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  1. I also wear leggings in public. But I am careful with what I wear. I wont wear my blue/purple leopard print in public but I have worn my blue/dark blue motto leggings and others.
  2. Spaghetti and Toast (Aussie breakfast)
  3. When I spend over $80 on a pair I don't want to an extra $100 to modify them. I wear mostly size 10, some 11 if they are a little narrow or pointed toed, so there is a wide variety to choose from. My Nine West leather pair(s) are tight in the morning when I first zip them up but wider when I take them off that night.
  4. I have the opposite problem, large calves. There have been many boots that I can't zip up pass my shin. And if you wear the boots on the outside of your jeans, then you need even wider calf boots. You can subtract but can't add circumference.
  5. It like working at a nudist camp. After a while its just the "normal." It's only people that don't see it all the time that see it as being different.
  6. Binger. A hoarder starts at 6 pairs of the same color.
  7. I have around 10+ different styles with multiple pairs. Some are the exact same color others with multiple colors. I have several that are 'future' replacement pairs of a shoe I really like (some still in their box), others because I wanted different colors in the same style. I learned every early that women's shoes come and go very quick, some never to be seen again. So if I liked a pair, I should buy more when I have a chance because it may be the last time I see them for sale.
  8. Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You would get knee high boots and wear them inside your pants? If I spend $200 of some suede knee high boots I don't want to hide them under some jeans.
  10. When you wear stiletto knee high boots over your skinny jeans, now that exposure.
  11. I've been flying with 4 inch heels for at least 6 years, both national and international. The pilot has never come on and announced, "take a look at the heels the guy in seat 17a is sporting." If your booties have zippers you will need to take them off. No big deal. Sorry to hear of your loss @bambam
  12. There must be some mean streets in Kent.
  13. Cali

    Charlie Porter

    The front platform is very different that all my platform shoes (and I like platforms!). Notice how far back it protrudes. To me it looks about an inch too long.
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