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  1. i'm getting ready to take off for my evening outing and i'm nervous already! i'm going to wear my new capri leggings and i'm not sure if i'll wear my black sling backs or my white Sherberts. i'm taking both pairs anyway. on top i have a tight fitting black t shirt with the bottom trimmed off so it doesn't come down below the waist band. i don't have a high cut jean jacket here at the cottage so i'll stop along the way and buy something. the idea is to not hide anything of the skin tight capri leggings! i'm in fine form this summer and i don't want to hide any of the curves! this is a br
  2. i like those "Run with the Sun" leggings. i prefer them in plain and basic so as to not interfere with the already awesome shape of the legs and back side! and i wouldn't be wearing them with running shoes! i'm taking my wet look capri leggings for a spin tomorrow night when i visit a gal pal!
  3. here is a photo of these new capri leggings with my 6 inch heel sling backs! fun stuff! for the other photos, with other shoes, you'll have to visit my flickr site!
  4. i definitely do NOT hide my heels under any kind of pant leg length but this capri style legging in wet look black is funny stuff for me! i'll snap a few photos of the idea later today and post them. i did see a few advertisements for the leggings with the cut outs along the thighs. i saw a black pair and they did look pretty sexy! so when i'm in the city next week i might go in for a look. Macky Heels: is there a style name at lululemon i should ask for?
  5. and here i thought capri pants were a type of heavier fabric. so like a fool i typed in: what type of shoes to wear with Capris, and up came a photo stream of the most ugliest and stupidest looking shoes! totally lame. needless to say i have never been one to follow the fashion advice of anyone other than my own artistic lovely and sexy. (we're supposed to go out tonight but it is wild weather right now!)
  6. i bought a pair of "seduction" brand, wet look, black stretch pants as a gag. they're 95% polyester and 5% spandex, size medium. super stretch, ultra tight and an absolute wild scene on the front AND rear! what's different about them for me is they only go down as far as covering the calves, about 8 inches shorter than my skinny jeans. so there is some sexy tanned skin on display! of course i wear some very wild and super short shorts but these are different, i've never worn anything like these before. i tried them on with various heels and i'm liking the white 6 inch heels on the
  7. had a great time last night! i went over to a friend's cottage thinking the gang was going to be there but it was just us 2! she said she wanted me all to herself and she wanted to hear about my adventures overseas. so we got into the bbq, and the vin, and the lake scenes! i decided to wear my black sling backs on the same heel and platform as my super sexy Sherberts. when i got to her place i took them off and left them right in the middle of the living room floor! right where she could see them! i saw her staring at them many times and finally she said: those shoes of yours are compl
  8. i'm back from the UK and arrived at the cottage where i'll be until Labour Day! first thing i did when i got here was check the high heel stash, bikini stash, and fun jeans. we're okay for the high heels, about 20 pairs. no thongs! but 12 pairs of fun jeans. hmmm. i might have to make a run to town... wasn't here 24 hours before the phone started to ring! ha! this is fab stuff. so i am off to my first cottage/sunset party tonight! i do have the heels. i do have the fun wear. but you know how it is, you can't wear such tight clothes with lines showing... i'm going to wear m
  9. i'm still over here and seeing a great many things! like yesterday at the train station i saw a gal wearing "clogs". they had a decent looking heel and platform, were all black, with a black vamp. i couldn't take my eyes off them and she caught me staring and so asked me: do you like them? i said i LOVED them! and had to ask what brand are they? Kiara, 13 cm heel, 4 cm platform. i wear nothing lower than 15 cm but i could see myself wearing these amazing looking Kiara heels. hmmm...
  10. yes 3 inch heels is no stretch for this pretty boy. if they're not 6 inches or higher, why bother? but some of us are definitely "extreme", or as one of my gal pals put it: i've never met anyone as loaded like you! in defence of the lower heels i have seen a few gals out and about, recently, wearing 4 inch heels and looking mighty fine! but they certainly are few and far between. even more rare to see a gal in 6 inch heels. but to see a guy, super elegant and lovely, but also super sexy and not afraid to show it off, in 6 inch heels? he must be one in a hundred million.
  11. he was up there in Edinburgh outside the Waverley station. ALSO! saw a gal wearing some super sexy Loub's! she was getting out of a cab and going into the Balmoral. those red soles...
  12. i'm still in the UK and yesterday i saw, for the first time in all my wonderful years, a dude: wearing women's heels! not for a parade or some special club outing, just out, on a sunny afternoon, with a friend, cruising, and wearing women's heels. i'm not sure how to describe his style, definitely NOT a dude wearing women's heels, but those were definitely women's heels! even though his heels were some basic 3 inch, old woman heels, still, i did admire his spirit!
  13. i definitely know a thing or two about wearing an outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination! said outfit is a million times more interesting with some 6 inch heels! (and long hair helps!) oh yes: i hope to drive down that way and see it for myself!
  14. had a fun online conversation with a gal pal earlier today about LEGS! it boiled down to this: she said she'd kill to have legs like mine and truth be told i would love to have the thick legs that she has... kind of funny how that all works out!
  15. i love it when the shoe is on the other foot! (ha! no pun intended!) i love being "the one that got away" and i know it's happened several times in the past because they told me! it's kind of sexy.
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