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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. This outfit is a home run for sure
  2. great outfit, beautiful booties
  3. Yep, gotta have your "heel game on" to handle those beauties properly/confidently.
  4. I hear ya buddy and apologize. I have yet to master the tecniques of shrinking my photos so they will fit here, which I why I just post the flickr links...
  5. Boy o boy, those boots are amazing. You really look great in those killer booties and perfect jeans....
  6. Those boots look great, and you look great in them for sure. So envious of your abilities...
  7. Love showing my ignorance. I had never even heard the words "voire dire" until I watched one of my favorite movies: "My cousin Vinny"! The prosecutor questioned "Miss Vito's' general automotive knowledge, so he wanted to "voire dire" her. Love that movie, and Miss Vito had some great heels and booties also!
  8. Yes, Brock is divorced from him wife back in Australia with a couple of kids. I think he is estranged from his kids, and has been ridiculed for being behind in child care payments. Brock claims he is all caught up now, but his kids still don't want to communicate with him. Far be it from me to judge...
  9. Those boots are amazing, love everything about them for sure. Love the color, the heels, the nice fit and the great jeans. I'm so envious. What brand are they?
  10. Could only view the bottom interview with Scheana, Brock's wife. Good for you Brock! You like they way you look and feel in the boots, and are not bothered by negative comments. Nine out of ten criticisms are probably from frustrated guys that secretly wish they had the guts to rock the boots!
  11. Love it! Great reply to the jovial guy!
  12. And cycling at the gym is probably a big part of why you still can rock skinny jeans and boots!
  13. You have taken good care of yourself, and look great in skinny jeans and shorts...
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