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  1. Hope they do more of them in other areas..
  2. Demoniaplatforms is having some platform boots made with a working slotcar race track built in the clear plastic heels.
  3. shyguy

    one and other

    I have to speak up here, firstly I commend 5inchlover on his courage to get up and be seen by everyone on the plinth in his preferred style of dress. That takes a lot more guts than I have. But I feel the same as Tech on the issue of what was worn with regards to opening peoples minds to men in heels. Yes people have got to see a man wearing heels, but once again it is co-ordinated with fetish wear. From my point of view this isn't a good thing, I've had problems convincing my wife that men can wear heels and be men, and shown her this site for proof. Then she has a look and sees either lots of skirts, or fetish wear on display with the heels. Her defences go back up, and she "knows" that I want to dress as a woman or in fetish gear as well as heels. I don't, good for you if you do and enjoy it, there's nothing wrong with it. It just makes it harder for men to get taken seriously as just shoe lovers with this association going on. I think that's all Tech was trying to say too? Because he runs the site on our behalf please don't jump on Tech every time he expresses an opinion, just offer your own opinion in a mature way to promote the discussion of the topic. We can all agree to disagree, there is no right or wrong just opinions really.
  4. Please be my new friend.xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. OK so I wore these http://www.hhplace.org/discuss/attachments/guys/2266d1211629480-do_these_qualify_streetheeling-pict0073resize.jpg to the cinema last week with my wife. And then when we got home we had to attend to a friends pets, so I wore these http://www.hhplace.org/discuss/attachments/guys/2427d1213421408-do_these_qualify_streetheeling-boot2.jpg across the road and round the local area with my wife to the friends house. Bumped into a neighbour but my jeans were long and it was dark so nothing said, but they are a little noisy at the heel when walking. Good fun though. Hope to wear them again soon if the wife is willing.
  6. I love hearing from the girls in the guys forums, it's welcome feedback from a different perspective. As for guys in the girls section, what's the big deal with copying the relevant bits of thread across to "for everybody"? Why do some people have such a problem with giving the few females that we do get join here their own space? Girls I welcome you here anytime and value your input all over the forums.
  7. Great idea and well executed (if you'll pardon the pun). Fantastic costume.
  8. Just a few questions you may need to consider. How are you planning to add the videos? Do you have the backend scripting for the uploading of vids, and how about a rating system too? What about copyrights, you need to be aware that many people will upload copyrighted material and this will be your problem to deal with. What about bandwidth, and storage space requirements, video is a notorious bandwidth hog, and takes up a lot pf space. PM me if you do need a script as I may be able to find one around on my hard drive.
  9. Very good fun. Shame you don't get a pic of your design to keep. EDIT: You can always use the prtScr button to take a screen grab, and save it.
  10. Hi Keith, welcome to HHPlace. See you're in Northampton, not too far from me in Milton Keynes. Hope to read about your adventures here soon.
  11. I was an Unreal Tournament player on PC for a long while. Now I play on XBox 360 mostly Forza Motorsport 2 (PM me if you race Forza 2 ). Waiting to get Mariokart for the Wii too, it's never in stock when I have the funds lol.
  12. Happy birthday DawnHH and many many more to follow
  13. You pulled off a great look, and without losing your masculinity in spite of the boots heels being on display. Red isn't my colour, but it also is not a female only colour and, as has been said already, a lot of men wear red. Looking good obviously or your co-worker would probably have said nothing (to you anyway, it would have been said to someone else) keep it up.
  14. The blue ones are very nice, but I also like the red ones for being that bit more daring. Both great shoes but for different reasons. The style of the blue ones just tips the balance in their favour though. Thanks for the pics and your stories HF
  15. shyguy

    The Board

    While it is a good idea, and possible I don't think it's possible without modifying the background script running the site to check if the username is claiming to be male or female. Which leads to the whole are the users really the gender they say argument. In a perfect world the guys could practice self control and none of it would be neccessary.... This has already been gone over so many times, so I'm gonna leave it at that.
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