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    Love Shopping for clothes Online and browse in stores in my spare time. Wearing clothes that woman would die for with envy.

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  1. Any Recommendations For Skinny Jeans?

    AG jeans all the way. Very comfortable soft cotton not as stiff denim then other brands.
  2. Looking at her picture she seems very attractive at least her physique is lean and slim. Only reason her outfit was deemed inappropriate. For one, whomever told her outfit is out of bounds is a male finding her all to attractive to begin with, not needing her to make him even more excited least her school principal. Secondly if the higher ups was a woman she has to be a feminist either envying the teachers body or putting her bland fashion values onto others. What's all to funny is the commentary from women that her outfit or particularly high heel thigh high boots are appropriate for night out with the girls. Shaking my head seeing that women who deem heels as evening outfit only. Goes to show you why so many females dress down in flats, flip flops or sneakers as daily outfit. If a rare woman dresses up or man doing errands or about town during the day she or he is shunned, laughed upon as overdressed not appropriate for casual occasion. Society proves females prefer to dress comfortably or casually never needing to wear heels. Only if you have office job heels and business outfit is deemed necessary for woman. As for excuse grade 4 children maybe distracted of her high heel platform boots or gives bad influence to any girls observing her, doubt any would care or notice. Had similar teacher in grade 3 class of my niece dressed provocatively. My sister observed her by chance meeting before dropping her daughter to class. My sister complaining hating her saying what stupid women she doesn't know how to dress herself towards young children. Although my sister hated her daughter teacher for other various reasons well before seeing her dressed up. Find it just like women picking on someone on very slightest reason only because someone disagrees with your sensibilities. Easiest thing human being can do is judge someone on the way they appear fairly or not. In my opinion i find it exactly as someone is prejudice. Suppose bottom line is if you're pretty and dressed well people envy it often turns into having bitter feelings upon it. Anyone in power sometimes misuses their authority satisfied in creating issues, towards someone they are fully attracted, deeply envious or desire there style. Simply put popularity breeds contempt with individuals. Most likely great physical appearance from the teacher, often is treated specially, which others observe finding it unjust or with contempt. In other words she is beautiful attractive teacher no need to enjoy yourself wearing what you desire and look great in high heels. Rubbing it in the faces of those who can't wear or appear as attractive while envious of her sexiness for the world to see.
  3. Great Inspiration for ladeis wearing high heels

    Wonderful but as we know there is exclusive women site on this forum. So we welcome more people to this site regardless. Maybe we could change people's perspectives or bring more of tolerance and less confused reactions males wearing heels. Doubt she knows what she maybe getting into joining. Only give to be fly on the wall seeing her reaction on some of our posts and gallery pics.
  4. my 017 adventures

    Often women feel after embarrassing incident like you witnessed is to run away wanting no help. While the gentleman felt it might be opportune time to get to know her. In reality female in her circumstance want to crawl under a rock let alone be helped by male who might want to get to know her better seeing she was spectacularly attractive. Where were you W6ish when the moment she fell? With your foreshadowing of the trip and fall, it would be great momento to record the entire incident on your phone. Later convert the event as a gif image, playing the event over over again. Suppose it's in all our fears discovering ourselves ass down on the pavement. Yet i doubt anyone would help us out as the said female diva. Kind of a told you so moment guys shouldn't wear heels. Now reading your story i will have even more anxiety walking in needle spiked heels in my next outing aware of this wonderful attractive female. Thanks.
  5. Who has bought some new shoes

    Horsehair leopard print court heels named siemo. Hope it doesn't look to gaudy or cheaply made. Wait and see if they fit my feet.
  6. Who has bought some new shoes

    What size did you get? They look familiar to Italian brand selling on eBay. Platforms are harder to walk in. Thinking of sizing up in them.
  7. Great Inspiration for ladeis wearing high heels

    Reading between the lines hearing her say girls, ladies she would like to hear their reactions to her heeling. Doubt she would entertain male in heels but i'm pessimist. Just hearing her talk reminds me of very closed minded woman who would find it awful for male to wear heels. Wonder if any of us members gave her comment intrigued of her reaction to us.
  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    LIke them as well spandex material covers the shaft giving a clean streamline appearance wearing them with ankle skinny jeans or something else. Only can ffind it in size 10 US and Australia 8 UK but the sizing table shows it almost 11US don't know what to believe. 10us 41euro 8uk foot length 271 - 275mm which is perfect for me.
  9. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    hhboots your skinny jeans do match the asphalt so your sort of stealthy. Lol... Way to go pushing yourself out of your comfort zone often is growing experience. Before you know it going out the way you shown becomes normal even blase thinking of other ways to make a bolder fashion statement. Going for the same look only i'm considering different kind of boots tight fitted along same type of skinny jean style. Falling in love with similar block heel called woodstack
  10. my 017 adventures

    No i haven't but i do own dozens of designer manufactured distressed denim short shorts and many skinny jeans in various colours. You could do it yourself but in my opinion often it's never looks as good. Reasons why manufactured denim distressed jeans are different, it is they sewn around the cutout area so it doesn't tear your jeans apart, further then you intend. Seen female at work do it copying my style, envious seeing how nice my jeans appear, but it just looks butchered and amateurish. Also using serrated scissors helps with the distressing along the hems giving that frayed look. Take it to a tailor to sew above so it doesn't damage your jeans from falling apart. In some instances you can get away with it yourself. For example had my Rag & Bone skinny jeans distressed around the upper pocket damaged while i hooked it under the table ripping apart going down vertically. In order to stop the tear i took it to a tailor instructed him to sew around the rip so it stops from going further down my upper thigh. It worked and hardly noticeable yet keeps it's shape of the jeans. Some girls make the mistake tearing her jeans apart and once they put them on the shape doesn't contour there legs as it should be often leaving their knees exposed fabric flaps in the wind. My belief is manufactured distressing is optimal way to have a great appearance. Difficult to get the strands held in place without ripping a entire hole in the denim fabric. Looking to style my appearance with some short crop white skinny distressed jeans showing off my lean tone tanned thighs with some cool Stuart Weitzman sandal heels. Acessorized with linen denim colured light blue button up short blouse. One time i came to work wearing exactly these jeans Jessica is wearing. Honestly telling you the amount of attention i received was unreal and comments i heard and expression to my appearance was unforgettable. I have more in common with JS wearing exact jeans and owning same dog, Lol....
  11. Collection and pics from down under

    Not a fan of crotch boots only can be worn with just leggings or pantyhose and skirt. The skinny jeans leg hem looks to bulky at the ankles yet surprisingly they truly appear nice. Somehow the block shape heel looks very attractive and trendy from older shape styles. Gives me pause for thought buying similar block shape heel booties. Diddy's in spandex sleeve might look good to bad about the sizing ending at 10 US. The SA must of been heavy set in thigh department saying she can't wear them although i'm sure she tried to put them on. Like most heel booties tightness in the front toe area is often the case. Sometimes comfort and good sense is often thrown out the window when appearance is more important. Indeed they do appear good, doubt the SA lied to make a sale you do look good.
  12. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    mlroseplant: Can't believe how lucky you are getting compliments non other at church. Difficult for any woman to compliment another suppose it's envy, jealousy in what they are wearing. For you a man to get a compliment is almost unheard of. Ask yourself how many compliments a year you gather? Your church friend wearing wedges must be intrigued of you enough to ask not judging you as most woman do to male wearing female attire. Have always had belief if you always wear something spectacular be it clothes or in your case incredible peep toe sandal heels woman envy us and may inquire about it, even compliment us indirectly. Those heels your wearing are good height in my opinion seeing the 3" or less heel height lacks its effectiveness might as wear flats. Good job worthy sharing on the forum rare to hear such a good thing. Does it make you uncomfortable talking about your heels to a woman or chat about fashion styles that you may share interest in?
  13. Who has bought some new shoes

    How comfortable are they. Any toe pinching?
  14. Who has bought some new shoes

    Yes we can, only problem is girls don't enjoy or care for us to wear them, heels or tight jeans even pantyhose and skirt no matter or very least accept it without bemused grin or giggle or cackle roaring laugh. Call it envy, jealousy but i find most woman are conditioned to respond in negative manner at least some to regards of our fashion style. Heels look sexy no matter who wears them yet to bad some can't get over the fact men wearing them. Struggle we face..