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  1. I drive VERY carefully in heels. I would hate to hear what teh insurance company would have to say if I did wreck the car in heels. lol! Yes john, Its amazing to find a woman who enjoys it as much as I do!!
  2. My second entry, gonna hafta work on my final entry.
  3. Thanks for removing the plate. I knew it wouldn't be a problem scince the car has been wrecked and totaled. But thanks again.
  4. I don't think that there are very many thigh high boots that are well made. If they are their probably out of my price range.
  5. It could be a sizing mix up. Because boots like this are usually fabric added to a "normal" shoe, the original shoe size may have been mixed up before they sewed on the upper portion. I would say send or take them back and see if you get the same size again. If you do politely email them stating the problem and I'm sure they will rectify the situation. I'm sure your like me though and just want to wear the darn things and not have to wait! lol!
  6. Yes the third in the set is of me and the G/F. I have always wanted to paint my toes also so we match and revisit that picture again.
  7. John, please take a step back and a deep breath. Everyone loves the contest. He was just making an observation based on what he saw from the pictures. Thank you for creating the contest and we're all standing on our toes awaiting the outcome.
  8. Just a few pics of us for fun. Hope you all enjoy.
  9. Here's my first entry. I'm going to try to shave and do some new ones this weekend.
  10. This may already be posted on here but if any of you guys wanna wear your heels in public without ridicule here's the place to do it!!
  11. First a note: the creater of this is not attacking the contest. Just using it as an example of his point. My view: I enjoy wearing womens clothes but have an exceptional fetish for heels and pantyhose. Some in this forum say paint your nails and ditch the hose. I say hose for all. This is a very specific forum but the way we all like to express ourselves is very different. I am extremely lucky to have a woman who finds it sexy when I wear hose and heels. Some of us can't bring ourselves to let anyone else know we like heels. I'll wear mine with anything, but not anywhere. It's still going to
  12. Your a lucky guy! I would be nailed to a cross and sent packing if I wore heels at work.
  13. Hello from a los angeles newbie. It's great to find a forum full of people I can relate to on a whole nother level. I look forward to many interesting conversations on here.
  14. Has anyone ever seen any of these for sale? I've searched far and wide and found nothing... http://prn.newscom.com/cgi-bin/pub/s?f=PRN/prnpub&p1=20070719/NETH112-b&xtag=PRN-prnphotos-63721&redir=preview&tr=1&row=1
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