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  1. it was very amusing! i didn't understand what the older gal was going on about but my gal pal soon brought me up to speed. my gal pal then burst out laughing and said it was a good thing she wasn't right there to answer for me! my gal pal though is such a sweetie. she said: don't change a thing.
  2. beauty warm day in the city: perfect for the "outfit". i went for a lunch date with a gal i've known for many years. while i was out there, on the streets in sauce mode, an older gal said to me: are you wearing a "modesty pad"? i had no idea what she was going on about! ha!
  3. i will agree that times are very strange right now. no night club scenes in over a year! and gosh how i miss flaunting my fun stuff! so it has to be the one on one visits which are still a wild amusement for me but there is that show off in me that wants to get out!
  4. i would agree... the last old grey geezer who looked at them wouldn't even touch them! ha! not sure if it is going to work. but there is only one way to find out! and no sense of guilt! when i get the butterflies it is the classic: stage fright. when you wear outfits like mine you know the gals are watching! the super high heels is enough to get their attention but the super show all jeans is what knocks it out of the park! (no pun intended!!! ha ha!)
  5. update on the shoe rebuild: i have the 7.5's torn down to the heel and platform, no footbed and no vamp or ankle straps. i hate to do it but i'm going to tear down my white 6 inch double buckle beauties, i never wear them anymore anyway, and hopefully put the footbed and the ankle straps from those onto the 7.5 inch heel. bought the clamps and the super heavy duty "shoe goo" glue. now all i need is some spare time over the weekend to put these 2 things together and hopefully! (i still can't believe these lame old men cobblers in this town, not willing to take my money... )
  6. it gives me the creeps when i'm on my own but i never give it any thought when i'm with one of my sexy gal pals. still though, after all these years of super high heels and my wild outfits, i still get the butterflies whenever i go out.
  7. oh my goodness it never gets old: wearing 6 inch heels and super tight jeans and watching folks stop, gawk, stare, nudge who they're with and point, and so on.
  8. okay so at last we get to go!  spring is in the air, snow is mostly gone, sidewalks are clear and the nights are getting mild:  time to start up with some high heeled adventures!  Go!

  9. at last we have some spring like weather! a blaze of sunshine and mild climes! not quite high heel sandal weather but definitely boot wearing weather as the snow is all gone, the sidewalks are clear. i'm taking my super sexy Cupid boots for a spin today and i have a gal pal to go with! i hope to snap a few pictures while we're out and about! as for the 7.5 inch Highest Heel rebuilds: they're coming along. it's interesting to see the insides of those shoes, a lot of glue and 4 staples... dig in your heels! and GO! (i'm out the door: wish me luck!)
  10. i'm waiting for things to warm up around here and i'm also waiting for the city to open up having been closed by this virus for the past several months. while waiting, i've been stewing over the so called cobblers in this town and how none of these old geezers want to repair my 7.5 inch heels! i thought in this time of weirdness they'd be glad to see anyone walk in their old dusty doors and into their cobwebbed shops, ready to take my money. but i always get the same thing from these old and grey shoe guys, they can't fix them because of whatever. so! i'm going to try it myself. i h
  11. thank goodness spring is in the air!  time to dust off the high heels for a 2021 adventure!

    1. Cali


      You need to get some knee high stilettos for the winter. It's just as bold a look as your tight pants and heels

    2. w6ish


      yes i do!  knee high 6 inch stilettos with my skin tight jeans tucked in!  on the safety side though there IS a lot of snow in this town during the winter months.  we're on the road to spring time so it will be very soon!

  12. i did get invited to meet up with a racy gang of new year's eve party cats, a small gang of course, and outdoors at a park i know very well. you can bet i'm going! it is forecasted to be very mild and clear this evening and since this is the last chance this year to get out wearing "the outfit", i just have to go for it. the other reason i absolutely must go is there is a gal in the group i know very well and she always gives me the extra attention and special treatment, i haven't crossed paths with her since this whole stupid pandemic started. lots of pavement and sidewalks at this
  13. thank goodness we have a minute! it is xmas boxing day and i'm glad to see it! here is another screen shot for you, from that vid from autumn: you might remember the legs from that fun 2013 post when i discovered the Bluenote skin tight jeans! can't show you the front! anyway: not sure what 021 has cooking up for us so i'll leave this thread for now and hope you too have, or make it into another fun year. and for those of your who are anxious around high heels and going out wearing them: get busy living!
  14. as this year draws to a close i look forward to much more exciting times, outings and fun and games in the new year. i have to admit: this was the most lame year for my high heeled adventures! here is a screen shot from a vid my gal pal took on one of our out of the city drives last autumn. this is not the night when we heard "the thing" and she was terrified. this was a somewhat mild night: i wore my super short fun shorts, my white 7.5 inch heels and my black leather jacket although on that night as i recall, it wasn't needed. it was one of those mild wind nights in September.
  15. if they heard me coming than they would have heard me coming!
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