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  1. Hi demonia, my own experiences aren't always the best. Nevertheless, I'm always again astonished about the so-called "normal" people. Last year I played with the team of my chess club a match in the countryside nearby Frankfurt. I dared to pull on my 4'' wedge boots. Everybody saw that I'm wearing high heels. The members of my club know my "odd" fascination for high heels. But the others - even my opponent - behaved to me as I would wear the most normal shoes of the world. Never any bad comment! My young turkish neighbours are typically more intolerant. But I believe to have trained them successfully to more tolerance. The last insult on the street is already one year ago micha
  2. Sorry Shortskip, I'm wearing high heels often on the street. If you don't believe me I would like to invite you for a common tour on high heels in the main shopping mall Zeil of my hometown Frankfurt. Believe me: almost everybody will notice our unusual footwear
  3. She's so right .. Always when visiting oversize shoe shops for women I'm getting a hammer blow on my forehead. Either the shoes are endless ugly or endless expensive. Usually they are both As a 6 inch girl I were greatful for the support of us guys. It's a pity, the most tall girls believe that they are not built for wearing high heels. But what shall I say? I'm already without heels 6' 4'' tall! micha (*at least EU 44/UK 10/US 12 and always again sending stubborn complaint mails to my favourite shoe companies*)
  4. Hi HappyFeat, I have bought the big majority of my heels at Ebay. For several reasons - its a comfortable way of buying shoes - its the best way to find heels in my size contrary to the usual "vacuum" or "ugliness" in the big size shelfs of a normal shoe shop (btw: there was a mistake in my last answer, I have forgotten the word BELOW before my size 44/45) - often I have saved a lot of money at Ebay: for example a girl with EU 41 has bought fashionable boots in 42 because they were only offered in 42 but she was obsessed to have them and now they are simply much too wide ... a real 43. Thats always a chance for the night hawk micha for bidding! Or a guy who has bought secretely stylish high heels from Italian Heels in his size 45. His wife detected his "abnormal" passion. Either me or your heels! And now this poor guy is selling them again. Again a chance for me as big sizes vulture I'm not afraid anymore to visit the ladies department of a shoe store. Quite opposite: for me it's always a fun to try on stylish shoes. But usually it's simply disappointing. Nothing available in my size. Nevertheless I'm a stubborn rejector of the male department, for good reasons
  5. Last week I was offline. 44 pairs on Ebay and me absent - a nightmare! I hope they weren't altogether size EU 44 or 45 ...
  6. Hi Thighbootguy, its always a good choice to show that we are not aliens but quite normal social minded guys. The people will remember: a guy wearing high heeled overknees - naturally completely gaga - but this guy was very nice and helpful! Even not gaga?!? I have the impression that the other people are still irritated because of my strange outfit and my two meters height. Some weeks ago an elder lady in my supermarket asked me to reach her down a glass with vegetables from the upper shelf. I'm not sure if she has seen my high heels but she has seen that I'm tall. Afterwards she begged me to screw up the glass a little bit because she hasn't anymore the power in her fingers. No problem for me. She was very greatful. May be another elder lady who is tolerating men on high heels ...
  7. micha

    Nice shoe!

    Why? I had begged the doctors to form a 1''-plaster under the left foot as platform sole and everyting is fitting quite well
  8. Hi Celso, I like your answer. I had never any problem with going outdoors on high heels, I'm doing it simply!
  9. At Bremen in the north west of germany I had last year a private high heels meeting. Naturally only one participant besides me
  10. OK - let's go! 1) yes 2) yes 3) several times per week 4) often (especially womens jeans) 5) the majority knows it and my whole family 6) ? 7) yes almost everybody (the eight-bracket-effect *g*) 9) indifferent 10) don't know 11) no 12) yes (often by immigrants) 13) don't know - my german answer would be a "jein", a mixture of "ja" and "nein" 14) yes 15) 55/D (i started my open heels wearing at an age of fourty nine) I'm missing questions about the WHY, the most interesting and the most difficult question! For a serious sociologist survey its in my opinion absolutely necessary to ask not only us small amok running minority but also the big majority. Their reactions on us are determining our behaviour rsp. our courage. For example: Isn't the question how did your girlfriend, your wife or your family react on you when you dared your first outing on high heels much more interesting than questions about male high heels meetings? These meetings are helpful and encourageing for our community and for guys who dared up to now only a short walk on a parking site of an autobahn/motorway after midnight. But thats not real life. nice greetings, micha
  11. Thanks Bob, not a bad proposal! I like the idea of converting fetish boots into actual fashion. With turned inside shafts my overknees are even looking better over drain pipe jeans than the actual girly fashion with shy kitten heels. I hope that the teen girls will be jealous on me
  12. To be honest: its not my style. But my opinion is only one of millions. You should not take it too serious
  13. Thanks Cassie for your prompt answer! No, Aldo isn't known in Germany. Do you have a link on the shop page? But in my experience US 11 equals EU 42. Steve Madden - the american counterpart of Buffalo - is stopping also at US 11. I have a nice pair of white 4'' pull on overknees in US 13 - the classical 8868 style - they are nearly matching my foot size. I had better ordered them in US 14. I think that the sizes are simply wrong because of their chinese origin. Recently I have worn them again on the street. I have turned the upper shafts inside and have worn them as kneehigh slouch boots over dark grey skinny jeans. In my opinion an excellent idea - they looked like the actual girls fashion. Only with slightly higher heels Nevertheless the actual boots fashion in my size: nothing, nichts, nada, rien, nitshto, niente ...
  14. Already here? I don't believe so. Already here are fetish styles like patent crotch high 5'' stiletto boots in big male sizes or six inch platform sandalettes or 5'' court shoes from manmade materials. I had already lost my mind if I hadn't found some small companies who are offering fashionable high styles in my size. Like Italianheels, Jean-Gaborit, Shoes-USA or Fuss. But if I'm visiting a shoe shop in the city emptiness is ruling in the womens department. Not that the shop is empty but the EU 44 shoe shelf for my size is empty or equipped with an incarnation of ugliness - only grandmother shoes. The oversize shops in the internet are offering the same desaster. I'm regretting the poor girls who have the same foot size as me ... I have just found a pair of boots which I like very much. In my opinion they have the optimal design for an actual male high heel style fashion. A rounded toe box, a thin platform sole and slightly broader heels http://www.buffalo-shop.de/res/side200/resource_47527.jpg But they are offered only up to EU 42 and thats simply too narrow for me. They are only good for short outdoor excursions:mecry: Naturally I have sent them already years ago a complaint mail - no reaction. nice greetings, micha
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