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  1. Wow those are amazing boots. Love the heel height
  2. They actually walk quite well. Thats because if the platform. But no heels to go hiking hahah
  3. Hi AlexC94 , i love your boots! The heels look very high, or at least a very steep angle of your feet. Very cool you manage 10 hours in them
  4. Hi thanks for your comment. I added some extra info in my post. I love them
  5. Hi all, got some new ankle boots. Giaro Galana 1005. Size 42, 17cm heels. Almost 7 inch
  6. Thanks. Walk is ok. Heels are thin but managable!
  7. My first pumps. Size 42 eu. 5 inch or 13 cm heel.
  8. The heels of the last picture look very high! Love it
  9. Hi aristoc. Loving both styles. With the first your legs seem endless. Very cool. But those boots need to be shown too
  10. Wow aristoc. Those grey boots are amazing.Love the black pants too. Great combi. If you stand do you see the heels?
  11. @Mackyheels. Normally i prefer the style with the pointy toes more, but the heels from the first pairs are Just so sexy so i would choose the first pair
  12. Omg those boots are so incredibly good looking. I really understand why you love them so much
  13. I was to the mall with my gf today. She was wearing some peeptoes with 11cm heels. Furthermore one woman was wearing some real nice nude pumps with high heels. For the rest flats and wedges/ 3-6cm heeled booties. So not that bad around here.
  14. Majo, love the pointy toes. Have fun in them!
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