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  1. i have to admit there is something exciting about having a gal pal who is insanely jealous about me and my high heels and how i wear them! i may have mentioned this before but for some reason i find it a huge turn on when a gal gets so jealous it takes over her conversations. first off, this past weekend i was with a gal pal who has known me for quite sometime and is used to seeing me in my fun summer wear. right now i'm tanned to the super max having been at the cottage for a month! full body tan, right down to my toes! that tanned foot makes my white 6 inch heel Sherberts and my white 7.5 inch heels look fab! it was smoking hot over the weekend and so i was wearing my super tight and show all stretch blue jean shorts that i love so much, and a basic white t shirt with the sleeves trimmed off. my gal pal said it bugged her that i was wearing such wild high heels that were totally and completely exposed and bright white. we had a very fun conversation about this and she basically said she wished she could dress the way i was. now that was fun!
  2. i'm going out tonight to see a gal pal who i haven't seen in 10 years! we're going for a late night drive to sort of start the music. i have my fun shorts but what heels to wear? my tan is coming along nicely so it might be my white high heels! what fun. i'll let you know how it goes!
  3. it went WILDLY well! a great evening and wow what a week! we're back at the cottage now and the one thing that stays with me is my gal pal's friend who discussed with me: how high is high? long story short: i said anything lower than 6 inches is for grandmothers etc., and that i would never wear anything lower than 6 inches. high heels are high. not wedges or what all. i remember someone posting a photo of themselves here, on the beach, wearing flip flops, that were supposedly high heels: i and my friends laughed at that! summer is here and now: let's get busy with creating some adventures.
  4. she cleaned us up! no more blood splatters and no more goo, we're on our way out for the evening! i'll let you know how it goes.
  5. last night's drive to the city included some big time highway high jinx! i was rolling along through the darkness enjoying the night drive, the late night radio show and the empty highway. i wasn't in any hurry so i was rolling along at the posted speed limit. for fun wear i was in my super short blue jeans shorts, white t top and my white 7 inch heels! (tanned you see, and a balmy 21 C at 1 a.m.) last night's outfit was very similar to this! (last night's heels were higher!) anyway: somewhere along the way a transport roared up behind me and roared past, its lights soon disappearing into the night. it wasn't fifteen minutes later i came upon tire skid marks on the highway, fresh black and definitely that of an 18 wheeler. i slowed down and came upon a huge blood splatter which took up all of the lane i was in! then i saw something big on the right hand side of the lane i was driving in and so slammed on the brakes and came to a stop. i got out to take a look and discovered the hind quarters of a moose lying there on the pavement! blood and guts splattered all over the highway and i mean chunks of moose guts everywhere! what a mess! i looked over the scene wondering where the rest of it was and where was the vehicle that hit this moose! after looking the area over i got back in my car, started out and rounded a bit of a curve and about a quarter mile up the highway saw the transport pulled over on the side of the highway, the four way flashers going, and the 3 hazard triangles set up behind the trailer. so i slowed down again and coasted past, i think what i saw was the driver examining the front of his rig: his rig lights were all on but you could tell something was messed up on the front end. there wasn't much i could do so i slowly rolled past and thanked my lucky stars that it was him who hit the moose and not me! this morning my friend said there were blood splatters on my white platforms and heels and some weird goo stuck into the platform outsole treads. (i hadn't told her about the late night highway high jinx and so yes, it was a bizarre scene this morning!) the adventure continues!
  6. i've been a fan of leggings but these capri leggings are brand new fun. i won't be collecting different colours of them, i like them in basic wet look black. i'm kind of a blue jeans and basic black outfitted type of guy and my high heels are either white or black! i let my exotic skin colour do all the talking! i'm on the road tonight to visit a friend in the city! i hope to be back on Thursday and of course there will be some high heeled adventures along the way! out here at the cottage it's all black bikinis and sunshine. it will be fun to dress up for a change!
  7. i'm back at the cottage and hope to go out tonight but also hope to get a photo of that new ensemble that is hh place friendly enough. we had a chance on Sunday night to get some pictures but things were not going in the way of photos! was in the city of Toronto and outskirts, out goofing around, it was a beauty 25 C at 2 a.m.! wow. i was wearing my new capri leggings with my brand new black Pleaser 6 inch spike heels that come with 2.25 inch platform, what fun they are with said outfit! photos of which i hope are coming soon!
  8. i am back at the cottage now and the one thing i can take away from my road trip is this: those wet look black capris leggings are not fit for anything beyond going out to the club. i wore my white 7.5 inch heels last night with said outfit and that did it...
  9. ha ha! yeah right. i already have a warning point and this tech whoever and the other super conservative church goers would have me banned in a heart beat! if you want to see the fun outfit you'll have to visit my flickr acct. we have all the fun photos there. haven't bought them yet! it is Monday night. we'll try for tomorrow. (couldn't see the gal this evening as i've been awake for 2 days: i need a night's rest.) this road trip is on going.
  10. i'm still on the road but i have to tell you about Friday night's wild adventure! even with super butterflies, nervousness, the jitters, etc., i went anyway in the outfit described above! found a nice high cut jean jacket along the way, had my black t shirt trimmed and so nothing was covering my super sexy wet look black capri leggings! what a show! for shoes i wore my white 6 inch heel Sherberts. it was an amazing looking outfit! at first i was very nervous but once outside the car, standing on the sidewalk, calming the breathing, i made my way into her place, a short walk down the sidewalk and into her building. i've never worn leggings like these before and they feel incredibly thin! much more thin than my super fun and show all sexy skinny jeans! wearing these capri leggings, there truly is NO PLACE to hide! everything is on display! and it almost feels like you're wearing nothing! my gal pal gasped when she saw me! she said: wow! those leggings are made for you! later she said: you have the body for that outfit! hearing that of course calmed my jittery nerves and pretty soon i was back to my old self and in show off mode. we went for a drive in the country and pulled over at a fave place to see the moon and the stars, just lovely and beautiful. i was definitely feeling at my most gorgeous sexiness and so happy that i was wearing such a fun outfit that was appreciated by my gal pal. what fun! after we parted ways i kept my outfit on and drove the rest of the way to Toronto. right now i'm waiting on another friend to see about a little visit tonight. after which i'm going back to the cottage. but before i go back out there i'm going to buy 10 more pairs of these black capri leggings! i love them!
  11. i'm getting ready to take off for my evening outing and i'm nervous already! i'm going to wear my new capri leggings and i'm not sure if i'll wear my black sling backs or my white Sherberts. i'm taking both pairs anyway. on top i have a tight fitting black t shirt with the bottom trimmed off so it doesn't come down below the waist band. i don't have a high cut jean jacket here at the cottage so i'll stop along the way and buy something. the idea is to not hide anything of the skin tight capri leggings! i'm in fine form this summer and i don't want to hide any of the curves! this is a brand new look for me, wearing capris. i never hide my heels but this look is something i find exciting and before i'm even out the door i already have the butterflies about seeing her tonight! so wish me luck!
  12. i like those "Run with the Sun" leggings. i prefer them in plain and basic so as to not interfere with the already awesome shape of the legs and back side! and i wouldn't be wearing them with running shoes! i'm taking my wet look capri leggings for a spin tomorrow night when i visit a gal pal!
  13. here is a photo of these new capri leggings with my 6 inch heel sling backs! fun stuff! for the other photos, with other shoes, you'll have to visit my flickr site!
  14. i definitely do NOT hide my heels under any kind of pant leg length but this capri style legging in wet look black is funny stuff for me! i'll snap a few photos of the idea later today and post them. i did see a few advertisements for the leggings with the cut outs along the thighs. i saw a black pair and they did look pretty sexy! so when i'm in the city next week i might go in for a look. Macky Heels: is there a style name at lululemon i should ask for?
  15. and here i thought capri pants were a type of heavier fabric. so like a fool i typed in: what type of shoes to wear with Capris, and up came a photo stream of the most ugliest and stupidest looking shoes! totally lame. needless to say i have never been one to follow the fashion advice of anyone other than my own artistic lovely and sexy. (we're supposed to go out tonight but it is wild weather right now!)
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