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  1. Hi there it is the sandals where did you see them. The boots are pretty but I do not like the laces. What time of the day do you go on to HHS. I do not know if I asked you where do you stay I am here in JHB

  2. Hi Jay Jay the Sandals or the platform boots? Sandals is a wishlist and the boots I bought on Bid or Buy

  3. Good morning there how are you. These shoes in your profile where did you get them from?

  4. Hi there sorry to dissapoint you, but how do you do a PM???????

  5. I'd like to get the whole outfit, Fishnets, Catsuit and Boots....... Bianca on the side maybe as well
  6. Hi Jay Jay, please PM me you facebook Profile?

  7. Jay jay if plum sponsors me I'll also be there..... See that it has watered down to people wearing sneakers now. Don't know if that would tikle my fancy at all if only a few people would be in heels. Rooniheels it started out as a walk in high heels against women and child abuse but merely for women. Would love to get "walk a mile in her shoes" in South Africa going though. But men here are mostly brute plumber types
  8. Good day there you guys cannot do this to me. It looks like I am the only one that is going to walk.

  9. Hi jay jay, Would love to do Sisters with blisters. But stuck at work. Still trying to get out of work some how.

  10. Ok so now I understand read my and your message carefully.

  11. Hi there how are you. Not so sure thatI understand the pic from facebook not sign on. Are you going to walk the Sisters with Blisters??????

  12. Hi jay jay, Very beautifull pic from Facebook Shoes application. Not mine but would love a pair....

  13. Hi there how are you. I like the pic of the sandals in your pic where did you get them and are you wearing them. Check the post about Sisters with Blisters.

  14. I wear a size 8 but found that some makes are small

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