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  1. fun stuff: it is smoking hot and beautiful here today. we (a new gal pal!) went for a drive in the country this afternoon and took in one of the nature trails. i was in my super fun second skin shorts, a black tank top, and going barefoot down the nature trail. after 30 minutes we were both sweating and i said enough with this tank top and took it off. she looked me over for a few minutes and then said: you have no body hair? no hair on your arms, chest, back, legs? i admitted that i did shave my legs every three or four months but the rest of me is silky smooth! i laughed when she
  2. weather is beautiful again tonight and forecasted for the entire weekend, it could be the last chance this year to wear the super fun second skin shorts and white high heels! i asked my gal pal with the blood curdling scream about a drive and she said yes! we agreed that tonight we'll go east of the city for a change in scenery and a less spooky experience. the other night we made it without any creepy night sounds but weirdly... someone pulled over on the same stretch of barren highway, about 500 yards down the highway, pulled over and left their lights on. we watched the scene and
  3. it is a beautiful day out there! warm and blue skies! which means it might be a wonderful evening for a drive in the country. i'm going to ask my gal pal from last week if she'll take a ride with me, back out to the west end where "the thing" scared her silly! any excuse these days to wear high heels...
  4. not sure about any moose that close to the city, or to the west of it where we were. but north of the city is serious moose country. where we were, there is a huge deer population but that was not a deer walking down the side of the road. i got to thinking, if it were someone, why wouldn't they walk on the pavement and be silent? there were no cars on the old highway, but us. so weird. anyway my gal pal showed her city girl colours with her freak out, scream, frantic run to the car, never going out there again statement and her hand gripping my thigh all the way back into the city!
  5. that is a very gruesome scene you had there: body unrecognizable, victims, dental records, post mortem... so you'll get a kick out of this! we got out there to the same spot: end of the road, turn around, right next to the 4 lanes, very dark at 830, and super and wonderfully mild! we got out and started walking up and down the old highway, chatting, looking at the very dark sky, it was over cast, and looking at the glow of the city lights above the trees on the woodland side of the road. i was playing it to the maximum wearing my second skin stretch blue jean shorts, a black tank top
  6. my gal pal has been watching the weather and said tonight is going to be mild so can we please please please go back to where we went on Monday night. of course i said yes and would love to go out for a drive! this virus crap has the night club scene dead! so i'll take whatever i can get in the going out department, even if it is to a turnaround way out in the middle of nowhere, just off the main highway. i'll let you know how it goes! (i'm going to wear a pair of my fun shorts with the super stretch denim for this one! and my white high heels for that fun show!)
  7. her heels are way too low for me. i'd never wear anything lower than 6 inches. nice looking gal! i have to admit i LOVED hearing that bit: you cut a fine silhouette. and the icing on the cake: i am admiring you from afar... how sweet! and speaking of seen from afar: last night we took a drive out west of the city as my gal pal is starting to come down with a serious case of cabin fever. and i'm getting pretty sick and tired of the way the world has gone over the past several months. i told her we'll take a ride out of the city and see the stars, do a little dark sky therapy.
  8. i do have some black leggings, several pairs, one pair has that wet look to them! very exciting to wear with super high heels and when i did to a club party a few summers ago a gal came out of nowhere and said: you cut a fine silhouette. what fun to hear that! it was the same gal who later said: i have been admiring you from afar... my fave look though is the skin tight stretch blue jeans! had a fun time last night and i'm so glad my gal pal doesn't care about this virus stuff. will share more later!
  9. going out to visit with my gal pal who lives near that cherry tree! she's the only one these days who will visit. the rest of them are in paranoia... i'm going to make the most of it even though right now it is raining, the forecast is for clear skies tonight! i'm taking my wonderful Sherbert 6 inch heels with me tonight! and of course wiggling into the fun jeans and the tank top. as for the gal who yelled: who are you! i think its a pleasant reminder that not all gals are into dudes who wear skin tight clothes, have long hair, AND who wear heels higher than they would ever imagin
  10. what i like to think is: you had your chance! and this boy in the 6 inch heels is walking away! she has my email and knows about my blog and if she doesn't want to meet again: ah well! i'm good to forget about it as there are more adventures right around the next corner!
  11. so yes, it was just that one chance meeting, and a simple email saying thanks and that is it! strangers in the night! i won't go chasing after that! next adventure please!
  12. when she said: boy you sure got the body for it, i have to admit i was in top form! i was filled to the brim! nothing left to the imagination and i felt it all over me, including her wandering eyes! among other things! super fun stuff.
  13. fun stuff! i waited far too long when i got my first pair of 6 inch heels. i had the outfit but not the guts to go out. thank goodness one day the freedom light went on and out i went! and too bad i didn't discover the stretch jeans until... was it 2013? i'm at the cottage, just arrived, 4 a.m., sky filled with stars. no light or noise pollution. some of us really do have it all! so hey i brought my new shorts and i'll be sure to snap a photo of them at some point this weekend and post them to my blog. WOW! it is super cool out here, at the cottage on Saturday nigh
  14. so that gal! i was very nervous about meeting up with her and had the butterflies like never before, but i pulled myself together, wiggled into my stretch fun jeans, black tank top and a different pair of heels, on the same heel and platform as the sexy Sherberts but diff vamp/ankle straps. that first time i noticed her staring at my shoes so i thought it would be fun to wear a different pair. and so the gal, she wanted to know what the story was/is: how did i come to wearing 6 inch heels? what is the history of the adventure, why 6 inch heels and not lower heels, and what does it do
  15. whew! what a gal! and what a conversation! will share more later because i'm at the cottage for 2 days only! the bar is open and we're getting into the evening wear. i have my sassy black shorts on today! (no high heels... )
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