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  1. The simple answer to this question is “no”. The number of men who wear heels will NEVER outnumber the number of women who wear them. The reason why the men’s forum is more active is because we men are seeking support and friendship from others who share our interest in heels - there’s not many of us, so it’s certainly nice to know there are others out there, and we can still maintain an element of anonymity if we desire it.
  2. If you went to Bed Bath & Beyond in Turnersville yesterday with a female companion (Wife? Sister? I don’t want to assume...). I saw you in your black high-heeled boots! You looked good!
  3. Jeff, I really like the look. Great job with the styling. I’m just getting into leggings, myself! Usually I’m wearing them like the athletes do - with shorts over the leggings. But I’m exploring other options. There are men’s legging brands out there, but my favorite are the “buttery soft” women’s leggings (plus they’re A LOT cheaper). So far I have only worn them out twice in public - my 80’s Hair Rocker costume for Halloween - but damn, they’re so comfortable, I want to wear them more often!
  4. Wife knows but doesn't really care. I don't wear my heels around her.
  5. I get pedicures and I always get gels done with a clearcoat. I've always wanted to try getting them done in black or blue but haven't had the courage, especially in the summer when I wear flip-flops often (and because I have very judgmental in-laws). No one has ever noticed my toes with the clear gels - they just look clean and well-taken care of.
  6. I just posted some US13 wide width boots for sale, for anyone interested.
  7. I get a professional pedicure about every 6 weeks. I don't get color, but I do get clear gel polish on them because it lasts much longer.
  8. These boots are all from Avenue. They have never been worn outside, are like new in condition, and are from a smoke-free home. $40 US each pair, plus shipping. Paypal only. I'll ship anywhere in the world, but buyer pays all shipping costs. There are 3 pairs, each with two pictures to show their detail. 1. Brown Suede Knee Boots with 4 inch heels and wide shaft 2. Black Suede Calf Boots with 3 inch heels 3. Black Suede Knee Boots with 4 inch heels and wide shaft
  9. I saw a dietician, counted calories, ate better foods, started exercising (racquetball!) and also had a surgical procedure called a sleeve gastrectomy, where the surgeon removed about 2/3 of my stomach and made a smaller one. It's a great tool that ensures that I eat smaller portions. My before and after pics are amazing, and my life has truly changed for the better. I lost 22 pounds of that weight on my own before having the surgery, and the rest since.
  10. I have lost 86 pounds so far this year, and I have taken more of an interest in fashion, since I no longer need to shop in big'n tall type stores. I seem to be favoring androgynous styles, and I think I could pull them off well. Are there any andro-type clothing websites that you guys recommend?
  11. Got these from Avenue.com. They go great with everything. They are size 12W, and fit extremely well. Very sturdy, and easy to walk in.
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