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  1. .....and in addition to all the good advice above....remember, that working in retail can be very boring. I know, I've done it. (Classical music in a large London record store) We all had our favourite customers, the one's who'd brighten our day, the ones we could chat about music to, the enthusiasts - and there were the others. The chances are you'll be the intriguing customer.
  2. Doesn't look much like Corporal Jones if you ask me. Congrats Doc!
  3. Great set of pictures there

  4. http://yacf.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=6799.0 Humourous thread on open minded cycling forum. Interestingly one guy claims to be able to walk in heels. The metal cleat in the middle of the sole would make them a challenge off the bike.
  5. Hi Handsomeboot, Thank you for inviting me to be your friend, I'm not sure what friendship means in a HHplace context. I don't post much here but still look in from time to time. I don't wear high heels any more, as I've had problems with my knees and ankles and don't want to do anything to jeopardise my cycling. I don't know if you've seen my flickr page, this is something that I've let fall into disrepair as I've lost the my own contact details. I have another page that's mainly concerned with my house in France and my cycle trips and it's firstly too much hassle sorting out the various accounts. Anyway, if you made me a contact on that and I didn't reply it's because I couldn't. BTW, have we ever met? Kind Regards Robert AKA Fog

  6. People who use the lift to travel one or two floors - especially if they're green warriors.
  7. Hey this thread is really bringing out my grumpy old man. What about people citing quotations without knowing where the quotation came from. I'm sure that's not the case here, but I must admit I've been guilty of it in the past myself, unwittingly.
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