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  1. a friend of mine saw this photo and said: oh. i didn't know you do drag. i replied: it isn't drag. its me, in authentic me mode. she said: you're wearing sky high heels, fish nets and a black mini skirt. that's drag! kind of funny because i never saw myself as drag. so then i showed her a photo of me in my skin tight jeans and white high heels and said is this drag? [Innappropriate comments removed] and so the conversation went on in a different direction but it left me thinking about that statement of hers: you do drag. nothing wrong with it, just never heard it put that way before. after all these years too!
  2. a lot of late night drives in an outfit like this! basic black suit jacket, tight black t with short sleeves, black nylons, white 7.5 inch heels and super tight jeans! i'd love to go to the club wearing this exact outfit but like everywhere else: the night clubs aren't open! what a downer!
  3. i should have bought 20 pairs of these when i had the chance!!!
  4. i have 2 pairs of these shoes: one pair worn many times and the other pair still in the box! i'm going to take the unworn pair to the cobbler and have the uppers, foot bed too i hope, removed from the 6 inch heel and have them placed on my 7.5 inch heel that are worn beyond being repaired. i have 2 pairs of these 7.5 inch heels and pair number one, the ankle straps and vamps are so far gone from mega hours of wear, they can't be worn. nothing wrong with the heel and platform of course so we'll see what a cobbler can do. that is pair number 2: the uppers have been replaced by the cobbler. their work wasn't perfect but who is going to have their nose up 2 inches away from his handy work to see the imperfections? wish me luck! hopefully there is a cobbler in this town who can solve my high heels problem!
  5. wow! tiny photo! anyway: my 7.5's in the diner somewhere on Church Street, Toronto. i look at this and am reminded a "full body tan" is essential with shoes like this! (i continue to work on said tan!)
  6. yes they are. they're the only pair i have with those flared out bottoms. all my other "high heel jeans" are tight to the ankles and don't cover any of the heel. i had to keep these ones as they are super soft to the touch, big time stretchy, and are wonderfully perfect on the front leaving nothing to the imagination: perfect for those show all summer nights at the club! (which of course i hope the clubs open up soon!)
  7. my tanning is coming along nicely: it will soon be time to sport this look!
  8. i thought it was peculiar, hearing what sounded like the same voice AND the same words! back in 015 or whenever it was, the rest stop was packed with travellers on a Friday afternoon but last Friday night the place was nearly empty. weird. an exciting weekend though and fun to be running around in 7.5 inch heels. those snake skin boots look good!
  9. on my last weekend outing i was thinking about my brand new Pleaser brand 7 inch heels but when i put them next to my 7.5 inch heels from Highest Heel, i just had to go with my 7.5's! here are my new Pleaser 7 inch heels: i bought them last September before i took my 7.5's in for a tune up and a paint job. the gal i was going to see in September was extra special and so i wanted to be sure i was at the top of my game and wearing some very flashy shoes plus everything else. i loved what she said: you can drive in those?!!! yes i do like these 7 inch heels but i like my 7.5 inch heels more! said 7.5 inch heels in July, ultra tanned feet! (i had to pick these over my 7 inch heels last weekend!)
  10. i'm not sure what summer it was, summer of 2015 or earlier, i was at the cottage for July and August and getting a very nice tan! if memory serves, it was one of those weekends in August when my gal pal called and begged me to please come visit. i left my cottage paradise on a Friday and drove to the city, stopping at the last enRoute on highway 400 before the city. of course the reason for the stop was to change from cottage wear to white 6 inch spike heels wear! i went into the men's washroom, ducked into the biggest stall and wiggled into my dark blue skinny jeans and a black t shirt and some black ankle socks. i did not put my heels on. i remember the service centre being very busy as it was a summer Friday afternoon. i walked out of the men's room and i heard a man say: oh my! i knew he was looking at me and i was quite a sight i'm sure dressed like i was, tanned to the maximum, AND wearing black ankle socks and no shoes! something you never see at the enRoute! the same gal pal called me last week with the same begging and pleading and i certainly wanted to answer that call! so i took off on Friday night and did the same outfit change only this time on the last enRoute before the city, on the 401 highway. with this stupid pandemic crap going on the enRoute was nearly empty plus it was nearing 11 p.m. i did the same as always: picked the biggest stall and switched out my clothes only this time i had the guts to wear my white 7.5 inch heels! i wiggled into my second skin jeans and goodness those leave nothing to the imagination! i put on a black t shirt and a black hoodie as it was kind of cool out there on Friday night. when i buckled up my white high heels the butterflies came on big time but like i said, the place was nearly empty. still, i had to take a deep breath and calm myself before i opened that door to walk out of there. when i walked out to the general service area i swear i heard the same guy! i heard this loud: oh my! i didn't turn to look, i kept going out the front doors and down the sidewalk to my waiting limo. butterflies and excitement! wow! what fun!
  11. awesome adventure in these super sexy shoes! i'm still at the address and leaving soon. when i get back to my own city i'll share what i can about some weekend amusements!
  12. yes they are! thanks! (feet are pretty sexy too!)
  13. i was saving these ones for special outings but now that summer is fully here i think its time to take these off the shelf! i have the tan started and for these shoes, super tanned feet work wonders! painted nails also go a long way!
  14. he he he! fun stuff lads! keep up the good work!
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