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  1. No not really as I’m 6’3 so taller then most, for me it’s more about the strong sexy feeling I miss when not wearing them.
  2. Hi all Been a while since my last post, but lots has been going on. Ive found a local fb group that is open minded and full of lovely people. I recently stepped out at a party in my fav black 6 inches and latex leggings from honey birdette (see pics). After about 1 hr everyone was amazed and supportive of me being happy being me. Lots of the girls are so supportive and jealous that I could pull off and look sexier then them haha. Now I can freely wear my heels and skirts at any of the parties that the group holds. That is going to be so good to wear heels and skirts so freely with such support. If you like my pics please check our all my heels and pics at my instagram (straightheels)
  3. Hi all! Its been a while since last post, been soooo busy with life and work. I did recently get a free photo shoot from a friend (amateur) but some pics are really nice (i have posted most on my Instagram). I have also recently started wearing more feminine wear such as leggings and skirts. I’ve worn leggings for longer but the skirts are new. I’ve got a few skirts from local op shops and I love wearing them! So freeing, comfortable and sexy, especially with my heels haha please enjoy some of my pics from the shoot.
  4. BFGheels

    FSJ Shoes

    Hi yes I have. I bought a pair of Chelsea boots (pic) they are great and only needed a bit of sole padding now they are sooooo comfy and I plan on ordering more from them soon. Have a look at plussizeheels.com , it is dedicated to help find shoes for those in the 11 to 15 size shoes
  5. Yer it took about 10 days to make then be shipped, then 20 odd days for shipping. Let’s see if I can answer all ur qs... 1) yes there is no padding like my other heels, they are just the smooth synthetic material and the heel tip is hard plastic. 2) I think a rubber or leather sole might have been softer on the footpad but I’ll get over it haha 3)The suede is of good quality with little to no discolouring/fading/defluffing/ ect 4) the suede was the default option as I just bought size 13 then asked them to adjust the length afterwards. 5) Yer they are nice and black so can’t comment on other colours but the gold is nice and bright, reflective and not dull. 6) once the order was made (closest size) I sent an email to the support team with the order number and requested the size change. As it was only a few mm I’m not 100% sure if they actually did it or not ... 7) not sure on changing the heels over but worth a email to them as they seem to make them rather then off a rack. I will def be asking for padding (if possible) for my other shoes. As this was my first order I still have yet to explore all th options and finer details. Just send them an email (they are fairly quick to reply) asking them any and all qs before or during the order(s)
  6. Hi everyone I wanted to let everyone know about FSJ shoes and Plussizeheels.com. I have recently bought some Chelsea boots from FSJ shoes (although it took 1 month) I can’t fault them. The boots are of good quality, comfy to walk in with a snug hold (yet to walk a lot in them). They could use some padding on the foot pad but that’s easy fix. I will definitely be buying more heels from them soon. FSJ shoes have a large variety of heels and boots for all sizes and if u , like me have a longer foot then the other, they offer a custom option. They have been quick to respond and are decently priced for the quality, design and options. Definitely recommend! The other site ( plussizeheels.com ) caters for sizes from 11 to 15 however they are where I found FSJ shoes as they pass u on to the shows website, so those under 11 please still check their shoes out. The website admin has even contacted a manufacturer on my behalf to see if they would extend their sizes... now that’s commitment and awesome.
  7. My Chelsea boots from FSJ just arrived and they are sized perfectly, nice and tight so little movement and the detailing and suede is in good condition. The only thing it needs is some padding under the pad of the foot but other then that can’t really fault it ... maybe that it took a month from ordering... They are really easy to walk in and fairly quiet due to the plastic tip. I still have yet to spend time in them and also got to figure what to wear with them ... any idea?
  8. Hey all I myself have a size 12/13 and stores don’t carry my size so online I must go. I have been using eBay, long tall sally and spiceup.com.au (Australian). However recently whilst being on my instagram (staightheels) I found a site called plussizeheels.com. They are great and caters for sizes 11 to 15. The admin has even contacted a manufacturer of heel I liked to see if they would extend their size range! FSJ shoes also cater for large sizes and even give you the option to customise your shoes. I’ve just bough Chelsea boots from FSJ and if they are good I will definitely be buying more from them (will post when I have them)
  9. I know right! They are the first on my list so keep an eye out All are from FSJ shoes, initially found on plussizeheels.com
  10. I ordered theses boots These are 3 of about 10 on my list haha if those boots are good
  11. Hahahaha .... What Chelsea boots did u order? I ordered Chelsea boots as well so I wonder if we got the same ones...
  12. I’m at 13 according to them but I have one foot longer then the other so I got them to extend 1 shoe by 3 mm or so Definitely if the shoes are nice I will be making a new thread and buying a lot more custom made shoes from them
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