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  1. SOON!!! (party is starting in 30 mins!) omgoodnezz: we lowered the BOOM on that one! last night's cottage party was a full on assault. sleeping bodies everywhere!! today and tonight is our last chance! cottage time is over on Sunday. super bummer. gin at 8 a.m.! shoes for now: any higher, with the gin, i'd fall off them. (it has happened before!)
  2. the rear view is pretty awesome! the seamstress followed my instructions to the letter-the seam on the back is tight like a thong! photos to come soon! (too much party time out here right now.) it's the reason i like to wear my Jessica Simpson heels out here-thicker at the bottom end. my stilettos out here just don't work! and it can get kind of messy at times. right now we are in cottage country and yes: forests. lakes. rivers. open range. a paradise at this time of the year and we have 2 more days of blazing sun in the forecast, so we're going to max it out. (everyone has to go back to the city on Sunday... ugh.) ha ha! i would never wear anything lower than 6 inches! and so last night's party was just as wild and crazy, at a different cottage with the same gang of wild cats. i went back to my basic black: my new shorts! black t shirt with no sleeves. and... get ha ha: black flip flops! the reason for the flip flops- last night's cottage and environs, there is NO WAY anyone could wear heels into or out of that place! too wild. had a great time anyway and i didn't have to worry about anyone trying to trash or steal my shoes! we're going at it this afternoon in the sun but this time at my place. i have my brand new black bikini ready to go! (photos of shorts to arrive soon!) okay lads! before the party starts i managed to snap these photos for you! my new bikini next to my 7 inch heels and my super saucy brand new custom shorts next to my legendary black sling backs! black bikini next to shoe selection for the trip to the cottage! i didn't wear the white stiletto sling backs as this is not the place for stilettos and i should have known better. and NO! those are not 3 inch heels at most! ha ha! time to wiggle into that bikini and hit the sun, its already a smoking hot 23 C! at 9 a.m. oh yes if you want to see me modelling those sexy shorts or bikini you'll have to hit up my blog. can't post the photos here!
  3. i'm going to try and share a bit of this while i can, it's a ZOO around here! we're at the cottage and there is a gang of us at several cottages. one gang includes the cranky woman and another gang includes the sweet gal who said: you look amazing! last night's party was at a cottage not far from here and the idea was to see the meteor shower at around midnight. i went over there wearing my super short blue jean stretch shorts with a white t, showing off the mega tan among other things! it was this outfit but not with the 7.5 inch heels, instead i had my white 6 inch heels on, these ones: i was saving these for a special outing but thought better and just started wearing them! the cottage we were at, my shoes were making an enormous amount of noise every time i walked anywhere! i was already bringing a lot of attention to myself with my wild see all shorts. so i took my shoes off after awhile and placed them near one of the chairs in the lounge area. well that did it! all the gals wanted to try them on and they did which i wasn't too happy about as some of them have some enormously WIDE feet! if you know what i mean. the cranky gal did not go near them and the fun gal had them on and buckled up! she did look good in them even though they were too big for her. later she had one of them with the ankle strap undone, dangling from her right foot! what a show! gosh there are so much stuff going on here: i'll come back with the rest of the wild times! okay so everyone is going to the water front- i can continue! so my shoe show kept them entertained-all the gals admitted they'd never tried on heels that high! how weird! dinner was served, the vin was splashed, and talk of the meteor shower started. around 9:30 we got ourselves settled on the front lawn with zero light pollution: perfect for watching said sky show. but everyone agreed it was kind of cool out there and so we grabbed some old blankets and covered ourselves and of course there weren't enough to go around. so we had to couple up! the fun gal said i'll cuddle with you! how fun was that!!! the cranky gal, ha! get this: no one wanted to cuddle with her so she sat there by herself and eventually went into the cottage and skipped seeing the show. (personally my thoughts were-that's what you get for being a stick in the mud!) by the time it was said and done everyone was well lubed on gin, vodka, wine, and who knows what all, plus smoke, and it was determined that no one should drive home and it became one big old fashioned sleep over! all of us sleeping on couches and on the floor, which is where i ended up with you know who! what fun. get this: this morning she said: i want to take your shoes with me as "trophies". ha! tonight's party is a few hours away-but first we're in the sun!
  4. these shorts in black: awesome! and with a super tan: even more awesome. but with long black hair-priceless! and black 6 inch heels: BOOM! so no other colours needed! i'm not much in for flashy colours though. if it isn't all black it would be a little bit of denim and maybe a splash of white, like a t shirt skin tight. my high heel outfit is pretty basic. it was a blast at the party but i knew! she was cranking about being too showy but when another gal, the one who said: you look amazing, started chatting me up and getting very friendly and hands on, that got cranky gal into the mix. classic moment of jealousy taking over! i ended up spending my time with the gal who said i looked amazing and that really ticked off the cranky gal. ha! she tried to keep up but it didn't work for her. fun times! but we're still at the cottage! my new black bikini is working wonders and my tan is coming along super nicely! going back out there for more tanning before tonight's party starts. photo of fun shorts to follow soon but not with me wearing them! i'll put them on the floor next to the shoes i'm wearing! (i should have brought my black 7.5 inch heels!!!) (these ones!!!)
  5. wore my brand new shorts to a little cottage style party over the weekend and at first it was a bit nerve wracking, butterflies too, as there is no place to hide when wearing those shorts! they are black spandex and the seamstress did an amazing job as the fit is perfect and so much fun! i wore a black t shirt, tight, to match the shorts and my black 6 inch heels! it was quite an outfit as i'm out here at the cottage and tanned to the maximum! one of the gals asked: what brand are those shorts? i told her i had them custom made and she asked why. i replied saying i was looking for a special type of fit and asked if she like them. she said no. "you show too much." but she couldn't take her eyes off me the entire time! another gal heard all of this and said: you look amazing. (very sweet!) needless to say i wore the highest heels to the party! i would love to wear this very outfit to the club when i'm back in the city but i don't suppose there will be any fun parties to attend with this stupid virus crap. there are some fun opportunities out here though, Tuesday night, Thursday and i hope on Friday. going back to the city sometime on Saturday so the party at the cottage will be over. i also placed an order with the seamstress for 6 more pairs of these awesome shorts!
  6. OMG they're here today! and they fit perfectly! on the front AND back! family fun safe photos to follow!
  7. turns out there might be an opportunity in the next several days to wear them with a gal pal out here at the cottage so i had the seamstress put them in the mail. hopefully they'll be here tomorrow! very excited! i'll get some pictures to share.
  8. she said they're ready and for me to come in and try them on for her so she can check out the fit! how exciting!
  9. i think they're ready!!!!!!!
  10. i know the look is going to be smoking hot as i'm out here in the blazing sun, sun tanning the whole rig! my new shorts should be ready when i get back to the city and i'll have the tan for those, and my white high heels. i just hope there is a club show we can attend where i can show off!
  11. NEW SHORTS! i've been looking at lululemon super short shorts in black stretch, seen a few gals wearing them and gosh they look fab in them! but i thought where are the guy model shorts, guys like me who have a thing or two? so i went to the seamstress on Friday and told her exactly what i was looking for. she said okay, lets do some measurements and i'll make them for you. before i left the city i brought her some black spandex and she measured me up! she said give me a week and let me see what i can do. i CAN NOT wait!!! so excited! (they're going to look amazing with my white high heels!)
  12. i wasn't in my heels last night but i was in my super short stretch jean shorts and t shirt, barefoot in the rain, chatting with the gal in the apt. on the ground floor and what fun that was. fun and beautiful. how i wish the club scene was open like summers in the past...
  13. it would have been a great ice breaker and usually i have a card with me, a photo on one side (racy) and a phone number on the other. no name! ha! but that night my jeans were so tight, 3 business cards in the back pocket looked stupid! plus i had a date after that party and so i couldn't get myself distracted, which so often happens!
  14. i do know some gals indeed find it a turn, not sure what this gal was thinking. but i do know, when the above photo was taken, at that party, a woman did come up to me and say: i am coveting your shoes. now that was quite exciting!
  15. was wearing my sexy Daelyns and caught her staring at my foot! i asked her what she was looking at and she said she was envious of how the black leather vamp was tight around my toes. (photo is from a previous outing but this is the look with the skin tight jeans.) i didn't further the questions but now... thinking back. what did she mean?
  16. she's definitely honest with me! when she saw the photos of me in my fun jeans i quite enjoyed her response! i directed her to my blog and am waiting to hear what she has to say about those adventures! sadly though, with this dumb virus crap, the outings this summer have been few and far between!
  17. after chatting her up on the subject, yes she IS jealous. she admitted that in all her days she never had the opportunity or the guts to wear such sexy things. only dreamed of it. i was happy to tell her that i did the same! i used my imagination and there it is! agreed! "stuff we've bought and love", how true! many thanks lads! life is too short, so choose fun instead!
  18. we're MONSTER boys! p.s. i wore my Steve Madden black pumps over the weekend and they are MURDER on my feet! maybe a half size larger would have worked but the pair i bought, that's them maxed out size wise.
  19. a friend of mine saw this photo and said: oh. i didn't know you do drag. i replied: it isn't drag. its me, in authentic me mode. she said: you're wearing sky high heels, fish nets and a black mini skirt. that's drag! kind of funny because i never saw myself as drag. so then i showed her a photo of me in my skin tight jeans and white high heels and said is this drag? [Innappropriate comments removed] and so the conversation went on in a different direction but it left me thinking about that statement of hers: you do drag. nothing wrong with it, just never heard it put that way before. after all these years too!
  20. a lot of late night drives in an outfit like this! basic black suit jacket, tight black t with short sleeves, black nylons, white 7.5 inch heels and super tight jeans! i'd love to go to the club wearing this exact outfit but like everywhere else: the night clubs aren't open! what a downer!
  21. i should have bought 20 pairs of these when i had the chance!!!
  22. i have 2 pairs of these shoes: one pair worn many times and the other pair still in the box! i'm going to take the unworn pair to the cobbler and have the uppers, foot bed too i hope, removed from the 6 inch heel and have them placed on my 7.5 inch heel that are worn beyond being repaired. i have 2 pairs of these 7.5 inch heels and pair number one, the ankle straps and vamps are so far gone from mega hours of wear, they can't be worn. nothing wrong with the heel and platform of course so we'll see what a cobbler can do. that is pair number 2: the uppers have been replaced by the cobbler. their work wasn't perfect but who is going to have their nose up 2 inches away from his handy work to see the imperfections? wish me luck! hopefully there is a cobbler in this town who can solve my high heels problem!
  23. wow! tiny photo! anyway: my 7.5's in the diner somewhere on Church Street, Toronto. i look at this and am reminded a "full body tan" is essential with shoes like this! (i continue to work on said tan!)
  24. yes they are. they're the only pair i have with those flared out bottoms. all my other "high heel jeans" are tight to the ankles and don't cover any of the heel. i had to keep these ones as they are super soft to the touch, big time stretchy, and are wonderfully perfect on the front leaving nothing to the imagination: perfect for those show all summer nights at the club! (which of course i hope the clubs open up soon!)
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