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  1. working up the guts to go! that's in the parking garage at the start of an all day adventure: as you know i only wear 6 inch heels or higher and i'll never wear jeans that come down and hide any of the shoes/boots i'm wearing. my heels are always completely exposed for everyone to see. and i usually wear skin tight jeans with those heels. even with years of adventure i still get the butterflies before i start out. on the day this photo was taken i was in an underground parking garage working up the courage to go and i eventually did after a few minutes of wondering if i had the guts. i was meeting with a lady not far away and i knew i'd be fine once in her company but the solo walk was giving me the jitters. we made a great day of it, 8 plus hours on the city streets, a lot of walking, a lot of snooping through little boutiques, ice cream parlours, indie art galleries and many amusements along the way. it was the same day i snapped this photo: we were a full day into it by this point and having a lot of fun but i'll be totally honest, when we parted ways and i got back to my car i immediately took my shoes off and gave my feet a rest! i drove back to the cottage that night barefoot! tomorrow i'm going out for my first real outing of the year, wearing my 6 inch heel boots of course as it is winter, but tomorrow it is forecasted to be sunny and mild and i know the city streets will be clear and dry. still... this far away from the start of my first adventure of the year, already i'm feeling the butterflies... i'll snap some pictures along the way. wish me luck!
  2. in a long ago April: at a tourist attraction north of toronto. a beautiful day!
  3. here is a photo i snapped on my way to that club, in that long ago August: i had to go back to my journals to see if there was anything weird beyond those 2 lame guys at the other end of the bar that afternoon and yes: there were a few fun things along the way! i parked several blocks away from the club and had the butterflies yes, but not because of my totally exposed white 7.5 inch spike heels or the show all skin tight jeans, it was because of the Persian beauty! anyway the walk to the club: as always i stopped along the way to see my reflection in those store front windows and if i saw anything amusing lying on the sidewalk i stepped on it. there was a street festival happening and so i stopped to watch the scenes and that is when i snapped this photo. as i was sitting there, enjoying the street scenes, i of course noticed how many men and women were looking at not only my shoes but my jeans. one lady sat next to me and we struck up a conversation about the festival. she was heavy set, plain, about the same age as me, and very interested in my shoes! she asked where i bought them and were they hard to walk in, the usual stuff. then she said she was envious! she said if she had a slim body, the long hair and the super tan, she too would wear an outfit like mine. i have to admit i enjoyed hearing that! then she asked if she could take a picture of me and i said yes. she told me to lift my chin up and pose which i did. i would love to have a copy of that photo! there was an asian market on the corner with colourful displays of fruit and vegetables and i thought it would be nice if i brought along a gift of strawberries for my gal pal. i don't know about the rest of you guys but when you know you're being watched, you have to give them something to look at! and that is what i did as i walked over to the market. i saw she was watching me which of course was a turn on! i also saw there was about a half dozen strawberries lying on the sidewalk near the display and i made sure i casually stepped on all of them. it was fun knowing she was watching! after the market i walked over to the bar and waited for my Persian beauty. i wore those white high heels for about 8 hours that day! fun stuff!
  4. they look fab up there: right where i can see them. (i always thought some brands super high heels were like works of art!) at the club: waiting on a lady friend! this was in an August: my feet are tanned to the maximum and that is a Revlon nail polish i'm wearing with my white 7.5 inch spike heels and stretch blue jeans! i remember that glorious afternoon: August. blue skies and very sunny! i had the good fortune of spending that entire summer at the cottage where i spent 8 weeks in my little black bikini! every now and then i came to the city to visit and of course would bring along my fun wear: super high heels and super skin tight jeans! when i arrived at that bar they had the big front windows open and there were street scenes happening, music and performers, so most folks were sitting around and watching those scenes. i arrived early as i wanted a drink before my gal pal showed up! i was of course feeling super sexy! at the end of the bar were two men, desk jockeys, office guys, likely my age, both of them wearing bizarre "Hawaiian" style colourful shirts, comb over hair dos, pot bellied big time, grey, and ugly. it was August and neither of them had a hint of a tan. they saw me come in and of course looked me up and down: i was the tanned and long haired beauty from the country, slim and graceful: the exact opposite of them! i got the usual disapproving looks from those two clowns but paid it no attention. i was a half hour early for my meeting, as i said, i wanted a drink because... the gal pal i was waiting for, she is Persian and one of the most gorgeous of the gorgeous and most goddess like beautiful: tall and slim, long black hair, dark eyes and oh my goodness just paradise on this earth. (i had the butterflies and this time not because of my white 7.5 inch heels!) while i waited i too watched some of the insane street scenes and the two clowns at the other end of the bar. those boys were into an hour or two at those bar stools. i looked at them and the impression i got from them was sadness. fully and completely sad, missed the fun times, too far down that road to ever do what i was doing, to wear what i was wearing, to have the spirit of wild and free. those boys looked like toads down there and i thanked my lucky stars that i did not look like them. sadness and ugliness are not things i would wear. pretty soon "SHE" arrived. she is the type of gal who, when she enters the room, everyone stops and stares. she was tanned to the maximum, wearing her skin tight clothes, her long black hair was hanging down to the small of her back, full of jewelry and bling, the gold on her tanned wrists looked amazing. absolutely goddess like and elegant supreme. she's not a high heel gal so she was wearing some flashy summer sandals: flats! (we talked about this before and she told me about her "high heels nightmare") those two office nerds saw her come in and watched as she approached me, and our sweet greetings. now they were looking at her as can be expected, every man in the room would be watching something like that! we didn't stay long. after we left the bar i said i wanted to watch the street show for five minutes and so we stood out there in front of the bar, right in front of those big open windows, where i knew those two sad toads could see us! what i really wanted was to stand in plain view of those two sad and sorry looking toads, i wanted them to see her. and i wanted them to see me in my super tight jeans, my bright white high heels, slim and tanned body! earlier they had given me that look that says: what you're doing is not right. what you're doing is stupid. what you're doing is queer. etc. and they of course were very wrong. you can have it all!
  5. amusements: i always snoop the Goodwill when i have an hour to spare. a few weeks ago i saw these: they were the stand outs among many very tired looking old ratty shoes. of course i had to take a closer look and saw that whoever owned them likely only wore them once! and she was a tiny gal, these are size 6B. i have them in size 10B and worn mine a few times. i looked these over and thought fun stuff, but none of my remaining gal pals are size 6 so i left them on the rack and continued my snoop. several days later i was through that Goodwill again and was surprised to see them still on the rack! i went back for a second look and someone had shined them up and cleaned off the outsoles: they really did look brand new except for a tiny bit of wear on the platform, like i said, she only wore them once. two days ago i was cruising through that same Goodwill and there they were a third time! my thought was if she doesn't want them, i'll take them, even though no one i know wears a size 6! so i bought them, took them to the cobbler for cleaning and shining and brought them to their new home: a book shelf i have with a little bit of space to fill. truth is i like looking at them up there on that shelf! ha! like i said: amusements.
  6. today was one of those wildly cold days in the north country but my friend called and asked: when can i see you again? we talked about things for spring time and she said: i will accept no refusal. so i put my fave white 7.5 's where i can see them and i know full and well they will be there when spring time comes! i love the winter but i love the summer too! these white high heels will have to wait!
  7. i think they're Sunset Strip brand. purchased from Forplay shoes.
  8. i forgot to mention my little "protege": he did come up with an outfit and i was happy to see he went full out and bought the blaring white 7 inch heels from Pleaser (size 8!!!). but the poor lad does not have the body that i have nor the confidence. nor the long black hair! i looked him over and said for heaven's sake, take those stupid long jeans and throw them in the garbage! i had the afternoon off so i said to the poor lad: let's go shopping and we'll square you away in the jeans dept. he ended up buying some fun and super stretchy jeans that are tight to the ankles. unfortunately for him he doesn't have the goods to make those jeans work like they should but the effort is there. in the change room, one of those big outfits where they have a mirror down at the end of the hallway, he came out with the jeans on and the white heels, which he brought along, and looked himself over in the mirror. i was at the far end waiting and seated in a fancy chair and my initial thought was good lord the poor kid doesn't have much to work with, body wise, but the spirit is there. he said: he would never wear that in public and never wear those shoes with his bare toes sticking out! i laughed of course. i said: one: in the summer-get a tan, including your feet. two: either have it done or do it yourself, get your toe nails done. three: (not sure about this one) i said you might consider growing your hair out and longer, but i'm not sure about that as he is wearing a particular hair style, long but not shoulder length, but it is definitely working for him. interesting at any rate. the poor lad has no idea how fabulous he could look. i say poor lad but clearly he comes from a place of money.
  9. ha! no. the lovely lady... she eventually arrived and we made an evening of it. as for the waitress: she also LOVED my flashy 6 inch heels.
  10. at the diner: waiting. i could not believe she made me wait! (fun memory anyway!)
  11. It was a lot of fun. Of course there was the shock value at the beginning of Day 2, a lot of stopping and staring and a lot of sneaking photos. There were 350 participants at the conference (in Toronto) and just a few men in with all these professional women of all ages. The men were all grey, balding, pot bellied, conservative, even the younger men were nothing to look at. Then there was me! My long hair hanging down, my painted on jeans and my total exposed 6 inch heels for all to see. Truth is I felt like a male stripper walking around in there as it really was a show all outfit leaving nothing to the imagination, like a day at the beach. By noon some of the ladies had the courage to come up to me and ask the usual questions: why the high heels? Was I gay? etc. Quite a few of them though were quite friendly and said very nice things about my heels and my overall outfit, asking me where did I buy my black boots and what brand of jeans was I wearing. I especially enjoyed the comments about my jeans as you know they were looking! Which of course excited me further. One glam lady could not take her eyes off me throughout the day, how exciting!
  12. Boot adventures: I attended a conference back in October and decided to have some fun with it. Day 1 was all business but I noticed 98% of the participants were professional women of all ages. I was one of a dozen men and so on Day 2 I wore my super tight stretch jeans, a black t shirt and my black Cupid boots with all 6 inches of the heel showing! Hiding nothing I guess you could say. Needless to say that super sexy look caused quite a fuss with the ladies...
  13. many thanks. courage yes: you know what they say about that! (and i have plenty of those: ha ha!) super class! Black tell all body suit. Black jacket. White 7,5 inch heels. At the club. Fun stuff!
  14. Fun stuff: at the NYE party a young lad came up to me at the club and said: I like what you're wearing. True: i was dressed for the evening! I had my high cut leather jacket, a tight black t shirt, my super tight blue jean fake cut offs (not sure what you call them: trimmed just above the knee and rolled up and sewn into place), doubled up black nylons and my white 7.5 inch heels: my personal fave outfit to wear with white super heels. The lad was friendly and courteous and so I gave him a listen that evening and we've struck up an e pal conversation since, and met the past couple of Saturdays to toss ideas around. He is very interested in my style from NYE and wanted to put something like it together for himself. Today he says he has his outfit together and he wants me to come and see it. I have to admit I am flattered in a sincere way that someone has seen my style and wants to copy it! I'll let you know how it goes!
  15. many thanks! i have been out there: high heeling and having a lot of fun with it! my wild adventures continue. here is a snap shot from a long ago summer time: that is my reflection: me walking down the sidewalk, a downtown street in Toronto, Ontario. those are my new 6 inch heels, on the same heel and platform as my go everywhere sexy Sherbert sandals. my feet are super tanned as it was August. those are a pair of fun stretch jeans i bought while in Scotland. that was a long afternoon and evening in those shoes: 8 hours worth, with a gal pal. when it was time to take them off, oh my goodness my feet needed the rest! we walked for miles that day.
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