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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. You, like many of us, have fallen victim to the underlying subliminal messages that society loves to dump on us. There is nothing wrong with wearing heels wherever you feel comfortable doing so... We have all done similar things, wearing heels at night, at secluded areas, etc. We do this because we are nervous about wearing our heels publicly, but desperately want to wear them out of the confines of our homes.. Ground surface is a major concern for me when wearing my boots. Jagged sidewalks, tile/sippery floor surfaces, all spell trouble for heel wearing. Carpeted or hard surfaces that are not slick are best. Malls, coffee shops are good options. The important thing is to only wear heels that you can handle with confidence, slipping/stumbling/taking very short strides all attract unwanted attention. Just remember that you are not "out of place", if you are comfortable and feel you look good. Don't let society get the best of you by using words like "deviant".
  2. Great work buddy....Yes, take it slowly for sure....It is so important to be able to handle whatever heels you are wearing publicly with confidence....Tripping/stumbling etc is a real confidence killer.... I'm sure you looked great....
  3. Great looking pooch also...
  4. Yeah, one of these days I'm going to find a pair of those Nikes sky high wedge sneaks, or perhaps the adidas superstar wedges...
  5. The tuba, oh brother, you must be great parents.... My parents wouldn't even tolerate me running my trains in the basement, "those damn things mess up the TV...!" Well, it is nice too see a youngster enjoying something besides a phone...
  6. I dream of my better half being "tolerant".... So, he is your son....Has he ever asked you about your footwear choices? I wonder if he has ever asked his Mom, and how she answered him....
  7. Love wearing my boots while working on outboards in the basement....Enjoying pictures of lost friends/loved ones, listening to special songs adds even more peace to my work...
  8. I understand his Mom's concern, she does not want the boy to be taunted/teased... But, I would agree, let him experiment, I'm sure he is not running off to school in pumps. Might just be a phase, who knows....But, it is best to treat it like a normal thing and not make a big deal of it... Is this boy your son, a relation, or just a neighbor/friend?
  9. Yes, he is pulling off a great look very nicely.... Great boots in some of his other profile pics also...
  10. Depends on the flight, and what class of service...Oftentimes other airliines will charge a fee for non revs also....But, worth it, if you get on.... There is a big difference between being stuck on the jumpseat vs left sitting in the terminal!
  11. Oh yes, sounds just like airline non rev travel....Oftentimes, I just buy tickets if I am traveling with the better half. If traveling solo, I have a little better shot at going because I can sit on an extra jumpseat, but even that is not a sure thing.... But, on the other hand, this job has cured me of any sort of wanderlust I once had for sure... Would love to dig a moat around the house and fill it with nile crocodiles...
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