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  1. she moved to the top of my list in this movie...you have got to watch it for yourself...four inch stiletto pumps and she wore them the entire movie long...you know, how we try to crane our necks to see if the director cheated but-and, this is what got me: I COULD NOT SEE that she took them off AT ALL... ...cheers everyone... JSpikeheels/Jim
  2. Yes, that would be fine. Next time I'd use a PM. lol

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2qCsC_1b7k I found a link to that video I wanted to share last week that I didn't realize that the website was why I was reprimanded; with your permission I would like to share it again but I pass the proposal to you as a sign of admiration for you and respect for the integrity of the website with best wishes JSpikeheels (JMaloney)
  4. old timers help me out here...who was the contributor to Jenny's and various other blogs and forums from Edmonton Alberta who sounds a lot like the descriptions shared here-she used to recount some of the most revealing outfits she wore to work and somehow she was reprimanded as I recall and shortly after drifted away from us... Bubba wuld know and maybe raincat JSpikeheels/Jim
  5. something special happens when we pass from the point of from seeing others in them-we feel a "sensation" but it's one of a sort of "distance", of externalizing the pleasure - to where we feel a connection with the experiences we share with very own spike heels...once we remove the distance between us and our objects of desire and can internalize the feelings an entire world of pleasure and sensation opens to us...
  6. I apologize to those who read my earlier post for my use of "inappropriate language"; the 'tech' has kindly omitted the language but has graciously allowed the post to stand with best wishes JSpikeheels/Jim
  7. Hello Everyone: Let me form my question by sharing an anecdote from earlier today: I was at my Ford dealership earlier today to tend to a small matter of replacing a bulb in the overhead instrument panel; ...I'm aquainted with a certain woman-friend there whom I admire very much who generally wears spikeheels-usually black pumps-with hot four inch heels but the last couple days she's been in a heavier-style sandal-type heel that were, frankly, unattractive well I saw "K" today and she was wearing a beige-colored stiletto heel that must have soared six inches off the ground if an inch...I got a buzz in my brain that reminded me how much pleasure I get wearing heels and, well you get the idea ...just before I started wearing heels myself I went through a stage where I would see ladies on the streets and in stores in hot high heels and a warm aroused feeling came over me when I began to consider making that last final step between imagining and participating in the experience... ...in recent days, the kid's been hanging around the house more often than usual and my "heels-time" has gone away and hid...so when I saw "K" today it was like those days when I only imagined what it might be like before the pleasure of sharing the feelings added to the enjoyment ..so the question I have for you is this: what is the experience/person as your role model/object in your life that provided the final solution and marks the point when you made the step from imagination to participation JSpikeheels/Jim
  8. so I walked down to my Ranger and changed into my Bertinni Scotty black stiletto boots with the 5 1/2 inch heel and drove over to the fast food restaurant across from the hospital offices where I often stop for a bite...it was seniors day in there, it seemed, cause the place was full of blue haired old ladies and bent over old men...and in walked J in those killer heels and you would have thought the place was on fire-every head snapped in my direction and the chins wagged like flags at the United Nations whipping in the wind and I loved every moment of it all-good thing the hospital was close by...'911 anyone...
  9. ...yesterday I did a medical file delivery to an area doctor's office and as I was walking to the elevator to leave a woman passed by wearing a pair of sandals with a one inch heel...if that ...what is the point of even bothering to pretend she is the least bit interested in a heel if one inch or less is all the enthusiasm she seemed to be able to muster to drag her azay out of bed and go to the obvious inconvenience for one lousy inch... ...heels, glorious heels have to be HIGH (at least get me over the 2 1/2" to show you at least care enough to make an effort) HEELS not h-e-e-l-s tiny little oooh these are sooo high I don't know if I can stand them one inchers... love my rant? I thought so...lol JSpikeheels/JIM
  10. here is a link to an article I discovered as I wondered just what Arab "Culture" considers inappropriate fashion regarding high heels: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/iran-intensify-clothing-curbs-citing-islamic-values--288098.html excerpted: Iran has set aside $1.5 billion to promote “moral conduct,” including enforcement of its dress code for women, “to solve the cultural and social ills” in society, Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said on May 10. His comments followed the introduction of a code of conduct at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences that bans loud laughter, nail polish, high heels and immodest clothing for women and men. Shoes shouldn’t have pointed toes, make noise or have heels higher than 3 centimeters (1.2 inches). comments invited: JSpikeheels/Jim
  11. definitely missed that one-next year I will compete-to wife's utter chagrin lol JSpikeheels/JIM
  12. I go back with Bubba to the old "Feet & Shoes On the 'Web" that we fondly recall as he mentioned "F&S' and Jenny's site- (which offered a chat venue that later turned up at Spinchat (come-to-high-heels)...by the way, it was accorded 'permanent' status as a group and I think it' still there.. ...we used to meet at 7pm-on Saturday evenings Eastern Time (in the US) if anyone might be remotely interested in having a look-in some time ------------------------- my wife Donna is similar to Mrs Bubba- not interested in the internet or what he or I do with our time "in here" if I may infer ...but Donna heard plenty from me about the ladies we fondly recall from those days and when our son moved out of the nest and it was suddenly just she and I she got the message that she needed to make more of an effort to wear high heels both when out together and as often as she could here at home and, as she has seen, I have opportunities now to wear them here at home AND when I go out- both with her or without her ...her attitude has become one of silent acceptance where was once silent hostility; she seems to have come to a point where she almost approves but will never say so (her world in her brain is so reinforced with concerns of "what will others think..." that she struggles with the concept that some people just do not care what her husband chooses to wear) how many of us have "so's" or wives with the same "what others may think" attitudes JSpikeheels/JIM
  13. I posted a conversation to ya over on yahoo messenger-Robert and Cat have returned-catch me there-I'll watch for you

  14. add my welcome to the others feel free to participate any time you please
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