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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. Mr X, That is not subtle yet pleasant to look at. Yes, the days are getting warmer but spring seems in no rush to arrive in SE Wisconsin. The snow and ice are gone but it still goes below freezing each night and we haven't any sustained warm weather above 50F/10C this month. But the days are certainly much longer than in January. Have you tried the legging look?? That outfit definitely fits the current weather pattern. Well done! HinH
  2. kneehighs, I've wanted to remark on this observation for some time but it kept slipping my mind. You have been noted as being one of the most articulate and significant contributors on this forum and yet it occurs to me you live in Ukraine. Your English is very proficient, so much so, you strike me as either an expat from an English-speaking country or you simply mastered English in the admittedly outstanding educational system in the old Soviet bloc. Either way, it is always a privilege reading your work posted here. HinH
  3. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, Was this the beachcombing trip?? I know you have at least three trips coming up. My trip West is coming up in early April. Hopefully you and I can meet again. Watch some more Giants baseball! Happy travels! HinH
  4. dww, Imagine telling her there was once a time when: People actually wrote letters to each other, cars had no seatbelts, everyone drank water from the tap, kids rode bicycles without helmets, and homes/apartments had no computers in them. We should have all died years ago lacking all the comforts of 2019. Alas, we didn't! Whilst social media has proven valuable in finding long lost connections and perhaps solving criminal cases it has also contributed to a mob "let's try 'em, and hang 'em online mentality. So many people will now hurl all manner of vile language someone's way online because they don't possess the class, articulate skills of a decent conversationalist, or possibly even the intellect to sustain a face-to-face encounter. Of course I'd sum these three qualities into one word: coward. It is easy to gang up on someone when you are anonymous and hiding under the digital rock or maybe it's the digital sewer. Same thing. Trust me, there are some really exciting things in 2019 but I seem to remember life was pretty damn good back in 1975 or 1968. The music from then has stood the test of time because it was the best that has ever been made. Period. Oh, and we were actually more aware of our surroundings because we looked up at one another and not down at some electronic device. HappyinHeels
  5. TallanSexy, Thanks for relating the experience to us. Seems like you two are on the right path. Only time will tell. I wonder if this acceptance of you will extend to a shared experience outside the house? While wearing heels with a girlfriend around the house is satisfying there is really nothing quite like walking in heels outside with that same girlfriend or wife as you go different places. Perhaps a tad too soon but I'm sure you'll find out in the not too distant future. May your heels be high and your stride a happy one! HinH
  6. Based upon Facebook's abysmal record as it relates to privacy and their snooping NSA-style on multiple levels I would extend the following to them: "you are most cordially invited to perform an anatomically impossible act." I know from an audience standpoint versus investment ratio it makes sense but a consumer can hold a company accountable by NOT feeding that beast. There are other ways to sell things without inviting spies into your home. Mark Z. has contempt for the public in general and for the United States as well. Isn't that why he chose Singapore as his legal home? That's the "evil empire" of the 21st century. HinH
  7. I read the excerpt. While I admire her smooth writing style and exquisite command of the language she nevertheless strikes me as another liberal looking for the usual suspects as scapegoats. If you're white you are a problem, if you're a man you're really a problem, if you work in the corporate system you are part of the conspiracy against all women. The fact is conditions have NEVER been better for so many women in so many places as right now. Women wear high heels for the same reasons they like to buy pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles in the USA and Canada. They want that temporal elevated sensation which comes with both. They want equality but they'll still expect a man, any man, to hold open the door or pay for the meal. I suspect the book will be one long diatribe about the trials and tribulations of women and the guilt those who are not women or who are white or who work in privileged positions she obviously thinks they do not deserve. The details are in the excerpt. My power doesn't come from heels or someone else's nutty idea that somehow I am privileged because I appear white or I am male. My power comes from the confidence within me, the seeds of thoughtful interaction, compassion, understanding, and respect having been sown wherever I have travelled or lived, and not from a temporal symbol of bling upon my body. There are far darker examples of struggles from history. What the black peoples of the Americas endured until the last part of the 19th century, what the Jewry of Europe suffered in World War II, and, on a more personal level, what my ancestral Native American/First Nations peoples suffered for 500 years after the arrival of Europeans in the Americas. Call these three examples of "trails of tears" on three different continents. I'll bet this lady never endured what Rosa Parks endured in 1955 as she refused to be shoved around. Always worth mentioning such struggles for equality. Then again, I'm not trying to make a profit from it either. That's my take on the excerpt. HappyinHeels
  8. F A C E S (of people in traffic jams)
  9. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Well some years ago I came up with a definition of the climate as I have observed it in southern Wisconsin. 15 November-30 November is "soft winter" as plowable snows are few, wind chill isn't really a thing yet, and the ground can still be worked. 1 December - 14 March is "hard" winter when the ground freezes, more delicate plants have to come inside, the bulk of the snow occurs and the darkest period of the year also occurs. 16-31 March is "soft winter" when nights are still chilly but days are usually well above freezing and the ground thaws out. It is during this time when all the signs of spring at our latitude start appearing even though remnants of snow can still be seen. 1 April - 30 May is our spring, 31 May to 10 September is our summer and 11 September - 14 November is our fall. This is based on 27 years of observations at my latitude so these values change as one goes north or south and even west of us. There are indeed signs of spring here as the ground is not only ice and snow free but is drying out amid a prolonged stretch of sunny and dry weather here. I am indeed thinking of sandals and polished toes in the week ahead. We've had 61" of snow this season and 46" is normal for a whole season. The big memory this year was the brief but very intense cold at the end of January. -31F/-35C was a new record for me in this part of Wisconsin. Temperatures hit -45F/-42C at our place in far northern Wisconsin. That is really really cold for the lower 48 states! Here's to higher heels on display and lighter clothing HappyinHeels
  10. Pierre, You have the power and skills to best address this perhaps with the help of advice received here. As far as labels and the like I don't have time for them. Sticks and stones may break the bones but names never hurt me. Well I think my bones are made of iron as I have been hit several times and barely a bruise. I know who I am inside so words, particularly those chosen by uninformed jerks, do not phase me either. Life is exceedingly short so it must be enjoyed as much as possible. Wear what you want and smile at the world and it will probably smile back. Shyheels is right this forum is a rather courteous place as it should be. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and thrive under the same sun. Most of us just want to enjoy our work, our families, and have an occasional beer or two and interact with others. But...we do like our heels HappyinHeels
  11. Very nice Mr. X. Curious what you paired the purple bag with, black of course goes everywhere. A bag appears in some of my gallery photos and I know other members have posted some as well. HinH
  12. Pierre, Your single best resource is not a website but your own ability to communicate. That reassurance a certain choice of footwear does NOT mean you are gay or are about to get an operation to become a woman. That reassurance the wearing of heels has nothing to do with what attracted you two in the first place. That reassurance you are the same man she admired and wanted to be with, the same one she fell in love with, and the same man she could sing, as the group "Orleans" did in 1976, "You're Still the One." These are the resources you have and should use to reassure the love of your life. Part of la joie de vivre is also la joie de communiquer. It can be done in a variety of ways but for it to be effective there are only two real requirements. Those are it must be done regularly and it must be done sincerely. Most people are reasonable and most reasonable people respond very positively to effective communication in all its forms. Je te souhaite tout le meilleur mon ami. HappyinHeels
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