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  1. I am a huge fan of the new way to navigate their site. Also, this spring/summer line is going to be a memorable one!
  2. It had been three years and counting. I missed this group! You're all pretty wonderful.
  3. Wow, over 200! I'm very proud of you, JeffB!
  4. Hi everyone! After forgetting my password for a really long time, I've made it back around. Feels great to be back!
  5. Prior to Friday it'd been almost two months. I had family visiting and the can of worms that would have been opened had I worn heels around them would have more resembled a can of snakes.
  6. I wear a 13 in mens and womens. Need a wide in womens and usually take a narrow in mens (although a 13N is hard to find, so I make 13R work).
  7. It depends on my mood. I find that nowadays, I vacillate between fashion freestyler and cross-dresser. When I'm freestyling, it's reasonably obvious that I'm not trying to pass as a female. When en femme, I try to pass as best I can.
  8. I was just conversing with a friend about that particular type of labeling earlier this afternoon. Not everyone who takes a size greater than 10 identifies with the "crossdresser fetish sissy" identity. Some of us are transsexuals, some of us crossdressers, some transvestites, some fashion freestylers, and there are even some that were born female and cursed with huge hooves. Good move by you, Johnie. I should do the same in the future.
  9. I appreciate pretty much all styles of women's shoes. If I can find it in my size, and I think it's stylish, I'm going to buy. This has given me flats, gladiator sandals, wedges, pumps, business pumps, oxfords, etc...
  10. I don't know why I'd be wearing heels in a hotel by myself, unless I was getting ready to leave anyway or something. I probably wouldn't just be tooling about in them. To answer the question, I'd take the door in heels.
  11. Never to my knowledge, though I wouldn't mind obliging someone who wanted a pic.
  12. My best experiences have come from women. My single worst experience came from a man. The guy would semi-stalk the aisle I was on as though I were going to steal shoes or something. Women have ranged from "simply say nothing at all, and let him be in peace" to "this can spice up my boring day, I'll ask questions to engage him."
  13. Never visited that store for that reason, but good to know they carry the bigger sizes.
  14. I couldn't tell that they were dark blue. In that case, I'm sure it works better. By palette swap, I mean, for example, make the blue denim skirt a khaki one, or do a diff. coloured jacket.
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