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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. I'm not laughing Logjam, I have often thought of rubber high heel boots...Best of both worlds, classic nice fitting waders with a manageable heel...
  2. I think you look great, although I would love to see a close up of the boots. I know what you mean about Fryes, usually big money, and tough to find in women's size 11s. But, on the other hand, it is important to treat yourself every once in awhile...So, if you find a pair of Fryes that you really like, don't deny yourself, finding them in larger sizes is rare... Here is an example of my Frye frustration: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-Frye-Brown-Leather-Boots-Womens-7B-Western-High-Heel-Cowgirl-6175-W-Box/133247924172?hash=item1f0631f7cc:g:hIcAAOSwGC9d117~ Imagine seeing these great Fryes for such a reasonable price, only to see they are way too small....Darn....
  3. Loving those great booties, looking fine with the tight jeans a red leather jacket....Yeah buddy!
  4. Well, I can honestly say I don't have any "men's shoes", but am stretching the definition a bit....I collect vintage adidas, so have many pair of men's sneaks. I have plenty of men's boots also, probably about ten pairs of "women's boots"...
  5. Well, I think those boots are GREAT....Kind of a mixture between waders and stiletto boots, love both styles... But, no, I have no experience with this style even though I wish I did... Unfortunately, I would think that boots like these would have to be custom fit to your legs, or they might be uncomfortable....This probably will result in a big price tag. So, I guess if you find an affordable pair, you must be willing to take a risk unless they are returnable....
  6. I would say that your varied emotions are completely normal. Wearing a skirt, hose and completely exposed boots is a big step from wearing your boots covered with jeans. You are having an internal struggle with the societal pressures we all have to deal with. You look great as a guy in a skirt/boots, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of taking care of your body so you can look so good in this outfit. You will eventually find out that many women think you look great as well, don't let you mind play these horrible games with you....Read about CAT's adventures, or W6ish also. For now, I would choose your outings very carefully....A negative experience usually results in a large emotional set back... Congratulations to you, be proud of being to brave....I am surely envious..
  7. Those boots and that outfit is a home run for sure buddy
  8. Thanks for your honesty...Knowing that even you deals with nervousness ever so often helps encourage us to be brave....
  9. You are a lucky guy, take good care of her!
  10. I layover in Houston sometimes, would be cool to meet sometime...D
  11. I just "rediscovered" Newports….
  12. Pierre I know you are being supportive, as you always are. I am glad that you revealed your concerns though. Tell us about the indirect attempts you have made that she offered no responses to. Sharing your experiences with us might be beneficial to us also buddy. The one thing we do know about your situation is that your girl friend offered no response, which is surely better than a negative one. So, there is still hope for a positive outcome. Do you ever go shoe shopping with her? Perhaps if you go accompany her on a shopping trip, offering opinions and asking questions, she might get the idea that you are interested in heels also. Just a thought buddy....D
  13. How did I miss this discussion! Sounds like a great time...I will surely let Spikes know if I ever have decent Columbus layover. Jay and I met again in Austin yesterday, he told me about his great visit with you. Jay and I had a nice time driving around town breaking in his new car engine. We finally got out and took a nice long walk, spent some time in Allens boots. I was wearing my 4.5" Sam Edelman stiletto boots Jay was wearing nice 4.5" underslung cowboy boots. Allens had plenty of cowboy/cowgirl boots, but very little with higher heels. But, the shopping experience was fun just the same, we went on to some other shops before having a nice dinner. I love my Sam Edelman boots because of their classic styling and because they are so easy to walk in. I'm not sure if anyone noticed my boots, but Austin is surely a great town to wear boots in. People may have noticed, but I was having too much fun, and was too relaxed to even think/wonder about being noticed... Maybe next time we will visit the Frye boot store..... Jay is a great host for sure....
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