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    I am a music maker. I recently got into making music when buying some equipment.
    I like rock climbing. I also like SAR (search and rescue) and I have the meritbadge for it too (Boy Scouts)
    I am part of the car scene with tuners.
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  1. Thank you all for the best wishes, I will try to not forget about this place again, but at the same time I will be gone temporarily, a paid 13 week vacation at a resort that has a no cell policy (for the better). I'm gonna be leaving June 11th, so long waits the adventure ahead. I thank you all that have given me great advice over the years and I am glad that I can serve this country for the great people on these forums.
  2. Hey all... I'm alive... I have slightly forgotten that this place even existed... Until about an hour ago. I'm looking back to the last time I posted and whew, that was 2 years ago. To get you all up to speed, i'm now 19 and after 5 years of high school I finally am graduating May 26th 2018. It was a struggle for the past 2 years, making new friends and what not, dating multiple people and going through various other emotional struggles with family members dying and others divorcing after long term marriages, I feel like i've been around the block once or twice now. My writing ability is almost there (big improvements) and I'm actually athletic now (kinda forced). Now that I have gone back, my views have changed a bit (for the better) I no longer have depression as I can see a future for myself that is brighter than what I was seeing in the tunnel back then. Finally time to respond to a wise man of his time. At the time I didn't realize the other career paths that I could have chosen. I got into the auto tech program and enjoyed it for a while, after the first semester, I got a job at my local dealership and worked there for a year and a half until I quit back on April 30th. Now while I was in that job, I realized something very important to me. I like working on cars JUST as a hobby, trying to make a career out of it would not suit me. TBG really hit home on this one in my book and here's why. As a kid, I always loved anything military, and computers too, but primarily military. In 15 days from now, I get the pleasure to get a paid 13 week vacation In MCRD San Diego while being taught how to be a United States Marine. Everything from my childhood has lead up to me serving this country. My MOS is 0600 Communications, I will be going in to data/cyber security operations which relates to what you did TBG. Thanks to all of you as you have helped influence me positively on my journey to adulthood. Preston
  3. Thanks Pebblesf! Courage yes, relieved yes, empowered no. to explain this, basically i feel much more awkward around her. I am doing my best to pass English at the moment, and thank you for providing me with your experiences. I will make sure to check the article out. Thanks SF! Thanks DProud, i do have my mind set on fire fighter or auto mechanic though.
  4. TBG, I made sure to get a good helmet, and it is DOT certified I understand that there are people out to kill me, thats also why ill be taking a defensive biking course also.
  5. I plan on either a Yamaha wr450f or a Honda grom
  6. Hey FS75, thanks for the reply! On terms of the career, I could literally go either way as I enjoy both strongly. First Fire Fighting as I get to help people out which is something I have always done since I was little, I enjoy the aspect of running into a burning building to save sone one else's life. Talk about a major adrenaline rush! The thing about the course is now in order to become a Fire Fighter, you also have to do basic paramedic training too. With this career, I could earn anywhere from 20k to 75k per year in my area as you said. With being an Automotive tech, I am a very hands on person -drawing. So working with/on cars is like bliss to me. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty either. I have past experienceseveral with installing car stereo systems, I've done break changes and interior remodeling also. I also have been keeping up with the evolving technology in cars, which is also covered in the course. For a salary, I could be earning anywhere from 30k to 95k per year. And if all else fails, I can be a wind mill farm tech, I hear they pull in a nice 20k per year plus traveling with the job. Thanks for your input, Preston
  7. TBG, I love how you always have something nice to say. My mom only knows about the heels for the moment. I'd like to state that I'm not trying to be cross dressing, rather I just want to express what I personally find comfortable. What's better on a hot summer day than a skirt, unless you want to argue that shorts are just as great. To the "B.S" I see your point that their is some truth to it, however, when saying it I was basically giving an answer that would please my mom. So I still think that it could have gone better. As for the 16 to 17, I can only speak from personal opinion. If you agree great, otherwise, also great. Thanks for the input of the art suggestion, but i personally hate drawing with a burning passion. But I am creative in the way that I am producing my own music for a class called digital audio production. And for the motorcycle, it is less for transportation as it is more for messing around and having more fun outdoors and riding all the trails we have. I have thought about the whole motorcycle thing for 6+ months and I've done all my research, got insurance quotes and have my mind set.
  8. Well, it might not be as breaking as it is jut ordinary news. This update include: Recent whereabouts, new shoes, drivers license, school activities, and one special story. Where have I been? Lets see here, I have been to many places in Colorado, but just recently I went to Oklahoma and did some shooting, driving, sand dunning, and the rest will be covered in a later paragraph. For new shoes, I got a pair of Brinley Co. Women's Buckle Heeled Bootie Black on December 17th. After that I most recently got a pair of Pleaser Women's Adore-1020/B/M Boot, Black Patent. First, The Brinley Co. Bootie has a 3" heel with no platform, they are not the greatest quality that I have seen, but they are nice for fall and winter styles. Finally, The Pleaser boot have a 7" heel with a 2.5" platform, these heels are by far the best pair of heels I have owned. They are very comfortable to wear and I can easily stand on my feet all day in them. When pairing with fashion, I can wear a pair of grey skinny jeans and a black graphic tee shirt with the boots, or I could pair them with a nice skater skirt with black tights (like what Jaden Smith wears). In January, I finished up my hours and went to my driving school to take the drivers test. I passed and got my License around the 20th. Meanwhile I was telling all my friends to stay off the road just in case (I'm not a bad driver... I promise). I have been driving to and from my work and just recently got to take my Dad's car to school as he was out of town. I have saved up a lot of money, bought a helmet and gloves, and will begin to start my motorcycle endorsement (License) course so I can buy a motorcycle by the end of summer. As for school, I am doing a good job at keeping up with my assignments minus English, so I am passing all of the classes except English. But with English, I am pulling that grade up slowly but surely. I have submitted applications to get in to our high school's Fire Science program which is a college course for basic Fire Fighter and Paramedic skills. The other application is to an Automotive Tech course at my local Community College, where I can become a certified auto mechanic. Finally the real reason you clicked on my post, I told my mother about me wearing heels. As the stress was building, I had to let it all go. I was half surprised at her response and half expecting it too. When I told her, she basically asked why I do it, however I failed on my part to tell her that I just like it and basically went along with some other BS. So now, I wear heels "to fill the void in a part of my life", instead of doing it because I like the way they look. Shoes are basically an art form to me, it is intriguing to me as I am a very sensual, and observant person. With an overall conclusion, I have matured quite a bit. But I have also gained a lot of responsibility. I went from 16 to 17 with ease, but the struggle is far from over. I cant wait to hear all of your replies. If anyone has any additional questions, just comment it on the thread, and I promise I'll be quick to reply with answers. L News, Preston
  9. If you would be up to the challenge, a way you could wear heels as part of a costume, you could be a Satyr and of course a link to how to make hooves. Remember that this would need to have some creativity.
  10. Hello everyone, Here is an update to what has been going on. I finally bought the shoes and they arrived about a week ago. I really enjoy them, per the height and being less of a sweat factory in the Colorado summer time. I also recently got raised to being a checker instead of a courtesy clerk aka bagger. This is great because the pay is more and the customer actually care about your service more understandably. Otherwise it's hard learning those bloody produce codes, with the exception of a cheat sheet. Last Thursday my mom got back from a monthlong trip to care for her sister who underwent back surgery. Unfortunately when she got back, the tension rose and I feel terrible about everything that I do(everyday life, money, school, friends, etc.) and honestly, it was better when just my dad was home. I did a lot more good things then bad without the added tension and pressure. Happy reading, Preston
  11. mlroseplant, I'm not sure of the image that will be portrayed... As far as I'm concerned, I won't be taking these out at all. I will say this, I can walk fairly well in lita boots with five inch heel, I would assume that wearing wedges would be a bit easier, but correct me if I'm wrong. Heelster, Not going for height actually... I just liked the look of it, and wanted a pair of wedges, so it worked out. As of my mom, well, that's a given. TBG, Yes, I have over $1000 in my savings, I've been saving up for a car / bike recently. Otherwise the rest is in credit. but I can discretely pull money from the debit account for anything I want. And, I have no need for all the shoes at once, I just want to have wiggle room(3 is a magic number). Thanks all for the replies, Preston
  12. Hi all, As you may know already, I have 2 pairs of heels (knock off Litas and a pair of Breckelles Brina-21 peep toe) however, I am interested in getting a pair of wedges. (Breckelles Valery-11) My question would be; should I expand my not-so collection. Eventually I want to have close to one of each heel type, ie: stiletto, block, wedge, heelless, etc. I recently got a paycheck where I'm saving $90 USD and the rest is spending cash. I now have over $130 USD of spending. Should I go for it, they are $20 USD instead of $30. Best regards, Preston http://www.amazon.com/Breckelles-Valery-11-Natural-Pu-7-5/dp/B00V10991Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435996169&sr=8-1&keywords=breckelles+valery-11+platform+sandals
  13. It was like hearing Bill Nye cursing for the first time. you don't expect it with all seriousness.
  14. Wow tech, I didn't expect that especially from you of all people... no offense.
  15. They are online. Amazon actually. if you look at one of my posts, you can see the exact same shoe in a different color. the brand is daily shoe.
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