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  1. many thanks. courage yes: you know what they say about that! (and i have plenty of those: ha ha!) super class! Black tell all body suit. Black jacket. White 7,5 inch heels. At the club. Fun stuff!
  2. Fun stuff: at the NYE party a young lad came up to me at the club and said: I like what you're wearing. True: i was dressed for the evening! I had my high cut leather jacket, a tight black t shirt, my super tight blue jean fake cut offs (not sure what you call them: trimmed just above the knee and rolled up and sewn into place), doubled up black nylons and my white 7.5 inch heels: my personal fave outfit to wear with white super heels. The lad was friendly and courteous and so I gave him a listen that evening and we've struck up an e pal conversation since, and met the past couple of Saturdays to toss ideas around. He is very interested in my style from NYE and wanted to put something like it together for himself. Today he says he has his outfit together and he wants me to come and see it. I have to admit I am flattered in a sincere way that someone has seen my style and wants to copy it! I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. many thanks! i have been out there: high heeling and having a lot of fun with it! my wild adventures continue. here is a snap shot from a long ago summer time: that is my reflection: me walking down the sidewalk, a downtown street in Toronto, Ontario. those are my new 6 inch heels, on the same heel and platform as my go everywhere sexy Sherbert sandals. my feet are super tanned as it was August. those are a pair of fun stretch jeans i bought while in Scotland. that was a long afternoon and evening in those shoes: 8 hours worth, with a gal pal. when it was time to take them off, oh my goodness my feet needed the rest! we walked for miles that day.
  4. time for a profile pic update: from a beauty summer night at the club. (i should have painted my nails for that outing... )
  5. A fun scene from the Halloween adventures, 2019. I'm wearing a tell all black body suit and my white 7.5 inch heels! Made a 6 hour adventure of it, a beautiful evening and a very beautiful lady next to me!
  6. Ah yes, 2017! What a wild summer adventure that was... Those white 7.5 inch heels I'm wearing are indeed: Highest Heel. I bought several pairs and have worn them many times to clubs and outings. Highest Heel brand in the 7.5 inch heel seems to be made to order for my foot! I can wear them for 8 hours without any trouble. I'm also getting quite used to how they feel on the foot, making the to and from hassle free. Of course I love the bright white: it is impossible to NOT see them either on the street or in the club! Fun stuff. I have been continuing the adventure! All is good and I have been very well. Many thanks.
  7. oh my goodness is it safe to write here anymore?!!! so many complainers! anyway: the wild adventure becomes more: exciting! sorry to have not shared the last couple of years of fun stuff! i'll try not to tick off you more conservative folks! ah ha ha. the heels are not getting lower.
  8. inappropriate language...

  9. at the end of the day, and year, i can look back on my personal style and know it works for me. and it is remains unchanged, going all the way back to the very beginning of my adult high heel adventures. the first pair of heels i purchased were from Frederick's of Hollywood, they were white 6 inch spike heels with a 2 inch platform: stripper heels. the first night i had them i dressed up in my w6ish uniform: skin tight blue jean shorts that left nothing to the imagination, doubled up black nylons, a black high cut suede jacket and out the door i went! unfortunately no one was around that evening so i went out for a drive. i also brought along my video camera and shot a 15 minute video of me walking in my brand new outfit and shoes: first time ever to wear 6 inch heels outside. later i watched the video and loved the look, like a body suit, with the shoes in plain view among other things! it was a very exciting look which i loved from the very start. and so that has been my personal style when wearing high heels: heels in plain view, slim body, long hair, no place to hide. all these years later i have none of that original outfit, even my original shoes are now long gone: i wore them into the ground! but i have replaced it all with new shoes, higher heels, and of course those wonderful stretch fabric blue jeans tight to the ankles. i am going to keep my personal style and i'm going to wear it into the next year. it is motivation to stay slim, and to keep myself looking as best i can. of course there will be more fun adventures and i'm sure a lot of nay sayers along the way but that goes with the territory when you wear 6 or 7.5 inch heels in plain view with show all jeans that give the gals a chance to see what i'm made of. i don't mind the negative comment. i try not to take it personally. and i try not to let the butterflies get the best of me. i want to thank you here at hhplace for allowing me to share my photos, videos and adventures! happy new year and we'll see you in 018! more of this to come! much more of this to come! maybe more of this look! motivation to stay in shape! and of course this, one of my personal fave outfits. so we shall see you next year!!!
  10. yes you're right! she was wearing revealing black leggings, a very hot look on her. but... she was wearing the absolute most stupid looking tan coloured Uggs... once i heard her say: that looks stupid, i gave her a quick look over and when i saw those ridiculous and stupid Uggs, i laughed quietly and looked the other way. anyone wearing Uggs might as wear a label that says: i give up.
  11. wore this look the other day and heard a gal say to her friend: that looks stupid! wasn't sure if she meant me wearing heels or my skin tight pant legs pulled down over my boots!
  12. i think today is the last chance this year for me to get out wearing my flashy 6 inch heel boots! tomorrow the holiday season starts and i'll be entertaining until Jan. 2nd, which pretty much means no more high heel outings. i don't have a gal pal to visit so it will be me going solo, one of those butterfly outings. no plans really, i'm going to one of those large malls to look at any last minute Xmas gift ideas. i'm going to wear my 6 inch heel Cupid boots, not sure about these loose jeans which are supposed to be men's skinny but they have none of the appeal or look that my women's super skinny jeans have. depending if i have the guts, i might wear my high cut leather jacket. if i don' t have the guts it will be this longer black jacket which is to mid to upper thigh length. last chance for me to step out this year!
  13. the right gals are out there! i have found me a few of them. never let the haters win but i will say it was never as free as i observed my gal pal in her 6 inch heels and skin tight pants, at her age, thinking nothing of anything. i know though, she had a pretty good idea of where we were going with the night!
  14. i think they were lycra polyester, black with a shine to them. not gleaming though. and her shoes were not shiny black patent, more of a matt finish. of course she had that mature womanly figure going for her and what glorious curves. wow! there is no way i would ever wear the same thing as my gal pal, at the same time because there just is no contest. she is going to win every time. like a fool i did not ask her where she got the pants and the shoes! i am surprised though with my level of jealousy when i did see her walking around in the mall, wearing those super sexy shoes and those great legs of hers, on display for whoever wanted to see. just going anywhere she wanted and knowing full well she was stealing the show. when i do that, the amount of courage i have to muster... plus the butterflies, and the potential for negative comment/reaction... it makes for it being very tough to get started: a simple opening of the car door and going. alone especially. when i have a gal pal it is much easier of course. but i'd love to have that freedom when i'm on my own: to wear whatever fun outfits and not have to think about all the potential garbage that could and does come my way. mind you: the positive comments i've had over the years out number the negative, i'd guess 10 to 1. but you guys know what i mean: a man in heels, in public, on the streets and in the mall, it isn't going to be a cake walk all the time.
  15. that's them! i want those!
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