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  1. If you do try to go for it. Maybe some night when your sitting around ask her if you could paint her nails. Talk with her and have a good conversation. Do that a couple of times. Then sometime when your painting her nails ask her if she would like to paint yours. The first time might be no. Maybe the next time will be sure. If she throws a chair at you, then disregard on last.
  2. ha ha ha, i think i look at your avatar pic everytime i cone on here. luv those heels!

  3. 9" heels. awesome!

  4. Keep in mind that if you look like a victim you have more of a chance to be that victim. What has already been said is that if you exhibit some attitude and appear confident then its not worth a person with negative feelings to tell you those. My first experience in heels was in front of 3 women. They looked, but not long. Giggled as I expected. One of them said , "I wear a pair of those at my job". I assume she was a stripper because I was wearing 8" heels with platform. Remember this was my first time out. What made a difference was I walked past the girls. I made eye contact. I glided with confidence right past them. I turned it into a positive encounter instead of a negative one.
  5. I agree. I have a pair of 5.5 heels. The shoe would twist like there wasn't enough support in the arch.
  6. http://www.thehighestheel.com/pic/BOMBSHELL-31_RSAT_PAIR_HRZ.jpg. I like the style. I hope they come out with pat leather or something.
  7. Anybody else waiting for the Bombshell-31 pumps to appear. From the highest heel collection. I believe it is a 6.5" heel with a 2.5 hidden platform. Looks like on the outside there are studs or jewels. I love the look of the hidden platform up front. I was waiting for a higher heel something over 6". Good luck
  8. I think for next summer I would like to wear Capri pants with a pair of 8" heels. Thighbootguy, I think I will try the thigh boots this winter to sounds fun
  9. I just found out that my girlfriend told her girlfriend that I wear heels. I said OK, call her up and invite her over. I think it would be neat for a closer friend to come over and see me in my heels. She did call her friend but she could not come over. I asked my girlfriend what her friend thought about me in heels. She told me she thought it was cool. I use this when I think that people are going to be negative toward me. You know usually you might get some looks, but really that's not bad. I have learned that if you are wearing heels in public and wear bulky disguise's and try and hide from people then it looks like you are doing something wrong. Throw the shoulders back walk with confidence, say hello to people who look and you will have a good time. Don't let others rain on your parade. The more heelers out there the better for all of us.
  10. Knowing that other heel lovers were in the same boat as me. This gave me the confidence to go out in public. Boy did that make me feel wonderful. I finally got to walk more then 40 feet in a house. I went out in public because I wanted the freedom of expression. It did make me feel good when other people saw me in the heels though. Don't forget I was wearing 8" heels. Pretty noticeable, but sexy. If I hadn't read comments and stories on this forum I would never had gone out in public and felt comfortable. Yes I said comfortable that is how I felt. Now I go to a local park and just practice walking in the 8" heels and hone the more feminine style
  11. Anybody else listen as you are walking in your heels to that sexy sound that the heels make when they come in contact with a hard surface. When I hear that sound any other time I am waiting for that that confident and commanding personality to walk into view. I think that is a reason why I like wearing heels.
  12. Alot of people have dennis me in heels. Not many close people know of my feminine side. I may change that in the near future. I have talked to this guy who is a family friend of my girlfriend. When I first met him you could tell he liked the feminine side of things. We just recently located some pics of him dressed in drag. I think I will be asking him about his heel collection.
  13. Problem for me is I am probably lounging in a satin chemise top. This adds more challenge stumbling away from the windows trying to rip off the chemise so the UPS guy doesn't see. Ironic that in fact he is delivering more high heels as im trying to get mine off
  14. I think the brand is highheels. They look like bordello's in a 5.5" heel. The best thing is the color, leopard pewter. HOT I think snaz75 has them and I believe up to size 14.
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