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    Ebay purchase Lk Bennett boots in tan leather. Vintage but still really good condition
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    Something like 3 months ago, my mother-in-law was home and I showed her I was wearing my brown boots. At this time, she first said something regarding my sexuality. However, less than 5 minutes later, she came by and apologized. She had never seen a man in heels before. Since then, however, she has seen me several times in heels or boots (always at home), and complimented me. Yesterday, my mother-in-law came by, after doing some shopping with my gf. Like very often, i'm in heels, this time my newest steve madden booties (which I love : I plan to go out while wearing them, in the coming months), with my jeans. Before having dinner, I notice a box on the fridge. She says "i wanted to give you a gift. you are dear to me". So she says : go on, open it! So i open the box and see these beautiful knee high faux-leather boots. Wow! It's the first time ever i've been given heels. And they fit perfectly, as they were made for me. It shook me and I feel really good since then. I mean, for the little story, we are to move in a house, my gf, me and her mom, so my love can take good care of her mother (instead of sending her in a '"old' folks' home)... I sometimes wondered how it would go about my heeling around, with my mother-in-law living with us. No longer! Sorry the pics aren't good quality, my gf and I are to take new pics soon.
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    It sounds like you enjoyed the experience of wearing the flats in public. Congrats! Any time one ventures outside their comfort zone, it is a milestone. I remember before getting out of my car, the first time I wore heels in public, I thought the whole world would be staring at my shoes, and making rude and insulting comments. Although I felt a huge rush of exhilaration, when taking those initial steps, and loved every minute of the heel wearing itself, the actual experience of what I thought, would be "dealing" with people's comments, attitude towards me, etc., was a total non event! No one said a word! Hardly anyone noticed I was even wearing heels, and I was in an area with loads of people passing me on the sidewalks, in stores, etc. I was actually a little shocked that it did not cause more of a reaction. That was many, many years ago, and though I've worn heels in public many hundreds if not thousands of times since then, I can count the negative reactions on one hand. And even those negative reactions I am referring to, were not all that negative at all, usually just someone taking a second look at the heels with a quizzed look on their face, or a look of disapproval. I've never experienced a negative comment from anyone. The reality is, most people are too busy with what they are caught up with in life, to care what some stranger has on their feet. Take a look at what kids and teenagers, and twenty something's are wearing these days. Not much really surprises people any more, because of all the diversity that is out there. I was in a busy albeit artsy part of town recently, and walking past a group of teenagers, when I noticed one of the teenage boys who was maybe 17 or 18 years old, and was talking to a mix of male and female friends who were about the same age. He was wearing black jeans and a pair of pink and white Chuck Taylors. When I was 17, I could not have imagined being able to pull that off in front of my high school friends, without becoming the an outcast in school. And today, that is nothing to these kids! Have fun wearing what you like. Life is too short to worry about what people think about your footwear choices.
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    Just about to go down town for lunch. My old WITTNER 'kicking' boots (style name, not usage !)
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    Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.
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    I found a pair of new brown faux suede OTK boots with a flat heel and no zipper at an attractive price. The top has a fold down cuff and the shaft is tight enough to be work with leggings or hose (not jeans). Unfortunately they are a size 11 and I wear a 12-13. I took a chance that they would be large but alas they were true to size. I thought about altering the boots to accommodate my feet but tried a different approach. I have another pair of boots that look like they are too little for me but they fit because there is an internal wedge so I thought why not. I cut a wedge from 1 1/2" foam insulation, which is fairly strong stuff, and put it in the heel. I took a couple of tries to get the arch support right but, to my surprise, this worked fairly well. I will still have to make some adjustments to make the wedge fills the whole heel space and does not move around when I'm putting on the boots, but I'm now wearing a size 11 pull on boots. _______________________________________ @Peter1 - Nice boots. They look like an all terrain boot, but I think I'd try to keep them clean. _______________________________________ Two more pictures: The wedge is really comfortable. To hold on the additional piece at the heel and to make a smooth surface I used the Handyman's Secret Weapon (Red Green Show), Duct Tape. ____________________________________________________ Addendum: After wearing the boots for several hours with the wedges, the seem to have stretched enough for me to wear them without the wedge. The technique seems to be a good way to break in a tight fitting pair of boots.
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    Back in the old days when all I wore were the shoes, in the beginning, it didn't much matter what I wore, I won't deny that. However, as I began integrating women's clothes into the equation, beginning with skirts, then tops, then hosiery, and finally dresses, it occurred to me early on that it was important for me to look my very best if I was going to wear women's clothes in public as a man, and that meant doing prep work before each and every outing I undertake. Because of the incredible (some might say mindblowing) variety when it comes to women's clothes, it was crucial for me to take as much time as I needed to properly pair tops, skirts, hosiery, shoes, outerwear, even handbags in order to assemble just the right outfit for a jaunt. And I take that prep time SERIOUSLY as it's not uncommon for me to spend upwards of an hour or more putting together an outfit, taking into account the surroundings I'll be in for the day, plus the season and the weather on a given day, to that end, I have separate tops and skirts for both spring/summer and fall/winter. I take all those factors into consideration when I select what I wear, because appearance is EVERYTHING to me because I don't want to be seen as a freak show because I'm a man wearing women's clothes in public AS A MAN. And I'm not afraid to say I'm rather anal, if not obsessed with presenting the best possible image for my outings. If I don't like what I see in the mirror, I don't leave the house. Period. Full stop. End of story. Some might think that makes prep time a bore. Far from it, that time is fun for me because I get to wear women's clothes which I absolutely LOVE. When I stare at myself in the mirror when garbed in a nice top, a sharp skirt and a pair of heels, I can't help but smile because of how good I look. On occasion, I lose track of time while trying on clothes, but I see that as time well spent since I'm working towards my goal of putting together an ensemble I like for an outing, and like I said, appearance is vital to me, especially when I'm accepted, even complimented for my public presentation by the populace. Here's something else when it comes to the topic of prep time, I often find myself thinking about the next outfit to wear while driving home from an outing I had been on, putting the wheels in motion in advance. Prep time is valuable to me, and for anyone who follows in my footsteps as a fashion freestyler, it should matter a lot to you as well.
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    Me and my wife decided to have Valentine a day early on the 13th. Lucky number, I know but we both had to work late on the 14th We exchanged gifts. I gave her flowers and nice necklace with a matching bracelet. She told me my gift was laying on the bed in the guest room. There was a really nice new button down dress shirt, and a new pair of jeans. She had a put out a black waist cincher with 6 garter straps, matching panties, a pair of lace top stockings and my thigh high boots. She told me that was my outfit for the night. I could wear my jeans over my boots. Don't mind telling you that eased my mind a little. But I was excited cause she said there would be a twist later that night. She had the places for the date picked out. We would drive about an hour to the big city and have dinner and a movie there. We got ready to go and I don't mind saying it was very exciting getting dressed in what she had put out for me. When she came out, she was in a black dress that was to die for and was wearing 5" heels that I haven't seen her wear that high of a heel since we were dating some 30 years ago. And she could still strut her stuff in those heels. I complemented her on how great she looked. She then told me that she was wearing waist cincher, panties and stockings that matched what I was wearing. I said I couldn't believe that one and I wanted to see. She said not now but maybe later when we got home. I asked her if that was the twist she was talking about. She said that was half of it. We drove to dinner and made it to the movie. No one seemed to notice me in my heels cause I think their eyes were on my wife. She did look very hot. Once we got to our seats the show was starting to fill up. That's when she shocked me again. She told me to go to the restroom and when I came out I was to have my boots on the outside of my jeans. She also said she would like a coke from the concession stand. She said that was the other half of the twist she was talking about. And don't go to the concession stand till after you change your boots. I have got to where I don't care what people think when they see me heeling but I was caught by surprise and a little apprehensive. I started to argue but she said remember that I had wanted this heeling lifestyle and also if I wanted to see her under garments then go far it. So I went and changed my boots and headed to the concession stand. I was getting a few looks cause my thigh high boots are pretty obvious. One Lady in line behind me said I"I like your Boots" and asked "where did you get them". She asked if I was married ans I told her I was and she is waiting on me in the theater. Her reply was "So she approves of these". I said yes and she just smiled at me. Now walking back to our screen I passed a group of teenagers and I did get some finger pointing and giggles. And I'm pretty sure they took my picture. That kinda give me a little bit of a red face. But my wife seemed very happy when I showed back up dressed as she told me to. She said I'm very glad you had the nerve to do that and my reward would come later that night when we got home. I will just leave that to your imagination cause real gentlemen don't tell. It was a great Valentine. The best one I have ever had!
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    These are my new ankle boots purchased in sales from New Look. I was in search of an easy wearable pair of heels. I find that new look shoes tends to be higher than announced but these are at the correct height I like the casual style and also the rubber heels, which make them as silent as flats! I'm completely pleased of my new purchase, I'm at an average of 1 pair bought by month for the moment I think that need to reduce this rate a little bit !
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    Never say never. If the girls can do it, so can we.
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    I just received my last purshase, boots from gianrico mori boots, in white. 16 cm off heels, size eu 44. they are the same i have in black; i am so happy
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    Yes, just absolutely yes! While I do bendy dress at times, I also mix in Latex as well. The key to wearing anything "out of the norm" is to be clean cut, well put together, and most of all: confident! In my opinion, shaving body hair from legs, feet, back, and chest are simply required for making typically feminine clothes look good, not just to me, but to those around me. I consider it a duty to break down barriers and stereotypes, and I think this is one of the best ways to do it: making it look good! Thanks for the post!
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    Jeff, i agree with you 100 percent. Even if you ask my girlfriend she will say when it comes to the clothes and the shoes I am "more of a chick then she is ". The outfit needs to be well put together so you get a compliment and not a laugh. She says she I get dressed I have a smile and a look on my face that only happens when I'm dressed up in a pair of heels and a skirt. I tell her no that's not true but I will admit her that I know it is!!! I think I look better in a skirt then a pair of men's dress pants. Just my opinion.
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    When I first saw those boots I thought they were a little too bold for my taste but the more I see them the more I like them. The lugged sole, bold zipper, and block heel all work really well together.
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    Jaunt #357, 2/18/2017: Even though I pride myself as being a seasoned fashion freestyler, I continue being mildly amazed at how easy it is for me to venture out in public dressed in women's clothes as a man. Of course, I credit that to how I dress tastefully for the surroundings I happen to be in, giving people no reason to take notice of me, and that strategy once again served me well on a trip to the huge and bustling King of Prussia Mall, garbed in a black denim jacket over a long sleeved red t-shirt, a button down denim skirt, black tights, Payless "Geneva" loafers and a black satchel bag. The loafers I bought several weeks ago and was waiting for just the right opportunity to take them out for a spin, and that was yesterday, meanwhile, I continue having fun carrying around my large bags as they store a lot. It was after eleven a.m. when I arrived, hopped out of the car and strolled into the mall where I was promptly ignored by the throngs of shoppers there as that place gets crowded plenty fast. My first stop was to a comic shop where having the large bag came in handy to store the books I bought, then it was a slow stroll to the mall's food court which was plenty packed, I opted for a couple slices of pepperoni pizza and a bottle of water. Yummy! I think I got a glance or two, but nothing of substance otherwise. After lunch came more strolling here, some window shopping there, relaxing with an Auntie Anne's pretzel while checking my email in a comfy chair, spending quality time in the Apple Store where I bought an iTunes gift card to buy a couple of apps, I was just another shopper in a throng of shoppers as I spent some four hours in the mall and enjoyed myself considerably. Back in the car, I drove to the nearby Best Buy where I haven't been in for awhile, and it was fun as ever as I left the store with The Accountant on Blu-Ray. The more I venture out on my little adventures, the easier it becomes, and the more I can push the envelope when it comes to places I can go, and I enjoy that too. More to come....
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    I've been in "family" restaurants like Pizza Hut (back when they had eat in dining), Red Lobster and Olive Garden wearing miniskirts and thigh high boots and never had any trouble, never been refused service, even during busy periods in early to mid afternoon when places like those are crammed with people, including kids. I for one can't imagine any establishment turning away a paying customer, just because of his or her attire, to me, that's bad business.
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    Although never have worn a dress I know you have all seen my skirts and thigh high boots but I have never been told I can't come in. I have been everywhere from Home Depot, grocery store, fancy dinner establishments to bars and clubs and have always been accepted and have never had a bad comment from anyone working at the places I have gone. I have always gotten nice compliments
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    A pair of Clarks Carlitta Quinn Chelsea boots with 80mm heels. Bought via the Brantano website here in the UK for £30 in an a size 8 for £30 and arrived in two days. I'm pleased with both the boots and Brantano's speedy service
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    I've been fortunate, that I have never really had an issue with pumps that slip off. I have had more of an issue with pumps that run smaller, and suffered through painful break in periods, until they stretched. Part of the reason I believe slippage has not been an issue for me, is that I never half size up, in pumps, as I sometimes do in boots (to allow for socks). As much as I totally love pumps with ankle and t-straps, there's just something about wearing a regular pump, with no straps, and having the ease of removal, and being able to dangle freely, without having to bend down, and unfasten buckles. I love watching women dangle their pumps as well. I don't think I could ever tire of watching an attractive woman playing with her stilettos!
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    Jeff i agree with you and completely understand. You say, 1 hour to get things prepared? If you have more to choose from may take longer as with me. Finally picking outfit that works sometimes is exhausting. Often with me i find i need to buy more only finding the other stuff is too boring or dated. Sometimes when i choose the right outfit i get bored of it after short few minutes wearing it. Usually that happens when i choose colours that are subtle understated. Before i was loud even clowness appearing wanting the obvious attention that my clothes made. Now i got to be little subtle yet feel restless in them feeling i'm invisible amongst everyone.
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    Well said! I agree with many of your sentiments. My prep time as definitely increased over the years. Like you, I started out with just the shoes. But now I defenitely present more complete images when i go out.
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    Mixture of size 9&10 Would say EU 40-42 Whole lot for $100 or $25 including shipping at extra cost international.
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    Today was a day for getting dressed up and going out and about. Last night I wore my black OTK faux suede boots with 4" block heels to a big jam session. I left my guitar at home and took my cello and had a grand time. There are accessories for a cello that will keep the ground peg from scooting around when you are playing. Not having one of those accessories, I hold the cello in place with my legs on either side of the instrument, which looks good considering I'm wearing OTK heeled boots. Anyway I enjoyed those boots so much last night I decided to wear them again today but this time with hose, a short black knit dress with a cowl neck and a black leather jacket. I added a wide black belt and some makeup. Today's style was much less CD and more @JeffB, but I really enjoy wearing eye makeup. The first stop was a Sam's in Cincinnati. I took my time wandering through the store and other than a few polite smiles I was ignored. I did notice that when I got to the register an extra lady clerk came over to "help" the lady running the register. After Sams went to a Fresh Thyme Organic market just to wander around. Several miles down the road is a large shopping complex. I parked and went into a Shoe Carnival then walked about a block to a Nordstrom Rack and went in to look at shoes. They had a very nice selection in 11, 12 and 13s. I did not try anything on because even at sale prices I can't afford to even be tempted (and I really don't need any more boots). I walked back to my car and drove over to Kentucky. I stopped in another large shopping plaza and headed for a Famous Footwear where I browsed around. I was treated to a little rug rat pointing out to his mother that, "That guys wearing a skirt". I then walked over to a Kroger Super Store and bought a couple of things. My final stop was a thrift store in Newport. As soon as I walked in one of the lady customers said, "Oh, I really like those boots!" She went on to say that I looked nice but went back to "I really do like those boots!" I thanked her for the complement and went on looking around. After this much running around it was time to head home and "cool my heels".
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    Excellent outfit JeffB. The time you spent putting it together was worth the effort. The booties and skirt work well and the necklace tops it off. I think your being over sensitive about wearing pink. You wear it well. You had better pull on your thigh boots and mini skirt soon before the weather gets too warm and you forget what a great looking (and feeling) combination they are.
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    Well, I pretty much obsess over blending in rather than standing out like Adam had, thus my desire to dress tastefully for whatever surroundings I happen to be in. And that's why I've never been refused access to establishments like restaurants, even when noticeably attired in women's clothes and shoes.
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    Your right these aren't the most obvious heels but I'm not overly concerned if they are noticed. My Wife is equally not concerned about what other people think. She is happy with me wearing them and for me that's the main thing.
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    To be frank, I'm not surprised that Adam Murphy was refused admission from what is presumably a family pub/restaurant (although I don't know the place). Whilst simply wearing a woman's dress or thigh boots (together or separately) in such a venue is not in itself likely to offend, even when worn (as he alleged) as his 'normal' attire, rather than as a joke or for a stunt, his whole demeanour seems to me to be over-the-top and potentially both provocative and unsettling. He and his companion cannot expect to be accepted with open arms in every establishment and it is not unreasonable for some to deny entry, although the means of doing so needs to be handled fairly and discreetly. I'm sure JeffB is right when he says that he has never experienced a problem when similarly (if rather more conservatively) dressed. But Jeff's invariably smart and restrained solo 'performance' is poles apart from Adam's. And CAT, likewise, remains in his male persona.
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    Hey JeffB; Those are great looking shoes even if they are a little low for hhplace. I may have to stop my local Payless.
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    Adam Murphy (guy in the silver dress and thigh boots) seems to have handled the situation well and got a public apology from the restaurant. For my taste, the silver dress is a little too short to be worn without leggins but that's me. I suspect he knew the venue and the article says there were female guests wearing a lot less. Seems that there is a lesson here for all of us on handling bad situations.
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    Great time you had Bigfoot 15. My wife and i went out a day later for our Valentines date. We went to Apple Bees for dinner. I wore my Nine West red, block heel knee boots with black skinny jeans tucked inside, my boots. Our waitress commented that she liked my boots, especially the red color that I wore. . I told her they were from Nine West outlet, a couple years ago. My wife is totally OK with my heeling. too! Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Bigfoot15, Wonderful story!!! That's the epitome of spousal support and a template for ridding one of the mental demons so many of our members erect in their own heads. The statement was stark and unambiguous: You wanted this heeling lifestyle! No better way to prove the statement than by walking the walk. Great stuff to see happening indeed. Thanks for sharing. HappyinHeels
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    Sounds like an absolutely fabulous date. Thigh boots are what I normally wear to the theater and I have a great time even though I'm by myself. It must have been a blast to be out with your wife. The only concern I would have with the evening is pulling on your thigh boots over your jeans while wearing stockings. I'm always found that keeping the jeans leg down to be a challenge. Tell your wife that I said it would have been easier if you were wearing a skirt. I hope she had at least half as much fun as you did.
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    So in that vein. On the way to the office this morning took a quick impromptu vid in the car park. On The Way To Work.mov
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    I would say the reason is comfort. Round toed pumps are what I wear these days and the comfort they afford means a lot to me at my advanced age (58).
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    I have a thought on taking care when we speak. I try to be articulate and clear on my meanings but... In my last post I mention that I stopped at Home Depot for some paint stripper. I used the stripper today on a book shelf and the following phrases kept going through my mind: This is the best ten dollar stripper I ever saw. The stripper sure did take it off fast. Getting the stripper into a corner was tough. Working the stripper into the ogee was fun (without letting the slightest hint of an "r" get into ogee). I just spent three hours stripping. It was difficult stripping in a tight space. I have never liked the term "stripper boots" but these phrases become particularly "interesting" when you yourself are wearing tight fitting thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels.
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    I was literally waiting for some paint to dry and thought I'd give my new boots a spin by going to my favorite thrift store. I wore the boots with white hose to show off the lacing and a 15" denim skirt. When I walked in the lady at the counter had a line of twenty people and only managed a quick nod my way. I took my time browsing (waiting for the line to diminish) when a lady in her 50's, who was a total stranger walked by and said, "OOh, I like your boots". "Thanks, I just got them". "There really nice, I like them" and she kept on shopping. I checked the lime again and decided to look at the skirt rack where I found a gray below the knee skirt that matched my gray OTK boots and a light gold leather skirt that I thought was outrageous enough for my new boots. I left the store with two skirts and a bunch of kitchen toys and only $8 poorer. By the time I got home the paint was dry.
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    Was out at my fave store 'WITTNER outlet' and found a pair of high block heel ankle boots with a peep toe in a bone leather comfy, easy to walk in price $20 AUD
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    it is a fun adventure wearing 6 inch heels and higher! i get a lot of very nice compliments about the heels, the skin tight jeans and/or the whole outfit, and that can really make my day. of course i get a lot of sneering looks, sometimes some laughing and finger pointing. i've been wearing these super high heels for 20 years so i've certainly heard my share of both positive and negative comments! the latest thing of course is all the camera phones. not sure how i feel about all of those photos being taken by complete strangers but that is the world we live in these days. i always get a laugh when i hear women say: i could never walk in those. because they are so right! they never could. i can, and have, and have had a lot of fun over the years with my personal fashions. walking in 7.5 inch heels on the street can be a bit tricky but all you have to do is slow down and pay attention. once inside the club though with those big open floors, it's a cake walk (ha! no pun intended as i have stepped on a cake with those shoes in the past!). you can really move about the place at ease and especially with those white shoes, everyone in the whole place is going to see them. here is the other video from a night out with my white heels. the first one: downstairs, was filmed in the bar in the basement nearing closing time. so the place was getting empty. the "upstairs" vid is me waiting for my gal pals. the party was over by that point and they were wondering what late night diner we should be going to. it was a fun time. and those white 7.5 inch heels are super comfortable. i can make an 8 hour adventure out of it in those shoes. (big thick footbed padding does wonders!) i also like the jeans i'm wearing in these vids.
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    I have been out for two days now in full CD mode. Yesterday I wore a short gray knit cowl neck dress with black leggings and gray OTK suede boots with 4" block heels and a black bead necklace. I dressed up to go to the movies and saw Assassins Creed. The ticket was only $3 but it was a waste of money. The best part was going to the theater in a dress and boots. After the movie, I stopped in my favorite thrift store and got a lot of Ohhs and Ahhs over my outfit. One customer went so far as to tell me I looked beautiful. She went on to tell me she was a musician and wore thigh and chap boots when she performed. I wasn't interested in pursuing the conversation much further, but the complement was nice. While I was there I found an Ann Taylor gray straight line below the knee length skirt with a tasteful slit in the front. I also mad a quick run through Sam's. Today I went for a blood test wearing the Ann Taylor skirt, hose, gray suede OTK boots with 4" block heels, a short sleeved satin blouse (blood test), a blue/gray scarf, and a brass necklace and makeup. I had to park in a distant parking lot and had a good walk to the entrance of the hospital during which it started to lightly rain. As a guy I don't normally use an umbrella (I figure I won't melt), but dressed as I was, I used a small umbrella, which the wind turned inside out a couple of times. In the hospital I went across the lobby to the registration desk and told the lady I was there for a blood test. I gave her my name and she looked at me and said, "You did say John?" I thought I looked pretty good, but I didn't think I looked that good. After registration I walked over to the outpatient area and sat waiting for my time to be tested. A young female lab tech came out and called "John" and had a look of surprise on her face when I stood up and walked over to her. Normally the test is walk in, get poked, walk out, but this time the tech went out of her way to talk about the warm weather and how not having a cold winter prevented the allergens from being killed off. She also commented that my outfit looked good. I walked back out to my car fighting the inverting umbrella all the way. I did get a couple of nice smiles from passing women. While I was out and dressed I figured that @CAT shouldn't have all the fun and decided to go shopping. First I went to my favorite thrift store and got Hellos form the ladies at the front counter. While I was out the temperature had started to drop and it was raining so I looked at the coats and I found a London Fog blue/gray trench coat with the lining for $4. I also found a brown leather skirt with a perforated pattern for $2. I don't need another leather skirt but... Anyway when I brought my stuff up to the counter one of the ladies said, "Oh I didn't see this (the skirt) back there, and he wears my size". The conversation went on to their really liking my boots and one of the ladies saying that she had three closets full of clothes in my size and joked (I think) that we should have a dress up party. (I may ask if she was serious some time later ). I wore the London Fog coat out of the store. My next stop was a Sam's that I normally don't go to because they had an item my local store didn't carry. I took my time and wandered around a good bit. I'm not sure if people were reading me as a female with really bad hair, or a guy in a skirt and boots, but either way, no one paid any attention to me. I was just another customer. After Sam's I wandered through a Target and wound up at a Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Don't go into a store like this when you have been fasting for a blood test. Anyway I have been having a grand time in this mode. ________________________________________ Addendum: I put on the new brown leather skirt and a black leather jacket and black OTK boots with 4" block heels and went to the movies ans saw "Passengers" and I highly recommend it.
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    Not only were we apprehensive, but we were simply not physically accustomed to wearing heels out in the "real world." Even without the psychological baggage, it takes months if not years of practice before you can just "forget" about them. I also did my first outing in mid heels, and it was a good thing. Despite hours of wear around the house, one of the things that I wasn't prepared for was how tired I would get walking a continuous distance. It seems quite silly now, but I was definitely using muscles I'd never taxed that much all at once before. Congratulations on your successful outing!
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    Try going into The Ritz for tea without a tie
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    Never been refused anywhere. That sort of treatment could get you a successful lawsuit in many US States.
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    No definitely not, if my custom isn't good enough for them then that's their loss, plenty more restaurants in town
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    Got these sexy Lk Bennett boots , £300 off!
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    Well my newest pair of boots came in the post today. I had found another pair of thicker, block heel boots that my wife really liked for me. They are Crown Vintage brand, style is called Pilot. I managed to snag them off of DSW website. They were on sale for $49.94, then DSW had an additional 25% off that. In conjunction with a code I had, it made my total just over $30. I'd say not too bad of a deal! Trying them on, I must say I like the fact they are a snug fit on my calf.
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    I wore my new gray OTK boots to a monthly pancake breakfast where I provide music (hey, its a gig... no pay, but I get a good breakfast). I got a lot of nice comments about the music and a little girl (elementary school escapee) sheepishly said, I like your boots". For the most part I think folks just figure "He a musician" and don't care what I wear.
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    Its hot and my daughter has redone my nails so while it's quiet at work i took the chance to slip on my peep toe boots. james
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    Wore these to Books A Million and I had to say it felt great did not hear if anyone giving compliments or not because I had my headphones on and kept it moving. Trying to make a goal and do it more frequently so hey gotta start some where right!