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  1. Good luck Matt. those are very nice heels. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you Heel-Lover
  2. What made we want to start wearing heels? I first wore high heels when I was very little, I used to run around in mums and my grandmothers heels. I didn't know that/ remember that until I was told much later by family, and that came about after everyone knew of my open passion for high heels. So I guess I had some sort of propensity for it from day one? In my teens/ early twenties I was fascinated with women wearing high heeled shoes, the instep, exposed arch, the low vamp, toe cleavage etc which is all so very different to mens shoe styles... I wanted to feel what it was like to wear these high shoes, and I specifically wanted to know what the stiletto heel style felt like. Well once I got pairs of my own heels I found them exquisite to wear on many levels. The emotions attached to high heels are numerous, to cut a long story short after a lot of apprehension, a lot of perseverance, a bit of embarassment, I started getting a lot of enjoyment, increased confidence, then empowerment. I am addicted to high heels, I feel under dressed without them, it doesn't feel right when I walk without clickety clicking... I like having my pelvis tilted forward, shoulders back, and the curve in the small of my back, that my high heels create. Having to have good posture and core strength has been good for me. Cheers Heel-Lover
  3. Howdy, I get a pedi every two weeks, standard appointment. Polished toenails are essential & non negotiable for any peep-toe shoes or sandals. Cheers Heel-Lover
  4. Hi all, I love the sound my heels make. I enjoy feeling my high heels touch and hearing the clickety clicks. I love the vibration through the arch of my high heel shoes if I scrape a heel while I'm walking along (usually due to a change in pavement level etc) The sound is essential. I think for any heel wearer its probably an important thing. Everyone looks towards the sound of high heels, to check out the wearer and the shoes - or is it the shoes and the wearer? (probably depends on whether you love high heels or not) High heels empower me, the attention I can draw with them (if I wish to) is amazing. The sound of my heels is advertising. Heel-Lover
  5. Hi, spend enough time in heels and you learn to appreciate flats. Its just nice to have low vamp style shoes that are pretty and also flat! I always carry a pair of flats in my bag, and I have a pair of ballet flats in both cars cheers Heel-lover
  6. Hi Amanda, wow that link is spectacular in the sense of outrageous style and mastery of those ballet heels. They might as well be wearing body paint and a corset.... very figure revealing....and restricting... I note neither girl is wearing pumps, they're boots with lacing so I am guessing that helps by firm fitting and taking weight away from the toes? Cheers Heel-Lover
  7. Hi, barefeet always is my first choice. I look after my legs and am not afraid to show them. Soft leather lined heels are comfortable and mold to your feet. I find any hosiery causes me to slide further down my heels, especially after wearing for a few hours. Proper nylons if thats what we're talking about (non-stretch fully fashioned?) then they are the worst for that slipping. I find the need to wear a suspender belt is impractical and limits my options for skirts for regular wear. I enjoy the glamour associated with FF nylons and suspenders etc on special occasions buts thats just for me. I only really wear any hosiery for fun - eg stylish tights in winter, or I wear very sheer black stockings (max 10 denier) if a formal dress code requires it, such as cocktail evening. Otherwise I'm in bare legs & bare feet! Cheers Heel-Lover
  8. Hi crotchhiboots, thanks - yes I had thought of more support via a bootie style, but I prefer pumps because they do not shorten the length of my legs, the lower vamp and bare leg elongates, whereas ankle straps/ ankle boots shorten the leg. I'll focus on making sure my weight is back, the arch on those pumps is pretty high so they are taking a lot of my weight by their design, I'll see what more I can do. Maybe I should try some boots as a comparison. Cheers Heel-Lover
  9. Thanks Amanda, They are leather and firm fitting so that's good, but I'll try a bit more. You're quite right about Jim, and its a hard subject to broach remotely and with language differences as well. And yes - this site probably doesn't help - it most likely encourages.... rgds Heel-Lover
  10. Hi all, I wear high heels plenty and I've been interested in trying these heels (and similar styles into my wardrobe for variety and for fun) but I struggle to wear them for long? Is there any way to be able to wear these for enough time to be practical? I have no issue with the heel itself - its my toes that can't handle the pressure. Let my toes flatten out like normal pumps and I'd be fine, but my weight is all on my tips of my toes. For about 10 mins I'm ok. Walking around etc is not much harder than my highest standard heels, but its the pain after 10-15 mins that starts to get to me and I need to take the weight off. I have tried padding the toe area which helped a bit I don't want to wear these all the time, because this style is a little silly, I'd just like to be able to stand for say half an hour it needed to, so that they could be practical? Cheers Heel-Lover
  11. Hi all, I quite like the current edgy trend where you wear hold ups (or a tight that looks as though it is a stocking), then some bare upper thigh is exposed above your hold up but below your skirt hemline, or your short shorts leg line. When you tilt your hips (eg weight shift on to one leg when standing, or when walking) a bit more bare thigh is exposed, and when standing straight you usually reveal an inch or two of bare leg only. it looks awesome, and feels very empowering to wear. Heel-Lover
  12. Lime, I like the ensembles you're creating, well done! The corso como pumps are good quality heels, I have several and their special insoles are delightfully comfortable. (I also like the diamante jewel in the arch of the sole) Cheers Heel-lover
  13. Hi Barfly, In the spirit of encouraging others (and being a bit of an exhibitionist), I put the mini, top and heels on and got a friend to take some shots using her phone this morning. (qualitys not good sorry) I also wore a lilac & pink chunky necklace as well, which had metal collars all round it - hard to explain but it sat in among the folds of the cowl neck top. Coordinated nicely with the skirt. I forgot it for these photos. cheers Heel-Lover
  14. Hi SleekHeels, naturally the shape of skirts & dresses is tricky without the small waistline that girls have. I hadn't thought of colour for enhancing the shapely look, it may well do but that hadn't occurred to me. That mini is a tulip mini, so it has a very slight amount of puff to it and it nips back at the hem which sits just under my bottom. For shape I wear a-lines, circle skirts, skater and tulip skirts. The tulip skirt has medium curvy shape and is less risqué. The first three can be an 'unexpected nuisance' in the wind/breeze especially when very short so good looking underwear is usually essential just in case. I also wear pencil skirts/ bodycons but I'll generally only wear these with a peplum style top or a jacket otherwise I am too stick like. I prefer a pencil skirt to be a few fingers above the knee so I find them a bit hot for mid summer. I do have a couple of dresses in fit & flare style with dark triangle patches at the hips, and bright colour elsewhere, looking at them I can see it creates a black space on each side of my waist suggesting a smaller waist (as it would for anyone wearing such a dress) so I think you might be right about claver use of colours and pattern. Cheers Heel-Lover .
  15. Hi Barfly, Being a big night and all, I didn't get too dressy, but still wanted to be good looking. I wore a fitted black capped sleeve fine woollen top, a bright coloured mini skirt (mainly yellows & pinks with white and black) and black stiletto pumps. A simple outfit with a pop of colour on the miniskirt (approx 13 inch miniskirt), I got lots of compliments on my mini & legs so I was enjoying myself. cheers Heel-Lover
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