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  1. i did get invited to meet up with a racy gang of new year's eve party cats, a small gang of course, and outdoors at a park i know very well. you can bet i'm going! it is forecasted to be very mild and clear this evening and since this is the last chance this year to get out wearing "the outfit", i just have to go for it. the other reason i absolutely must go is there is a gal in the group i know very well and she always gives me the extra attention and special treatment, i haven't crossed paths with her since this whole stupid pandemic started. lots of pavement and sidewalks at this
  2. thank goodness we have a minute! it is xmas boxing day and i'm glad to see it! here is another screen shot for you, from that vid from autumn: you might remember the legs from that fun 2013 post when i discovered the Bluenote skin tight jeans! can't show you the front! anyway: not sure what 021 has cooking up for us so i'll leave this thread for now and hope you too have, or make it into another fun year. and for those of your who are anxious around high heels and going out wearing them: get busy living!
  3. as this year draws to a close i look forward to much more exciting times, outings and fun and games in the new year. i have to admit: this was the most lame year for my high heeled adventures! here is a screen shot from a vid my gal pal took on one of our out of the city drives last autumn. this is not the night when we heard "the thing" and she was terrified. this was a somewhat mild night: i wore my super short fun shorts, my white 7.5 inch heels and my black leather jacket although on that night as i recall, it wasn't needed. it was one of those mild wind nights in September.
  4. if they heard me coming than they would have heard me coming!
  5. ha! NO! and there is no need to either.
  6. so here is how boring things can get during a pandemic when all your friends are hiding out and won't visit! i got dolled up in my fun jeans, black leather jacket and my black boots with the 6 inch heels and went out for a walk down the city streets alone: with no particular place to go! this was a few nights ago and the streets were indeed: empty! lame.... my September selfie, could have been taken the other night and been my December Pandemic selfie. i sure hope things turn around in the new year!
  7. no go on Tuesday but we're out here on the west end of town kind of waiting for the phone to ring... ha! what has the world come to? well 2020 sure has been a crappy year for adventure!
  8. i think i'm going to stay out of the malls these days. walking the street is one thing, going into a mall with a bunch of folks... i'm going to take a pass on that. and so my gal pal yesterday said we'll try for Tuesday night. so no outing last night.
  9. it is a bleak scene out there alright! to hopefully add some spice to what is turning out to be a very boring weekend, i called my gal pal up here in town, the same one who went for a ride with me back in the autumn and who FREAKED when we heard that mysterious noise, footsteps on the gravel in the pitch black of night, i gave her a call and asked how about a simple little walk on the city streets at night? a little social distanced walk down town to maybe see some xmas lights or something and she said: maybe. sheesh! all i want to do is give my legs a stretch in those sexy 6
  10. my how times change: here we are, saturday night, and NO club scene. worse: this is the night we would normally be going to that wild Xmas party where there are no hold barred, no pun intended! but all of that is cancelled. like my fave halloween parties. i'll be glad, like everyone else in the world! when this virus crap is in the history books!
  11. so yes the famed xmas party hosted by my wild gal pal is OFF! in past years it was a night of song and dance and in with some pretty wild gals! it was always an opportunity for me to really go the distance in the wild outfits department, more wild than say the club as the xmas party was in a private residence. but sadly, the party is cancelled due to the usual. which is indeed a sad scene... i was thinking about the club scene which i love so much, and none of that happened over the summer. although i had a few amusing one on one adventures it is the club scene i miss the most. the
  12. sitting here looking at my toes coming out from under the vamps of my white 7 inch heels... and no fun clubs or dates... gosh i'll be glad to see 2020 come off the calendar! (p.s. the famous xmas party i have usually attended is also cancelled... )
  13. ah ha ha! funny stuff lads. keep up the funny work! as for the channel: i enjoy the models and their outings.
  14. so much for high heeled sandals this year! at least in and where i live. we had all of saturday to enjoy the outdoors, which we did, but sunday the snow arrived and didn't stop until midnight! i will admit it did feel kind of weird walking around out there on Saturday in my sexy 6 inch heel Sherbert sandals in black, my fave and go to sandals when we're out and about in some weird places (uneven sidewalks, etc.). it was cool, boot wearing season is truly underway. in the evening we had a chance to air out the idea of "why?". ha! i enjoyed that conversation. my thing has alway
  15. oh my goodness i am back in the city of Toronto... the crazy things we do for fun. many thanks pebbles f. i DID look in the mirror and i liked what i saw. now it is time ride through the streets, through the courtesy of my two well heeled feet! (it is MILD!)
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