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  1. Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You would get knee high boots and wear them inside your pants? If I spend $200 of some suede knee high boots I don't want to hide them under some jeans.
  3. When you wear stiletto knee high boots over your skinny jeans, now that exposure.
  4. I've been flying with 4 inch heels for at least 6 years, both national and international. The pilot has never come on and announced, "take a look at the heels the guy in seat 17a is sporting." If your booties have zippers you will need to take them off. No big deal. Sorry to hear of your loss @bambam
  5. There must be some mean streets in Kent.
  6. Cali

    Charlie Porter

    The front platform is very different that all my platform shoes (and I like platforms!). Notice how far back it protrudes. To me it looks about an inch too long.
  7. Contrast/color, etc. doesn't matter when you wear boots with shorts.
  8. I agree with @Pierre1961, it's style over fit for too many women. I certainly buy heels that fit first. I must like the look first to try them on, but if they don't fit I don't buy them. If they from an online source, I return them. Their mother's didn't teach them how to wear heels mainly because they themselves do understand fit.
  9. Like the silhouette but I couldn't take the bow, sorry
  10. Since I have an extremely high arches and a huge toe box, the height of the heel is not the determining factor. It's how my toes fit in. I have a few pairs I would call shortrange, my 4 inch Victoria's Secret stilettos are shortrange. Most of my heels need to be longrange. Pre-pandemic, I would zip on my heels at 7 am and wear them until 8 or later pm.
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