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  1. Why stop at two? Why not 3 or 4 or 5 .....
  2. When you spend 6 + hours in ski boots, the REAL Uggs are great to slip into for a night of gambling (and feet thawing). But now I gamble in booties. I have had Uggs since the 80's.
  3. It's not restoration, since I plan to tear down the house next year and build a new one. And I need less than 4 feet. My land is worth $100,000 more without the house. So it's take out my tools and cut it from some scrap lumber I have around. No big deal, just time.
  4. Sandal season goes to mid-November here, even longer in Southern California. I recently went to find some replacement molding from about 1930's. Went to several lumber yards looking to no avail, guess I will have to re-create it. But you do get looks when you walk through lumberyards and hardware stores in heels.
  5. Just more time to show off you heels.
  6. It's ALWAYS boot season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cali

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    Got a whisper compliment today. I was walking out of the Post Office while this woman was walking in. I was a foot or two pass her and I heard this very very faint "nice heels." That's the softest compliment I've ever gotten.
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