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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. HappyinHeels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Thanks Ron. How we feel for family members, natural and extended, spiritual and adopted, is a rather complicated and deep-seeded thing. I take nothing or no person for granted as I'll be here on Earth for a limited engagement and want to fill my head with as much as I can. It is my lifelong university! HinH
  2. HappyinHeels

    Boot "season"?

    Yes, indeed the vast majority of people are good. Those who are not often meet untimely ends sooner or later. I really believe when people venture out away from organised tours they are essentially saying to the world, "I want to learn and enjoy and experience what you have to offer." It is the mobile university. HinH
  3. HappyinHeels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Puffer, You're so right about the unique nature of the relationship of step-parents. After posting my recollection of my stepdad Ray I realised I had forgotten an important and unfortunate detail which highlights what you are saying. My stepdad Ray had two natural sons, Ray Junior and Darren. Darren was present earlier in the day of Ray's death as I remember telling him it had been an honour knowing his father. His other son, Ray Junior, was stuck in Florida trying to get out on a flight. I remember my mother calling him and I just told him to talk to his dad despite him not being conscious which he did. My siblings and I, Ray's stepchildren, had been tending to him the last four days emptying his IV bags and giving him medicine. It was I, a stepchild, who last held his hand and witnessed his last gaze and breath. The people to whom I have related this story just scratch their heads in disbelief. When Ray was cremated these same two natural children never retrieved the urns with the ashes of their own father. My urn is on my nightstand. I reconcile this event with the notion that sometimes the natural child/stepchild relationship is turned around which appears to have been the case here. I conclude, in the final analysis, the correct people were watching over him. This is a classic case where one can and should say, WTF, but I have learned the world view really is like an iceberg. There's what you see and the majority of which you cannot see. Ray was physically in my life for 31 years but figuratively it will be much longer as I continue to harvest what he passed on to me. HappyinHeels
  4. HappyinHeels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Thanks Ron C and Puffer. 2015 was a year I lost four family members; my stepdad on 2 May, an uncle on 4 May, my brother-in-law on 16 June, and my nephew on 17 Sept. My stepdad was the most vivid as I actually witnessed the moment of his passing which was a first for me. Things I had heard before anecdotally came into focus. After a number of hours unconscious his eyes opened and I felt a pressure on my hand accompanied by a steady and warm gaze. He said nothing. The eyes did the talking. It really was a peaceful moment for him. When I do projects I often use the same tools he once did and this is a way I remember him. I have come to understand that nobody is truly gone if you strive to remember them through what they have passed on. I know this is very true in Native cultures in North America and I suspect it is also true in the older societies in the Eastern Hemisphere. Leave only footprints upon the Earth and pass on the imprint of knowledge upon those who knew you. This is what I would hope most of us would and should do. Leave contented as they gaze back at you. HappyinHeels
  5. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    R U S S I A
  6. HappyinHeels

    Boot "season"?

    The dining alone reference made me remember something which I believe has enriched my soul over the years. Before I was married I was travelling in my own car, brought by ferry from Spain to Morocco, and met a man along the way as I arrived in Ifrane. Ifrane sits high up in the Atlas Mountains and has a four-season climate. Its winters are cold and summers have continental type of heat. The vegetation and scenery look more like Colorado or the area around Flagstaff than a nation in Africa. I was taking photos and the man offered to take a photo of me. Since my Arabic was limited he spoke French so that's how we communicated. Noticing the accent he asked where I learned French and I told him the story of my father and the family farm in Quebec. I got invited to his home for dinner and was greeted like royalty there. Two hours later I was filled both with food and happiness after dining with complete strangers. I would have dined alone that night but the patron saint of travellers had other plans for me. Ifrane holds a special place for me because of that day. Later this year my wife and I plan to return to our old neighbourhood in Spain. The trip includes a voyage to Morocco. Guess where I'll be going? I have dined with several strangers over the years most recently in Memphis when my wife and I spent the long New Year's weekend (2017 into 2018) there as a diversion. The guy at the rental car place suggested Central Barbecue downtown as an option which we did. Whilst waiting outside to be seated a couple next to us started to chat with us. They were wearing the colours of the Iowa State Cyclones and were in town to see the Liberty Bowl. She was from Chicago and he was from Arkansas and they both lived near Little Rock. An hour later we were stuffed and has taken photos of each other and exchanged numbers. Quite a nice meal! There is something unifying, almost prehistoric, about humans sharing a meal together. Perhaps, just perhaps, those of you are on the road for such a long time might share a meal with a stranger instead of dining alone. It instantly adds an extra perspective to any trip which I believe uniquely helps us understand the human condition. I can still smell the couscous from a dinner 35 years ago this June. HappyinHeels
  7. HappyinHeels

    Boot "season"?

    p1ng74, You certainly present a nice and natural look. I have to wonder though if it gets old being in a hotel all the time? I once lived in a hotel for nine weeks when my family moved from Arizona to Chicago in 1992. That was when I was working at O"Hare Airport. We tired of the hotel and the urban scene and were able to move into our home just two days before Christmas...in Wisconsin. We've been here ever since. I had just one home-cooked meal in that nine week stretch at my cousn's house. I would imagine your outfits are a form of entertainment? I do wish you all the best in 2019. HinH
  8. HappyinHeels

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    Shyheels threw a hammer from ten metres away and hit the nail on the head! HinH
  9. HappyinHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    LovinHeels, Since you're going from Australian summer to Florida which is about as warm as northern Australia in the fall might I suggest wearing sandals. You could wear some wedges which are easily taken off and your footwear will look more typical at the destination. Florida is the one place (parts of Texas may also fit this situation) in the lower 48 states where sandals are common in January. You are certainly going to want to wear sandals once you get to Florida so why not wear them on the plane? Just a thought. HinH
  10. HappyinHeels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    It should be noted I was not wearing heels when standing on the foot stool the other night. Just some old tennis shoes. The stool has two metal bars about 2.5"/6cm wide in a plus sign pattern. If you happen put your feet together in between the bars the stool becomes unstable. Now it's used as a plant stand. Got my painting done ahead of the returning cold this weekend since it's easier to heat the work area when the outside temperature is 35-40F/2-4C in contrast to the 17-22F/-8 to -6C temperatures coming this way. I also took a cedar chest I had inherited from my late stepfather, a Lane chest made in Altavista, Virginia, and mounted it on the wall as a cabinet. All the original hardware was inside a ziploc bag. My stepdad always was very organised. I wrote on the decorative oval on the side I had "elevated the chest to a wall-mounted cabinet in his memory". He was quite the craftsman. HappyinHeels
  11. HappyinHeels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    mlroseplant, If it's any consolation I was painting in my barn on Sunday night and I a poorly-designed footstool gave out from under me. I landed on my feet but the side of the stool scraped my left shin leaving a nice mark. It will take a month for that scar to go away. Happy #51. #58 is next month for me. I look forward to NO birthday falls. HinH
  12. HappyinHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    JeffB, Nice looks as always! Sorry to see your Eagles lose to the Saints. They looked great early on but Saints made their adjustments and won the game. They still had trouble with the Eagles though. If the Chiefs and Saints get through to the SB everyone should put their seat belts on as I would reckon it could the highest scoring SB anyone has ever seen. We'll see. Something to break the winter doldrums. HinH
  13. HappyinHeels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Well, when I saw you helping your son try to start a push mower wearing your clogs I thought to myself; "here's a guy who doesn't let any situation interfere with his appointed heels for the day." The mower got stated and the grass got cut so put that in the win column for one more activity done in heels. I have never started a push mower in heels or played an instrument in them. I have a lot of experience driving long distances in them and shopping in different cities in them. It would seem to me your confidence propels you along when the conditions aren't the best. Maybe this summer I'll master the fine art of working on a car in heels HappyinHeels
  14. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    J A M B A L A Y A
  15. HappyinHeels

    Wow look at this dude's moves

    I think anyone who put in some 30 years in law enforcement can probably give you some good insight into the handling of guns. We qualified with the .40 semi-automatic, the standard issue 12-guage police shotgun, and an M-4 rifle which was the replacement for the M-16 which was a military staple for years. I had also qualified with various Glock weapons, and H+K .40 semi-automatic, and an M-16 when I was in the Border Patrol in 1980's. Weapons can vary by department. Long guns at distances greater than 200 metres was always my comfort zone and lying down to shoot a full can of stale beer at 400 metres was the most fun. Shooting beyond this range requires calculating certain other things and it becomes quite a science unto itself. HinH

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