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MENS LEG CONTEST Sept 10 - Oct 17

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Here's one to start me off. Heel-Lover

here are my 3 photos:

Posted Images

Yep, Trolldeg has competition here this time and I don't mean myself although I do have another pic to post yet.

He was so narrow minded he could see through a keyhole with both eyes.

Brown's Law: If the shoe fits, it's ugly

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Okay Everyone:

Here is my third of three pictures and should make everyone happy who had issues with "THE LOOK:

guys as "guys' legs in heels" or

guys as "want to be other than...' legs in heels..

..guess this shot really does count as "something for everyone" after all LOL



one additional shot for your viewing pleasure



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Here is mine: Posted Image

Again another guy with beautiful high heels legs! If I were still 19 years old I would participate at once at this contest but I'm already 55 years old. I think that my legs aren't ugly but it's time to accept that they are not suitable for a sexiest legs contest:mecry:

Nevertheless a lot of girls on the street have no chance to compete with some guys here!

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The best fashion is your own fashion!

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A not very humble entry. Looks good to me.

Can you stand up straight in them?

Still great.


Thank you, and yes I can stand up straight in them as well as walk in them with a certain amount of grace, they are 5,5"

Why tiptoe through life only to arive safely at death?

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