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  1. Wow not cheap but it’s what I need for my boots and point shoes!
  2. hoverfly : Have not heard of you in for ever. Are you OK ?If you are able, give out a shout. Iloveboots 

    seems to have disappeared also. bobobobo.   spikesmike

    1. hoverfly


      I’m still around!  I check the sight once in a great while.  In the last year we have been very busy.  We have moved in with the in-laws as they in to be watched over do to their age.  Plus getting our home in New Hampshire  ready to sell has been more work do to water damage to the OSB.  Only if the manufacture wrapped the out side before putting the siding up as requested.  Not much public heeling these days, I’m experienting with  ballet boots and point shoes even then life is busy.....Weeeeee!



  3. Police say postal worker broke into Dover woman's house, tried on boots - See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150722/NEWS03/150729607#sthash.wSV6pTCc.dpuf DOVER — A Dover postal worker from Raymond is under arrest after police say he entered a woman’s home, put on her high heeled boots and walked around — all while being caught in the act on a home security camera.Richard Ringer 39, of 3 Floral Avenue Extension #3, Raymond, was charged with two charges of criminal trespass, each a Class A misdemeanor.Dover police say surveillance images show Ringer entering a residence on Pis
  4. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/chris-pratt-runs-high-heels-late-late-show-article-1.2254550
  5. Cover up the red sole with black dye.
  6. You are treating the car like as an investment not as a toy. Choose what you want it to be. If you want to have fun driving it, suck it up and pay the piper. If you still treat it as an investment, put in a garage and under a dust cover.
  7. My cat would have a field day with those!
  8. It takes balls to do what we do!
  9. Zappos, Nostrums, Nine west, to name a few.
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