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  1. It almost looks like the guy behind her is in heels
  2. New report on wearing high heeels

    When I reposted this pic on my instagram I got a lot of good comments and support from my insta friends Thx for whoever made it
  3. Instagram

    I think you are following me @ynotme9911
  4. Well oh yea I have a problem but it's my vice I have just a few pairs Pair 397 Wild Diva work boots now that spring has sprung I think I have found the boots to do the yard work ? Another @poshmark find #guysinheels #guyinheels #meninheels #maninheels #hisheels #myheels #myheelsarehigherthanyourstandards
  5. Just fab sent me this size chart WideWidth_SizeChart.pdf
  6. Sorry I thought the video cam through
  7. From one of my favorite Instagrammers
  8. The tip with old nylons looks good and the makeup pads to I have this problem with some of my pumps some are a little to big for my women's us 9/12 - 10 feet C Channel - これでもう脱げない!パンプスパカパカ解消法_by C CHANNEL Beauty_ ....mp4
  9. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    Ok let's try again these are my second pair the first where similar to these in black with a 2 1/2 in heel now long since worn out and gone from 1986 87 .At the time I thought these where really high and had a hard time walking in them but now they feel so low Funny how you get use to different heights
  10. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    Well these are not the first pair I bought but the second pair the first where similar but black and a 2 1/2 in heel from 1986 87 long since worn out and gone
  11. Who has bought some new shoes

    Well time to put them into a EBay search to see what comes up
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    My target Massimo burgundy velvet laceup flats
  13. Yes.. We can wear heels.

    that was good hope she gets tons of us commenting
  14. What sizes do the come in ?
  15. Just saw this on Facebook Ozzy Ozbourn looks like from the 70s