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  1. I wish I had the bottle to dress like this to visit the supermarket or DIY store!!!! The shoes look fab with the jeans
  2. Wow!! What amazing shoes!!! Bargain!! They look fantastic on
  3. What an amazing look!!! Wish i had the balls(pardon the expression) to dress like this!!! Would sooooooo love to Absolutely amazing!!! Shoes like this are just stunning and look even better with jeans!!! I’d love to rock this look as well as you!!!! ♥️
  4. Started a new job yesterday was sat at a spare desk and found these at the side of it!! Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it???
  5. Haven’t posted much here really since I joined several years ago so thought it was time!!! Got a chance to try a out these fab Marks and Spencer’s heels the other day, would love to hear your thoughts???
  6. @NEHeels amazing shoes!!! Where are they from?,?
  7. @hernaezjames those leopard print pumps look amazing on you!!! Paired up with the jeans definitely my fave look!!! What a find
  8. @Danvan1600 they really are fab shoes and look great with the jeans!!! My fave look!!
  9. @Jkrenzer great outfit!! Just love those red shoes!!! I'm not sure I'd be so well accepted if I wore such an outfit when washing my car!!!! :-(
  10. @Danvan1600 those black patent heels look fantastic!!!!
  11. Fab pics!!! Those gorgeous shoes look great with those jeans!
  12. Fantstic heels x they look great on you
  13. They look fantastic on you!! Esp with the bare feet!!
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