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  1. They always ask me to remove my heels to measure my height.
  2. It was Feb. yesterday and close to 80 F yesterday here; Pre-pandemic, a few faculty (including me) wore high heels. More administrators and their assistants did. Our lab faculty will almost never wear heels in labs.
  3. It might be weather related. I'm in a temperate locale, so I might see more than someone in a colder area. Don't the (women) faculty wear boots with heels?
  4. I like both at the same time, stilettoes with platforms. My Jessica Simpson knee high boots and booties give the best of both worlds.
  5. Wearing stilettoes puts you a different frame of mind. On one hand you to have to be a little careful where you put your foot down, but on the flip side the power you get from them is amazing. They are power shoes for sure.
  6. The number of heels a person can have is limited only by one's storage ability. With me, its around 70. However with the ability for storage units, that could easily exceed thousands. But who has the time to wear them then.
  7. In the first article: Lillian Stone wrote: “But wearing sky-high heels also takes serious self-assurance, even for the women onto whom painful footwear is traditionally thrust. Seeing a man strut in a hazardous shoe suggests an immense confidence.” This is the misconception that pervades heels. Heels don't need to be painful footwear. I won't buy or wear painful footwear. But many people will buy it, so manufactures continue to make and sell it as must have fashion designs.
  8. This made me laugh. I remember when I switched to wearing women's shoes. I was so happy to find shoes that fit my type of feet. I purchased my first booties with 2 inch heels. Remembering being afraid of the clicking noise. But my friends notice right away I was now taller. Especially true when you are eye to eye with them, then all of a sudden they are looking at your nose.
  9. I'll fill up twice tomorrow.
  10. I put too many miles on my cars to keep them that long....250k miles and time for a new one. Or one of my kids crashes one.
  11. I like the idea of constructing vaults along breakwaters so that wave surge can push and pull air through turbines. You can compress gases but not liquids. I don't need to cover your needs, just need to cover my needs. My friends with electric cars and solar panels spend under $20 a month on electricity and almost nothing on gasoline.
  12. The electricity for the electrolysis needs to come from wind or wave. We could also use the "water" from treatment plants to get the gas. They now have H2 powered trains and ferries as well as cars and buses.
  13. Individual power generating...solar. All these vehicles need a battery (potential energy storage) whether it's in the form LNG, gasoline, diesel, alcohol, geothermal, hydrogen, nuclear, .... or water. Even the compress air cars in some countries, the cylinder is the battery.
  14. I wear heels partly for orthopedic reasons. I have a middle eastern friend ask me why I don't wear "male" orthopedic heels, instead of the heels I wear. Answer is simple: they are clumsy, ugly, expensive, and since they are made for a man's foot, they don't fit. I love the variety in my heels.
  15. If you look closely, many are 2.5 inch heels with a 2.5 inch platform. I would NEVER wear any one of those heels and I like platforms. They are just ugly and clumsy and shiny.
  16. Since there is interest here's the blank survey for you to fill out (if you want to). Copy it to a word processor, fill it out, and copy your answers back to this file. ==================================== The Official HeelsWearer's High Heel Survey 1) How often do you wear high heels? 2) What type of heel do you prefer? 3) How high is your average daily heel height? 4) Do you find high heels uncomfortable? 5) Do you find high heels difficult to walk in? 6) Did you know high heels can be bad for your legs, feet and back? 7) Do you have any ill effects from wearing high heels? 8) If yes, what areas cause you problems? 9) Do you find it difficult or uncomfortable to wear low-heels, flats or go barefoot? 10) How old were you when you started wearing high heels regularly? 11) Do you get comments (positive or negative) on your high heels? 12) How often do you get comments? 13) How many years have you been wearing high heels regularly? 14) Do you ever consider giving up wearing high heels? 15) What is/are the reason you wear high heels? 16) Would you consider giving up high heels if they became too painful? 17) Do you ever slip your heels off under your desk or when sitting to relieve pressure? 18) Have you ever fallen due to wearing high heels? 19) If you have fallen due to wearing high heels, how often has it happened? 20) Do you plan on giving up high heels regularly as you get past 60 years old?
  17. Cali

    Cali World

    I thought I would start a blog of some of my daily events. So I start with today's events. Today I decided to go shopping BEFORE work. I also plan on wearing my new Steven Madden Manner. Found out real fast that driving in the Manners was impossible, so I took a pair to drive in. My destination was a large mall. I parked my car and put on the Manners. So comfortable. Walked in through a store and paid off my minor credit card bill. The woman who took my money went wild over my fingernails. Called another woman over to see them and asked alot of questions. Then when I walked away they saw my heels and made positive comments about them. Next stop was the Steve Madden store. Store was empty, but the saleswoman greeted by "Haven't seen you for a while, what can I get for you." I told here I wanted to get another Manner, in the tan color, but I needed to pay with my Steve Madden gift card. She did a great job and I got all the special added discounts (and MORE). This is where shopping in person really pays off. She went out of her way to get me an unreal low price. While I was there I took the opportunity to try on the Deanna. My feet are not meant for pumps. A few doors down was the Aldo store. I love their gel pads, wear them almost all my heels. So I went in and got another 5 pairs of pads. I think I sold some pads to the woman behind the counter. She loved my heels and asked me to teach her how to walk in heels. I walked back to my car and off to work. Overall today I had at least 15 people (including 3 guys) tell me they liked, loved, or WOW for those Manners. That's the most reaction I have ever gotten with a pair of heels and I wear heels every day. Also had at least a dozen women ask me about my nails, who and where did I get them done.
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