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  1. my 017 adventures

    i think they were lycra polyester, black with a shine to them. not gleaming though. and her shoes were not shiny black patent, more of a matt finish. of course she had that mature womanly figure going for her and what glorious curves. wow! there is no way i would ever wear the same thing as my gal pal, at the same time because there just is no contest. she is going to win every time. like a fool i did not ask her where she got the pants and the shoes! i am surprised though with my level of jealousy when i did see her walking around in the mall, wearing those super sexy shoes and those great legs of hers, on display for whoever wanted to see. just going anywhere she wanted and knowing full well she was stealing the show. when i do that, the amount of courage i have to muster... plus the butterflies, and the potential for negative comment/reaction... it makes for it being very tough to get started: a simple opening of the car door and going. alone especially. when i have a gal pal it is much easier of course. but i'd love to have that freedom when i'm on my own: to wear whatever fun outfits and not have to think about all the potential garbage that could and does come my way. mind you: the positive comments i've had over the years out number the negative, i'd guess 10 to 1. but you guys know what i mean: a man in heels, in public, on the streets and in the mall, it isn't going to be a cake walk all the time.
  2. my 017 adventures

    that's them! i want those!
  3. my 017 adventures

    i am going out this morning to see if i can find me a pair of those slick black skin tight pants! and i also want a pair of those super sexy 6 inch heels she was wearing: cross strap peep toe, in black. when i saw hers i immediately went around behind to see if they were red, Loubs, but no. Anne said they were knock offs but she knew i'd go crazy if i saw her wearing them. and i surely did go crazy! i could not take my eyes off her or her shoes. i like it too that she said she put that outfit together just for me!
  4. my 017 adventures

    i had a great time with my old gal pal, Anne, who is a mature and wonderful gal who really knows her way around, and how to get things done! what struck me the most on our recent visit was her outfit: black shiny stretch pants tight to the ankles, that all the gals are wearing these days. a black top, with a black vest pulled in tight showing off her fabulous figure. and some supremely sexy looking black spike heels-they were a cross strap peep toe, 6 inch spike heel, 2 inch platform. WOW! what a look! and she is on to me: she knew exactly how to stand in those, with her legs positioned a certain way, always glancing at me to see if i was watching and i surely was! we were in the mall on the holiday snoop and gosh she was getting all the attention she wanted. what a show. i was wearing my fun show all jeans, Cupid boots, black t and black high cut leather jacket, pretty much the outfit i wear just about everywhere when i go out these days but she was stealing the show! she was awesome!
  5. my 017 adventures

    i'm all for a glass of something every now and again but that drunken messed up gal, she's trouble and i'm glad it went no where after i heard that stupid: how dare you! i won't be seeing her again! i also won't be seeing my two party gal pals this Saturday night! it is the ever popular and usually very wild and crazy Xmas party, famous in their circles for being a full blown night of wild times with a lot of wine, women and song. i took a pass on that one as things have gotten a bit too wild for me at those parties. instead i'm going to meet up with an older gal pal friend of mine, a very lovely lady, mature, exotic, and open to a lot of extremely fun ideas and adventures. for example: on Saturday night she is going to help me with my new video camera! for that one i'm going to wiggle into my super tight show all jeans and wear my Cupid boots!
  6. my 017 adventures

    i wonder if the friends of that silly drunk girl told her what happened in the bar and how she almost caused a scene. it isn't often i get a reaction like that! i'm used to be stared at and sometimes a gal will come up and say something positive and quite wonderful about what i'm wearing, occasionally a young man will come up and say something nice as well. the very next night a young man did approach me and said: we love what you're wearing. i know his little party of friends were standing close by and they were looking me over from head to toe. we were in another upscale club watching an expensive show so i'm thinking the riff raff i usually run into at a regular club wouldn't be in such a place. more of a civilized place with folks who can afford to be there. i wore my Cupid boots again with my skin tight jeans, the usual outfit with everything showing, everything in plain view! what fun. so hey: if you do see a pair of my Cupid boots online anywhere, for sale, both ankle and knee high, let me know as i would love to order a new pair of ankle high and would go crazy if i had a pair of knee high Cupid boots that i could wear over top of my skin tight jeans. i would LOVE to have that look!
  7. my 017 adventures

    strange things last night!!! i was out with a gal pal at an upscale club, having a few drinks and catching up on the latest fun news. i was dressed in my size 27 super stretch Guess jeans, my black Cupid boots, black t, black high cut leather jacket: pretty much standard wear for a night out with a gal pal. like i mentioned earlier, those size 27 super stretch blue jeans look like they were painted on, given that i normally wear size 30! i was in what looked like a body suit. very sexy for a dark club. my gal pal and i were standing at the bar for quite awhile before we took a booth in the back. while we were standing at the bar i noticed a few gals sitting at a nearby table, staring at my jeans and totally exposed 6 inch heels. these gals looked like some classy gals with money, young, 20 somethings. but they also had quite a few drinks on their table. a few young men joined them while we were still standing at the bar. later i was on my way back from the men's room when i saw one of those young gals, the one with the long blond hair,, this was around 1130, fall off her chair! crash! onto the floor. it was clear to me that she was drunk and her friends all burst out laughing while they gathered her up off the floor. this was happening just as i was walking past. i thought nothing of it and went to back to where my gal pal was sitting. it was about 15 minutes later when we decided to leave. while we were walking out the group of gals and their young men were also leaving. the blond gal who fell on the floor, obviously intoxicated by this point, was standing somewhat in the way as i was coming through. i walked behind her and said to her and the young gentleman that was helping to keep steady: excuse me, in a sincere tone. get this: the blond gal looks at me and says: how dare you!!! i knew she was drunk and didn't think anything of it, kept going with my gal pal. my gal pal said the young man grabbed the blond to restrain her from turning to face me directly! when we were on the street my gal pal said that the blond was really staring me down when we were standing at the bar, and pointing at me while chatting with her friends. and when i walked past them, when they were picking her up off the floor, she gave me a really dirty look, according to my gal pal. my gal pal knew something was up so she said we should leave. i missed all of that but i certainly knew that something very weird was going to happen when the blond said: how dare you!!! crazy drunk girl in an upscale bar... man wearing show all jeans and heels she could never wear, standing not far away. hmmm. hopefully i have better luck when we go out tonight!
  8. my 017 adventures

    FUN TIMES with my long lost gal pal! so for some of us, 18 years means nothing! she looked so fab. a well tuned lady, mature, and sporting the look of someone who has spent a few hours or more in the gym. those black skin tight leggings she wore made those athletic legs of hers look like a magazine cover. she wasn't into going out so i met her at her hotel. drove over there, wearing my brand spanking new Guess "super stretch" jeans, waist size 27 (i'm a 30!!!) and an inseam good enough to leave my black Steve Madden pumps in full view. now we're not talking granny shoes here. and unlike our friend in england, i'm a firm believer in the higher and the pointer the better! and i am a firm believer in not hiding a work of art: the shoes! so my sexy jeans were tight to the ankles and covered nothing of my black pumps. wore the usual black t shirt on top, trimmed off so it covered the belt loops (no belt!) and that is all. i parked in the hotel garage and took the elevator straight up to that room of hers. no one was around in the garage so i enjoyed my walk in those 6 inch stiletto pumps: LOVED the sound they made in that big old parking garage! had a wonderful visit. and fun too in that i think she might have been expecting an old fat grey haired washed up ugg fest walking in there. i got in the door and she walked up and hugged me but then immediately backed up so she could see me from head to toe. she said: you and your shoes! she also walked up to me and used her index finger and her thumb to pinch my jeans on my thigh and said: skinny jeans. i knew you'd love these new fabrics. too bad they didn't have them 20 years ago. i replied: we managed to get along without them. she said: YOU managed to get along without them! so it was indoors in a room with a view! she did not want to go out but instead wanted to hear my story and we surely shared a few of those. had room service bring in dinner. around 5 a.m. she went with me to the garage and said good bye! no promise to meet again but she did say: lets not wait another 20 years before we meet again. last thing she said to me: you and those heels... i wish i could wear those.
  9. my 017 adventures

    those Cupids are medium (B). (if you have a wide foot there is just no way.) going out to see that long lost friend!!! wish me luck! it is very cool out there but i'm going to take my Steve Madden black pumps and wear them into the hotel. seems she wants to stay in this afternoon. i'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    wow! reading this reminds me of just how lucky i am! my wife doesn't care at all what i wear, be it 6 inch heels, 7.5 inch heels, skin tight jeans, bikini thong at the beach, and she doesn't care if i get out and run around. my wife encourages my heel wearing and my clothing choices.
  11. my 017 adventures

    i was called up by a gal pal who i've not seen in a very long time! i know exactly where this is going and i look forward to seeing her again (it's been 18 years!) and i know i want to have some fun with my outfitting. the last time i saw her i was wearing my white 6 inch spike heels from FOH and i know those shoes drove her mad with desire. but this was back in the day before those super stretch jeans. i want to wear my super stretch Guess jeans and some heels of course but which ones? i have my 7.5 inch black sandals but i'm thinking they might be a bit too much for this time of the year. i've worn my Cupid boots quite a bit this autumn but i want something that is really going to knock it out of the ball park, after all: 18 years is a very long time! i was thinking about these shoes but do you think it's too late in the season to be wearing open toe and bare feet? (think grey skies, very cool, leaves off the trees)
  12. my 017 adventures

    met with a gal pal yesterday for what i thought was going to be a little afternoon visit but it turned into an 8 hour outing! for the visit i dressed in some very nice Levi super skinny blue jeans, a black t, my black high cut leather jacket and my Cupid boots! here is one of the photos she took at a stop along the way. i thought all we doing was going out for a lunch somewhere, which we did, but we did a lot more than that! at the diner a man couple were eye balling my wild and revealing outfit! my gal pal said they were really watching me and my boots! as you can see in the photo: none of the heel was hidden by pant leg length: a fun and bold way to go! after lunch we hit a main street and visited the touristy shops, up one way and back down the opposite side. then it was to a mall for a look around. as i was walking around i was very much aware of the people who cared to notice. it was a mixed bag of reactions. of course i enjoyed seeing my reflection in those big store front windows! i was also thinking about my own personal history of heeling. i know i would have had a tough time with the butterflies making an outing like that, even just a few years ago, say back in 013 when i first found those show all blue note jeans. i would not have had the guts back then like i do now. which... is kind of bluesy. what was i waiting for, back in those early days? it is frustrating knowing i let the possible negative opinions or reactions of strangers get the best of me. my gal pal dropped me off at 8 p.m. the first thing i did when i got to my car was unlace those boots!!! 8 full hours, a lot of walking, that is enough in those sexy Cupids! a fun outing! glad i didn't chicken out!
  13. my 017 adventures

    i was out for a little walk last night, in the city, wearing some fun stuff: show all skin tight blue jeans tight to the ankles, my Cupid boots, a black t and my high cut black leather jacket. walking in those 6 inch heel Cupids means you're walking slow! a gal came up behind me and before i could see her she said: i love your boots! when she got to the "boots" part of her comment she was beside me and passing me, i looked over at her, she was a beautiful young thing in her 20's and fashionably dressed. of course she was on her cell phone. i said to her: thanks! then i heard her say into her cell phone: this guy is wearing the most amazing pair of boots! that made me smile. but then as she was pulling away and into the night, i heard her say something, couldn't hear all of it but i definitely heard her say: "his jeans"...
  14. my 017 adventures

    a short vid from Tuesday's amusements!
  15. my 017 adventures

    that's them: my Cupid boots. 6 inch heel. 2 inch platform. size 12 (women's) and purchased... was it Forplay Shoes, L.A.?