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  1. My first public heel adventure

    Makes me want to do the same Glad for you!
  2. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    WOW, I love them! How long can you wear them? Training lessons needed, hehe...
  3. I would have loved to have such a teacher!
  4. I see you are a fellow shoulder length glove wearer. I would like to know are your fem boots thigh high and how comfortable are they.

    1. gasmask73a


      Sorry I was offline for a while. Eys, my femme are thighhigh. The leather is soft and they are really well made. But very hard to walk in.

  5. Hi everyone, after some time of break, I am back in this Forum. Looking Forward to new contacts to Chat about my favorite Topic: BOOTS Chris
  6. Love the tight blue pants and hot boots, looking fine!

  7. Thanks for kind comments

  8. Accepted your friend request. Looking forward to chat with you about boots. =)

  9. wow now that are some of the most awesome boots i have seen. envy...

  10. thank you for the friend request :) Great Boots!

  11. How many boots do you have in your closet?

    Several steeltoe worker / army boots for streetwear (from ankle to kneehigh) and several high heel boots for home use (kneehigh to thighhigh)
  12. nice boots and thanks for the welcome

  13. jeans and boots, my favorits :)