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  1. Started a new job yesterday was sat at a spare desk and found these at the side of it!! Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it???
  2. Haven’t posted much here really since I joined several years ago so thought it was time!!! Got a chance to try a out these fab Marks and Spencer’s heels the other day, would love to hear your thoughts???
  3. @NEHeels amazing shoes!!! Where are they from?,?
  4. @hernaezjames those leopard print pumps look amazing on you!!! Paired up with the jeans definitely my fave look!!! What a find
  5. @Danvan1600 they really are fab shoes and look great with the jeans!!! My fave look!!
  6. @Jkrenzer great outfit!! Just love those red shoes!!! I'm not sure I'd be so well accepted if I wore such an outfit when washing my car!!!! :-(
  7. @Danvan1600 those black patent heels look fantastic!!!!
  8. Fab pics!!! Those gorgeous shoes look great with those jeans!
  9. Fantstic heels x they look great on you
  10. They look fantastic on you!! Esp with the bare feet!!
  11. Jerbare those red heels look fantastic!! Both pairs look great on you
  12. I added an album of heels, come check it out...

  13. WOW!!! Love the white ones!!! Theyre fab xxx
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