad" is placed at the very back of the shoe, so in terms of stability, it is more prone to break. Unless they have used great materials, at a size > 10 mens (and the corresponding weight) they will probably face a lot of complaints about breaking heels. Why not put up some heels for men that show a bit more class? Less platform, less "chunkiness" would make these shoes look so much better. I applaud them for bringing out shoes for men, but I hope that they add styles that are more wearable.
  13. Shopsyro: I like their mission statement, but they really should think about the "community" they are linking to. The current link just seems like the developer put in some random text, just as if I would do this: oijasdoijasd.com - their domain is fjnfj.com, which is for sale . Maybe someone could give them a hint to link to this forum
  14. @MackyHeels I am a US size 8.5 (men) and I normally wear US size 11 for women. Very few shoes in US size 10 also fit me (sneakers from New Balance and heels from Michael Kors), with some designers (Louboutin) I have to go up to a US 11.5 or even a 12 (women). So... I would assume that your women's size is a US 12, with very few 11 fitting you and probably some designers where you even would have to go up to a 13. Sorry to say: you are out of luck. I know hardly any designer brand that produces a size 12 or even 13 in their heels.
  15. @northshoreguy1981 For some reasion I like the Tony Bianco heels better, but they look kind of dark purple in one of the pics. I would prefer black to be combined with that dress. I think combining the blazer with the dress is a classic combination that works for both men and women, so it should work with this dress as well. If possible try to cut the pictures just below the head, so it's better to judge how the combination looks like. Overall a nice combination!
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