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  1. even though we're in lock down and can't leave the city there is still room for some amusing adventures now that spring truly is in the air and the streets and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice and... people! i've always been a fan of late night walks but these days they're asking when we're out, to wear a mask! i'm fine with that, something simple, and black to match my shoes! ha! i'm going to wear my super sexy Daelyns from Jessica Simpson over the next few nights when i'm out for my stroll, face hidden by a mask: i wore these on Sunday afternoon when we made a little drive into the country. what fun and what sexy shoes! i also have my white ones over here, they still need to be stretched in order to achieve that perfect fit and look. as always: i wear these with some super tight skinny jeans, a black top and for spring time, maybe a high cut leather jacket. if things warm up i'll find a lighter jacket, but the new addition to the outfit is the face mask. what is the world coming to?
  2. yes that outfit worked wonders that night! we made a full night of it!
  3. here is to keeping it simple!
  4. ah yes the thrill... a big part of it is the thrill of the chase! when i go out to a club or an event i know for absolute certain some glam gal (or 2!) is going to come up and introduce herself because she wants to know more, at the start, about my super high heels. where that leads usually is a lot of fun. i think the butterflies could be a part of that anxious anticipation. of course there is the thrill of knowing i'm wearing the highest heels in the city. and i have to admit i am a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to the show all outfits, especially the leave nothing to the imagination blue jeans! (i should have been a stripper!) mind you there have been some weirdly curious situations too with some gals who are super attracted but admit: i'm way too much for them. and yet there they are, going out of their way, to see me. hmmm. anyway: there is a thrill! and there are the butterflies! those 2 things have remained with me whenever i wiggle into my super sexy jeans and strap on my super sexy heels! have sexy legs and sexy shoes: will travel!
  5. i am definitely NOT past the butterflies when going out in 6 inch heels! or 7.5 inch heels... even after all these years of going out! i'd wear something like this all the time if i had the guts! or something like this: but i lack the guts and the butterflies sometimes get the best of me.
  6. i suppose if there is any good in this social distancing bizz: you can hit the open streets with your heels and not have the butterflies! no one around! i enjoyed my walk so much i might go out again tonight but this time with my Daelyns!
  7. well of course i didn't have the GUTS! i did not wear my white 7.5 inch heels with black nylons and it was a little too cool for that thin black blazer but i did go out and made the visit! i wore my jessica simpson 6 inch heels with the wood look finish and t straps. wore the wrong jeans! got over there and found the streets empty! there wasn't a soul out there. and the traffic to and from, nothing! it was kind of freakish seeing the streets empty and the diners, bars, etc., closed! this virus thing has really shut down the city. needless to say i had NO butterflies as there wasn't anyone around! before i went in for my visit i walked around the block and gave my jessica simpson t straps a work out! they are some fun looking shoes and quite comfortable and quiet: there is a thick rubber outsole that keeps the noise down. each step: very quiet. and it was easy going down the empty sidewalks. my visit was wonderful. after all was said and done i got back to the empty streets, drove home but before i got home i had to stop and take one last walk down the empty streets to enjoy the feeling of wearing those 6 inch heels on the sidewalks. fun times!
  8. never mind this social distancing: if she calls i'm going! and she called! i want to wear this: we'll soon see if i have the GUTS!
  9. bleh. i'm a womanizer. and the 6 inch or higher heels work for me! an image capture from a video: from a late night summer ride back to the cottage: what fun that was!
  10. t bar strap as seen from above, as requested: fun shoes!
  11. my sexy Jessica Simpson heels: these ones are very much ready to go! all we need is some spring time weather. nice outfit though: skin tight blue jeans, black T, black jacket, black nylons x 2, wooden look 6 inch heels. waiting for a date!
  12. Tony Shoes! also a blast from the past! Maya Shoes and Boots, i bought my 7.5 inch heel Pleaser boots from them. and Pierre Silber, also bought many shoes from them. my first pair came from Frederick's of Hollywood and thank goodness that catalogue somehow came into my life way back in the summer of 1995! or was it 96? all i know is as soon as i saw the shoes in the centrefold part of the catalogue, that was it for me! wish i kept that original catalogue!
  13. i think they're sunset strip brand, purchased from Forplay Shoes in LA. (i've had them for 15 years!)
  14. i love the skinny jeans with boots look: sadly for me though i did NOT buy the knee high versions of these boots when i had the chance! how dumb of me!
  15. hey i sent that PM. and yes i LOVE asian gals! always have, since my wild teenage summers (the "white bikini" adventures from many moons ago!) but yes, those lovely ladies we saw last sunday were some very fancy looking ladies, friendly as well, and we were happy to help them out and of course i was ready and willing to pose for a few photos with them. i WISH i had a copy of those photos... also: those gals we came across, i looked over their footwear and none of them were wearing heels like mine, they were all wear wedge style.
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